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On 7th December 2020 we successfully raised £8,507 with 158 supporters in 37 days

Everyone can get more involved with Lower Impact Living through the new Lil Hub, a fun, friendly space to make eco-living even easier

by Lower Impact Living (Lil) CIC in Haddington, Scotland, United Kingdom

1602166271_logo_&_sea.pngLil is an East Lothian based social enterprise passionate about making Lower Impact Living easy. Making changes for the benefit of the planet and people can be tough so we do this through fun events, advice and education and access to a wide range of eco-friendly products. We invest every spare penny in outreach and access.

So far Lil has stopped over 1,000,000 pieces of plastic from polluting our environment. We can do way more and we need your help!

Do way more what?

With your support, we can create a space, a Lil Hub, in a central location from where we can support communities to do more Lil things. To do more we need a more accessible space, a place where we can welcome you, host events, run community projects and stock a wider range of eco-friendly products. Right now we are squashed in to two small spaces with no public access and no room to grow.


A new base will allow us to better serve all of East Lothian, Edinburgh and beyond. We are aiming for a Haddington high street location, because we love East Lothian and want to help rural and urban communities in our local fledgling green economy. If by seeing us people start to think about changes then we have helped them take that first Lil step to bigger things.

Creating a central Lil Hub will enable us to:

  • Deliver more events and workshops, bringing skill sharing and expert advice to our local communities to develop 'make, reuse and repair' skills.
  • Create jobs and volunteering opportunities both in the Hub and on external events and initiatives.
  • Raise more funds for community eco-initiatives – 100% of our profits are invested in education and practical activities.
  • Contribute to community resilience by bringing people together in the face of climate change impacts.
  • Create more opportunities to make low impact living affordable and enjoyable by hosting produce swaps and reuse markets, such as our popular clothes swishing events, boosting our buy one gift one schemes and collaboration with others. These events save everyone money and bring our communities together.
  • Expand Lil’s ability to make low waste shopping easier for those who cannot readily access a zero waste shop due to a rural location, illness or disability, Covid restrictions or limited time across Edinburgh & East Lothian through our delivery services.
  • Make us more visible and accessible to people who would prefer to visit us in person through retail days, open days and evenings.
  • Further extend our range of products with expanded storage supporting more local producers and makers.

Why is this needed?

Lil girls with David Attenborough cut out at a Stockbridge Lil Market to reduce waste1604081108_screenshot_2020-10-30_at_18.04.11.png

We have a chance to change, we can make better choices, we can learn the skills we need to be resilient in the face of change and we can support each other.

We can do all these things, but we also know it can be hard! Life is a juggle, the issues are overwhelming. That’s where Lil comes in – making it easier to make good choices for you and the planet. 

What have we done so far?

Lil has grown from a few small pop up events and selling toilet rolls to friends and family, and we are now bursting at the seams with over 450 stock lines plus all our gear for community education and events! We need to move to expand what Lil does. Without your help today, we can’t continue the giant leaps our Lil community has already taken:


  • Stopping 2640 shampoo bottles entering waste streams by buying shampoo bars and refills
  • Avoided the use of disposable partyware through a subsidised reusable party kit hire scheme.
  • Preventing 80,000 plastic razors entering the market and subsequently landfill.
  • Attending over 100 events to help our environment: litter picks, beach cleans, nurdle hunts, mini beast hunts, seaweed specialists and alternative Christmas gift wrap, second hand clothes swishing, 1:1 individual consumer changes through support and advice, corporate events and school visits, community workshops and public speaking.
  • Delivering hours of kids play in Lil’s pop-up mini beach, teaching the difference between natural and man-made, ‘beach cleaning’ plastic and nurdles (lentils!) and teaching their parents too.
  • Over 2,500 zero waste shopping orders delivered helping the Lil community live a Lower Impact Life and reducing the 650,000 tonnes of carbon emissions that Scotland produces from grocery single-use packaging annually! 

"Lil offers great ethical products and they make it SO easy for you to do your bit for the planet and feel good."

  • Introducing a three year old to her first crab, and us learning that some local kids have never been to the beach.
  • Supporting our community with zero contact, zero waste essential supplies through lock down.   

Lil has been much appreciated over the last few months helping us to continue to do low waste shopping and keeping us topped up with Steampunk beans. We’ve been trying to avoid supermarkets as both of us have asthma so the contact free pick up has been excellent as well. Keep up the good work.” 

"The service they provide has meant that I haven’t had to visit a supermarket for 6 months."

Please help!

We really need your help to make this happen. As a social enterprise we put every spare penny in to helping people live a Lil life. Please pledge what you can and share the living daylights out of it with friends, family and total strangers! Most importantly, come and visit us when we open. 

With more than a Lil love

Sarah & Louise x

Who are we?           1602604452_us_cropped.jpg

We are Louise and Sarah. Sarah comes from a conservation and policy background and is currently trying to convert her garden to a permaculture ‘food forest’ (it’s early days!). Louise is from the community engagement & communications world. She has a charity shop/Freecycle addiction and is consequently on a constant mission to live more simply and declutter her house.

