Supporter Ownership Week 11th - 18th April 2015

Supporter Ownership Week 11th - 18th   April 2015

Raising money so Supporters Direct can convert football, Rugby League and other clubs to supporter ownership.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Why we are crowdfunding?

We are looking to raise £20,000 to convert clubs to supporter ownership, build opportunities and funding for existing supporter-owned clubs and to raise awareness of the model of ownership.

Clubs are important. Whether the ball is round or oval they’re a place to watch; to play; to meet. They bring identity to our communities; make our towns and cities special. They have the power to restore pride to our regions. They are part of our identity. It’s why we all say ‘ours’. We feel it belongs to us.

We're launching this crowdfund in the lead-up to Supporter Ownership Week, which we're running betweem the 11th and 18th April 2015, where we’ll be celebrating Supporter Ownership Week. We’ll be running a series of events, showing you how we make supporter ownership happen at a club, how supporter owned clubs work, and we’ll bring you the stories of the people who make it possible. 

We'll want people like you to help make it possible for others to take the same journey, to make it possible for someone like you to really say: “Ours”.

Every penny that we raise from Supporter Ownership Week will allow us to do the following:


  • More supporter owned clubs and provide professional support to assist conversions
  • New supporter ownership opportunities by working with (and establishing more) supporters trusts


  • Look for funding opportunities to benefit supporter owned clubs
  • Develop policy, research and share best practice to benefit supporter owned clubs
  • The network of supporters trusts to ensure there is a credible and robust vehicle to own a club via its supporters.


  • Supporter ownership as a concept across the U.K using a number of domestic and European success stories
  • Supporter owned clubs to opinion leaders across sport and beyond
  • Run events and campaign for supporter owned clubs including networking sessions


Saturday 11th April

Fan Footage An opportunity for supporters to submit videos of their matchday experience.Further information

Sunday 12th April

SD Supporter Hub: Supporter ownership in non-league footballA chance for non-league supporter owned clubs to discuss and share ideas 11:30 to 16:00 Enfield Town FC Booking: Contact James Mathie for further details

Monday 13th April

Online Q&A: 'Youth development' with Julian Tagg, Chief Executive, Exeter City FC12:00 to 13:00 Visit our Facebook page to participate

Wednesday 15th April

Visit SD at the National Football MuseumMembers of staff, directors and supporters will be there to chat to about the work of SD in helping clubs become supporter owned. Pop along, enjoy the museum, and find out more! See the National Football Museum website for visitors information

Thursday 16th April

Online Q&A: 'What's it like to own and run your club?' with Spencer Harris, Director, Wrexham FC12:00 to 13:00 Visit our Facebook page to participate

Friday 17th April

Online Q&A: 'Supporter ownership in Rugby League' with Hunslet Hawks12:00 to 13:00 Visit our Facebook page to participate

Saturday 18th April

Fan Footage An opportunity for supporters to submit videos of their matchday experience.Further information

Who are Supporters Direct?

Supporters Direct were set up in 2000 with the aim of establishing of 50 supporters’ trusts to improve the relationship that clubs had with their supporters. It soon became clear that demand massively exceeded expectations and today Supporters Direct is the umbrella organisation for over 190 trusts from the Premier League to Non-league, in Rugby League and American football.Supporters Direct trains, educates and maintains this network through a series of training, research and events throughotu the year.The total number of supporters in the trust movement is already in excess of 750,000 members.

Supporters Direct seeks to:

Increase the influence of supporters through ownership and involvement in their clubs

We will strive to ensure that all fans have the opportunity to have maximum involvement in the ownership and running of their clubs to enhance their club’s social and cultural value.

Improve the way our game is run

We will develop policies and campaigns to improve the way that the game is governed for all clubs, all supporters and their local communities.

Increase its work in other countries – and in other sports

We work primarily in football, but we believe that our approach can work in other sports too.



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