Sustainable Fashion Week

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Project by Amelia Twine

Sustainable Fashion Week

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Project by Amelia Twine


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Sustainable Fashion Week is the first of its kind and needs your help to raise funds to kick start its 2021 activity

We're asking for your support to become a #SFWPioneer and launch Sustainable Fashion Week 2021 to the UK.

In April 2020, we were due to launch the first ever sustainable fashion week in UK history, when the world's events bought our programme to sudden halt leaving us in the difficult position of cancelling the week of events.

We are determined to not let the impact of 2020 stop our aims of raising the awareness of Sustainable Fashion. So we are looking to our supporters to help raise £10,000 to launch the first ever Sustainable Fashion Week.

For 2021, our programme of events will take place online, at our central hub at the MShed in central Bristol, in pop up community driven locations across Bristol and other parts of the UK. 


What is Sustainable Fashion and Sustainable Fashion Week?

The fashion industry currently is one of the most harmful industries globally, harming both people and planet in it’s race to produce cheap clothing at break-neck speeds. In our team we consider ’sustainable’ fashion to be a relationship with clothing that we can continue indefinitely without doing harm. It’s as simple as that.

So we are looking to launch Sustainable Fashion Week as the first fashion week of its kind in the UK, where the focus is not on next season's trends, but instead on inspiring, empowering and up-skilling everyone in the community.

We are hoping to launch Sustainable Fashion Week in 2021, as we have already have a packed schedule of talks, skills workshops, clothes swaps and a buzzing marketplace planned, as well as much more... We are working with brilliant industry influencers and the local community to curate a programme of creative activity that encourages and equips people to take action in favour of sustainability.

The heart of our event will be based in Bristol, but there will be events popping up across the UK during Sustainable Fashion Week and the SFW Fringe, supported by our network of national ambassadors. Our core programme of panel discussions with industry figures will also be live-streamed, making it accessible to audiences in all corners of the country. 


'This is your movement. The issue of sustainability in fashion is relevant to everyone... and everyone is welcome to be part of our activity in 2021' ~ Amelia Twine, Founder & #SFWPioneer


Become a #SFWPioneer

We have less than ten years to implement significant change in the fashion industry to fight the climate emergency… and it starts right here. The age of fast fashion has to end and we are looking to not just raise the awareness of sustainable fashion, but empower you to take a stand.

This movement is about everyone and the positive difference we can all make. Whilst every donation to our cause will help us, we hope that you will be inspired to join us either online or in person by securing your pass to the event.

For every reward claimed you will have your name added to our list of #SFWPioneers. The list will be proudly displayed at our live events and on a dedicated page on our website. This will be forever shown to highlight how you have helped start the sustainable fashion movement with us.

In addition, we have online and in-person passes available for our event in Spring 2021, along with exclusive sustainably printed postcards. Also don't miss out on the chance to secure one of our ten exclusive A3 prints.

We are also looking to secure a Headline Sponsor and three main sponsors. If you are interested, please get in touch directly prior to claiming your reward to discuss further details.


So, why are we crowdfunding? 

This event is 100% not for profit and run entirely by a passionate team of volunteers but we still have costs to cover. Our objectives are to have impact on the ground, sharing information about the industry and promoting accessible ways people can tweak their fashion habits to make them more sustainable. 

We are looking to raise an initial £10,000 to launch the first Sustainable Fashion Week in 2021. With our events taking place online, in pop up community locations and at the MShed in central Bristol, this initial funding will primarily be used to cover location costs, technology costs, programming costs and event costs. Any additional money we raise will be spent on raising the profile of the event to widen our reach and to help drive more community pop-up events across Bristol and the UK.

But what about Covid?

Ah yes, the C-word. As Sustainable Fashion Week was due to take place in April 2020, we sadly had to delay the event by a year to ensure we keep all our participants safe. This also meant that we had completed and incurred all the costs of running an event of this size, without the income of ticket sales, sales at the event and sponsorships. So to avoid this happening in 2021, we have plans in place to deliver this event with a range of different Covid scenarios - and it'll be Covid safe!


Our four themes and our community pop-up events

Our four event themes are Regenerate, ReWear, Repurpose and Rebel. We see 'sustainability' in fashion as meaning a relationship with fashion that can be continued indefinitely, without doing harm to the environment our other people. 

We will be holding events through the local community in Bristol and encouraging others to start their own events which will be integral to our event programme. The themes remain central, but we encourage others to highlight where they would like to see change in the industry. 



Who's behind Sustainable Fashion Week?

A brilliant and committed team of volunteers! Based across the West Country and lead by Amelia Twine (formally of GIVE WEAR LOVE and Eat Drink Bristol Fashion), we have a clan of people giving their time to help shape, develop and deliver our strategy and objectives. 



How you can help! 

There are three ways to help SFW 2021 happen

1) Please donate to our cause, claim your ticket and enjoy our rewards.

2) Share our messages. The power of social media only comes from your shares of our posts or by joining in with our #SFWPioneer Campaign.

3) Setting up your own Fundraiser - if you feel you can help raise money from your friends, colleagues or family. Set up your own fundraiser with the link on this page and all the money you raise will go to our cause and we'll reward you with a physical ticket for the first £50 raised and an online ticket for every £10 thereafter.

Your donation will make all the difference. Help us to reach our target and support visible, meaningful and impactful change. 


And finally…follow us on Instagram!

We love it over on Instagram, so keep up to date with all the latest on our channel.

Or find out more on our website

With love from all of us, The SFW Team xx


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Part of the fabric

Receive an online pass to our SFW Hub programme and have your name will be added to our SFW Pioneers wall. In addition, we'll send you a pack of beautiful bespoke SFW postcards in the post.

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Join our movement! We will add your name to our 'SFW pioneers' wall and you'll receive a beautiful bespoke SFW postcard expressing our thanks in the post.

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An exclusive physical pass to attend all six sessions for our Hub programme in Bristol (UK), with access to the amazing SFW Marketplace. Also, your name will be added to our 'SFW Pioneers' wall and we'll send you a pack of beautiful bespoke SFW postcards.

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Woven into the movement

We'll send two exclusive physical passes to all six sessions for our SFW Hub programme and your name featured on our SFW Pioneers wall. With access and a 10% discount pass for all Marketplace stalls at the event. Plus an exclusive A3 poster featuring the SFW artwork.

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Knitted into the SFW Community

You'll be added to our exclusive SFW network, receiving an introductory networking session as part of our 2021 programming and monthly networking emails. In addition we'll send two physical passes to all six sessions for our Hub programme, plus a bespoke A3 poster featuring the SFW artwork. The Hub passes will include a 10% discount pass for all Marketplace stalls.

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The Green Carpet

Sponsor the event and receive our sponsor package, including brand exposure on all print materials and online, four passes to attend the SFW Hub programme, an invitation to speak at the SFW Press Launch and Preview and dedicated promotion through our engagement channels... plus more.

£5,000 or more

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Headline Legend

Become our headline sponsor and help us to build our movement, activate the community, gather data on barriers to participation and form a plan for delivering against needs identified during SFW 2021. We have an exclusive headline sponsor package available which includes exposure, promotion and an integral role in our 2021 event.

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