We are mums, with four kids, three dogs and a couple of husbands between us! We’ve made a whole load of changes to our own lives to move us closer to being as low impact as we can be – but we’re not perfect by a long way! We want our kids and their kids to grow up in a healthy environment, with an appreciation of the beauty and value of nature, with the skills they’ll need for the future. We want that for all of you and your children too. Please help us bring that closer to reality.

What is Lower Impact Living?

It’s not reducing your annual plastic waste to one Mason jar full or knitting your own yogurt! It’s a realistic, do-able approach for everyone to make a difference by taking one Lil step at a time. It’s about understanding how your individual choices add up to a collective result, how we and the world around us are connected and how we can contribute to a fairer and healthier environment we can all thrive in. It is definitely about celebrating positive change (any excuse for a party!).

Check out some of our great rewards

Lil is delighted to show our thanks with some special Lil rewards, such as tickets to events when we're allowed to party again, corporate level opportunities and even the cutest door hanger to remind you to take your shopping bags and keep those plants alive!  We're particularly excited about our Thanks a Million campaign. Send a big thank you to that person who, in their own way, Lil or large, made your 2020 that bit brighter. Just £5 - but please do also share your stories with us!

1606342509_thanks-a-million_v2%5B12318%5D.pngLil absolutely loves our partners and suppliers who have been so generous! Checkout the new batch of rewards: a Coast2Coast Surf Voucher! Some money towards a wreath or seasonal bunch of East Lothian Flower Farm flowers, a seat at a coveted Fresh Green Clean workshop, an origami workshop or lovely soap and skin sets from Anam Cara Naturals AND Lather&Smudge. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

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Make 2021 at least 10% better with Lil

To thank you for your support, we'd be delighted to offer you 10% off your Lil shopping FOR A YEAR. A whole year. Your easy ethical shop just got about 10% prettier :) These are limited, so get in quick! The small print: this unfortunately excludes partner products such as Phantassie organic produce, or flowers. You will receive the discount code at the end of the Crowdfunder period.

£5 or more

A Million Lil Thanks

Who do you know who deserves a million Lil thanks? Someone who went above and beyond, gave a grin or a kind word, or just in some way - Lil or large- made 2020 that bit brighter? Donate for an e-card (carbon friendly ✓) or one to post. Please also tell us all about it in comments here and social channels @dolilthings.

£10 or more

Lil door hanger reminder

A wee thank you gift, our super cute door hanger is a print out designed by the talented Helen Wyllie. Do you always forget your reusable coffee cup? Or your reusable mask? We've a Lil help for you, with blank spaces for you to customise. Directions for use: print out at home, get crafty with the scissors and some paper tape, and it's ready to hang. Lil thing done! Feel good for the rest of the day. Thank you!

£30 or more

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Lil Swish

Reserve your spot at the next Lil Swishes. Our swishes, or clothes swap parties, are a fab way to clear out and refresh your wardrobe, along with a giggle and a glass of fizz. Plus we lower our impact - moving away from the polluting and ethical minefield of fast fashion. The two dates will be determined when it is safe to do so. If you can't make either of the two dates, we will be in touch to offer you an in lieu discount code/wee gift.

£30 or more

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Fresh Green Cleaning Workshop

Join Susan of Fresh Green Clean and creator of MacFarlane's cleaning products, via Zoom, for a wonderful workshop exploring the benefits of cleaning green and how to make your own products. We will send the ingredients (postage included) and Susan will walk you through combining them plus variations you can try. This would normally cost £35 all in. Having attended one of these workshops I can highly recommend it! (To take place in 2021;dates tbc)

£50 or more

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Exclusive Lil Hub Launch Party Ticket

We LOVE a celebration, and would love for you to join us. This will be an exclusive affair at the Lil Hub, to be held when it's safe to do so. Get your ticket here. If for any reason you can't make it on the night, you can send a proxy, or we will be in touch to offer a discount code and a wee gift.

£90 or more

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Natural Skincare Kit RRP £100

Pamper yourself or someone special with Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company's luxury natural skincare products. The set includes* hemp oil cleanser, skin serum, moisturiser, solid perfume, bamboo flannel and reusable makeup wipes all parcelled up ready to give (or receive!). * we may have to alter the contents slightly based on stock availability but the value and purpose will remain the same. Excludes shipping

£150 or more

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PRIVATE tour of Phantassie Organic Market Garden

Our gorgeous friends at Phantassie OMG are offering an exclusive tour of their market garden, with a pick your own experience to boot. (Wear boots!) These tours are a one-off experience, available for the whole family/household on a mutually appropriate Summer weekday to be arranged with Phantassie.

£250 or more

Sponsor a Beach Clean or Litter Pick

Sponsor a litter pick with Lil. A great way to show your support, the '{YOUR BUSINESS NAME} and Lil' Litter Pick or Beach Clean is a great demonstration of positive impacts. We will promote the litter pick, conduct risk assessments, arrange gloves and litter pick tongs, and audit and appropriately dispose of all litter. You'll get the feel-good glow, good PR opportunities, and are welcome to come along or show support from afar.

