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We’re back in lockdown, so in place of our usual events, we're bringing an interactive weekend into your homes: The Unthanks Winter Onliner!

by The Unthanks in Corbridge, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With live events unlikely to return before the Autumn, and other commitments July to Dec, we're unlikely to tour at all this year, and unlike last year, there's no government help! Enjoy our online event and help us stay afloat as a band and plan for our return to live touring and album releasing in early 2022. 





Welcome to our second Crowdfunder! Now we’re back in lockdown and it’s unlikely we’ll get to play live or earn from touring for a long time yet, we have decided to bring you our first online event!

The Unthanks Winter Onliner will take place on the weekend of February 26th to 28th. In addition to weekend tickets, other rewards on the right include brand new t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts to wear during the event, and our Kitchen and Song books. There are images below of each.

The weekend will feature exclusive new performances, new short films, podcasts, workshops, older performances, Q&As, family content and much more besides that we’re still dreaming up! There will be lots of new and interesting content for avid followers, but it's hopefully also a chance for those who have never seen us to get as close as possible to doing that, especially for those overseas who haven’t had chance to see The Unthanks perform before!

The idea is inspired by the absence this winter of our annual singing weekends, but our Winter Onliner should appeal to any Unthanks fan, especially just now, when lots of us are largely based at home, without access to in-person performance and participation. While it will be interactive, there will be plenty to enjoy for those that don’t wish to participate.

The weekend onliner will take place on an amazing event platform that we hope will really bring alive the whole experience. As well as a main stage that will show the key content, there will also be session rooms where you as attendees, can chat on screen, and even sing to each other. There will be sing around rooms, chat rooms, maybe even a storytelling and poetry room. We don’t just want to perform at you. We hope to create a space in which there is connectivity and enrichment between lots of people, sharing far more colour and light than we can offer alone. Unthanks band members will be popping into rooms too, for a chat, a song, who knows! Whether you want to contribute or just listen, we look forward to seeing you all.

As well as regular weekend tickets for the Onliner, there are 550 participant tickets for sale. Everyone with a participant ticket will get a 75 minute zoom choir workshop session with Becky and I, prior to the weekend.

As some of you will know, we usually run residential singing weekends every winter, on the coast of Northumberland. We’re missing that very much this winter, and we hope that our Winter Onliner can function for those singing weekenders who are missing their annual trip to see us, as well as those who have tried but haven’t managed to get a place yet.

Previous singing weekend attendees are invited according to their regular groups, and there will be newbie workshops for those who haven’t been before. We’ll then put highlights of these together and bring you them during the Onliner. Choose your session on the checkout page.

We hope this brings the winter cheer that we all could do with at the moment. If you like the sound of The Unthanks Winter Onliner, please buy your tickets as early as possible, as this will help us tailor content for the amount of people attending. Your support of our weekend will help enormously in the survival of The Unthanks, as we strive to stay afloat and make new content, until the time comes we can all be together again.

It may even be next year before we play live again, because by the middle of this year, we’re going to be busy making the music for 3 more episodes of Worzel Gummidge. So we hope our online event will help us all through the back end of the winter, and give you not just the chance to see us, but for us to see you!



The Unthanks Winter Onliner WEEKEND TICKET

Take part in our 3 day online event! Feb 26-28th (Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime). Full access to The Unthanks Winter Onliner includes:

  • Exclusive new performances and films by The Unthanks
  • Podcasts and Q&As with The Unthanks - audio only content, so that you don't have to spend all weekend sat in front of a screen!
  • Workshops, cook alongs and family content.
  • Live interactive chat rooms & sing rooms. With up to 20 participants in each, hop about different 'rooms' which will be labelled and themed as places to chat and hang out, sing, share poetry or stories. Take part or just listen. Unthank band members will be popping in and out to chat, listen to other singers and share a song.
  • The event will all take place on an easy-to-use interactive online event platform. You will receive links and details on registration, by email in due course.
  • You will also receive challenges in advance, such as heading out on a walk and recording yourself singing a song from a favourite spot. We'll put highlights together and play them as part of the weekend, so that we are all nourished by much more life and soul than we could provide alone.

The Unthanks Winter Onliner PARTICIPATION TICKET

EVERYTHING detailed in the weekend ticket above, PLUS:

75min choir workshop zoom session with The Unthanks, prior to the weekend event.  Choose your session in the reward options on the checkout page. No singing experience required. Hosted by Rachel and Becky Unthank, the onus will be on the joy and simplicity of group participation. Guidelines will be sent in advance.

Once you have bought tickets, you will receive details by email of how to register with the event platform. It’s very easy and lots of fun to use.


* Delivery - For rewards that require delivery, postage and packaging is included in the price, but it's not possible on Crowdfunder to increase postage for overseas buyers. So while we are very pleased deliver to overseas customers, please consider adding a donation to cover overseas postage. THANKS!

* Deadline - Please be quick if you want to buy t-shirts and hoodies. We'll have to take these down from sale at some point, because we'll need to go to print soon to have them ready and delivered before the Winter Onliner!


All T-Shirts are 100% organic cotton and designed by Natalie Rae Reid, who designed the Mount The Air cover and the Lines Trilogy.


Men's XS 30/32" S 34/36" M 38/40" L 42/44" XL 46/48" 2XL 50/52" 

Women's XS 8 S 10 M 12 L 14 XL 16 2XL 18/20





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