The MAZI Project

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Project by Melanie Vaxevanakis

The MAZI Project

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Project by Melanie Vaxevanakis


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Tackling food insecurity for care leavers, young asylum seekers and youth recovering from homelessness.

New stretch target

 For all the extra money raised, we will be providing an extra:

180 meals, 62 MAZI meal boxes to Bristol's disadvantaged 16 - 25 year olds. It will also allow us to organise our first event where we will be taking some of the young people we work with to Bridge Farm to pick some veg and make some pizza's with the famous Bianchis Director Ben Harvey. 

MAZI is a new initiative that wants to share the power of food with disadvantage young people living in supported accommodation and we need your help to get started! 

Our Mission:

To harness the power of food, creative storytelling and the local community to transform the way disadvantaged young people connect with and access nutritional and tasty food.

Our Vision:

A world where where the food and flavours you can taste are not pre determined by your social class or background. 

We are raising money to deliver our pilot programme starting on the 29th of March.


The month-long pilot delivers MAZI’s meal boxes  to 16 local, young people. 10 of whom which are living in supported housing with 1625 Independent People and the other 6 with the local council.

The money we raise goes towards the delivery of our weekly meal box which includes:


  • Three recipes: these will be chosen by each recipient from a selection of personally curated recipes generously donated by local chefs, our partners, refugees and various influential people in the city
  • Ingredients: Everything required for the selected recipe will be pre-prepared and in the correct quantities (excluding the fresh ingredients which we will provide whole - so they can be reused!)


  • MAZI Welcome Pack: Recipe cards and a welcome pack explaining what we do, and thanking the recipients for taking part in the project 
  • A monthly leaflet by Nutritank Nutrition for Youngster's with information on all the goodness of our food.
  • A sweet and savoury surprise from local delis/bakeries every fortnight to introduce new flavours and provide that tasty comfort we all need sometimes. 

Sustainability and supporting independent businesses in Bristol is at the heart of MAZI’s ethos, which means some of our costs are slightly higher. However, by supporting and donating to us you are feeding the young people, supporting local businesses and promoting sustainability within the city.


You can also check out our video interview with our ambassador, Charli Brix. She tells about her experience leaving care, some of the struggles she faced and the positive impact of having the CHOICE and ACCESS to nutritional and tasty food can have on disadvantage young people.

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Artwork and animation by: Nea Niinivaara.

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