£300 or more

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Lil Home Audit

Keen to get your household in top Lil shape but don't have time to get it started? Let us help with 1:1 Lil support - think Marie Condo for your household waste! Kitchen? Laundry? Wardrobe? Food waste? We can help. Includes initial call & 2hr home visit (when it's safe to do so). We'll provide £30 worth of top Lil products to help ensuring we leave you with that feel-good eco-buzz, knowing you've got this sorted

£1,500 or more

Lil Corporate Supporter

As a thank you for your corporate support, Lil will bring our pop up behaviour-change shop to your workplace. We'll precede our visit with promotional material about Lil changes we can all make, and our visit gives all staff the opportunity to chat 1:1 to the Lil team about doing their Lil thing. You also receive either a sponsored litter pick as described above, or a beach clean/ litter pick exclusively for your staff.

£5,000 or more

Lil Hero

You are our absolute HERO. Thank you. As a Hero, you will receive: *A sponsored or staff-exclusive litter pick or beach clean, including a waste-saved audit and PR promotion. *An exclusive behaviour-change shopping experience. Choose from hosting a clothes swish, a workplace pop-up or private Lil Hub viewing. *SEVEN days of Lil social media shared content. A full week, spaced as you like, with your choice of focus. *£100 Lil vouchers

£14 or more

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£15 Phantassie Voucher

In this one click of a button, you can pay for veg you'd buy anyway, donate to Lil, go plastic free, petrochemical free, and support a local business that's all about growing sustainably. One donation, doing all that! Your £15 voucher can be used with Lil towards any of our Phantassie products. Valid until March 31, 2021.

£16 or more

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Chocolate Tree set of 3 hot chocolates RRP £17.85

Ooh it's definitely the season for a set of dark hot chocolate, milk hot chocolate and the superbly blended Winter Spice hot chocolate. Be quick, I've got my eye on this one. Pouches are 160g and made in a factory that handles nuts and dairy. Local pick up or we'd ask pretty please that you include some postage £ in your donation (rewards are a minimum).

£20 or more

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Lather & Smudge Shower Set

These gorgeous shower sets were donated by the lovely peeps at Lather & Smudge. We love their soaps - satisfyingly big, deliciously scented bars. Each set includes a bar of soap, a shampoo bar and a gorgeous face oil. I dare you not to feel truly pampered after all that AND that's at least 3 plastic bottles less in your house or someone else's - these would be a lovely gift. Choose from Lavender & Orange or Geranium

£22 or more

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Anam Cara Naturals Soap & Skin Set RRP £24

A great collection comprising a selection of three beautiful handmade soaps and a medium face cream, a Lil customer favourite! Anam Cara are based at Cockburnspath and were one of Lil's earliest suppliers. Only 3 sets available!

£22 or more

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£25 Voucher for Litty's Larder

Litty's Larder is the home of Liz and her amazing sustainable, seasonal cakes and sweet treat creations aka works of art! Bakes made from scratch, with the environment and folk in mind, and lots of love. Grab this voucher and use it towards a local monthly delivery box, maybe for a box of brownies to die for or towards a fabulous celebration cake? Liz will guide you and you can choose...but how can you? They are all delicious!

£25 or more

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Limited Edition flasket Water Bottle RRP £30

We love these new, limited edition art-on-a-bottle designs from flasket - a new East Lothian company. A 550ml double wall steel bottle featuring ‘Mermaid’ by talented East Lothian artist Kate Millbank. Grab one while you can and know that you are doing your Lil thing with style!

£25 or more

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Fold with Makiko Christmas Wreath Workshop

Join Fold with Makiko on 17th December at 8pm via Zoom to make your own beautiful origami paper wreath just in time for Christmas. All materials are provided (delivered to you, postage included) and Makiko will guide you through the intricate folding and construction step by step. You will create something you can keep year after year. The workshop is suitable for adults and older children. Roughly 90 minutes.

£25 or more

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Fala Pom Pom Hat Knit Kit RRP £27.95

The Knit Kit Co set out with the aim to get us all knitting - a lost skill that is making a welcome come back and you can start too! This kit makes a snuggly, beanie style hat perfect for men, women or children. The kit includes everything you need: soft merino wool, knitting needles, tapestry needle, easy to follow instructions, a helpful hot to knit 20 page booklet all in a cotton project bag to keep it together. Great gift!

£26 or more

4 of 4 claimed

Black & Gold local Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil

We adore Black & Gold's local Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. Get your fill with these bundles of a 5L bulk pack plus a 250ml bottle for the counter. Total value £28.50, yours today for a wee bargain - but all in the aid of raising money, so feel free to add more ;) I do love cooking with this oil, dressing salads, all the usual, but actually it's the oil combined with salt or sugar as the best moisturising bodywash/ scrub ever that I love best.

£27 or more

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Helen Wyllie Voucher VALUE £30

What a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on a stunning Helen Wyllie print showcasing the best of East Lothian and Edinburgh. With her love of seabirds, the coast, the hills, changing seasons and wildlife, Helen's prints encapsulate the best of why we #dolilthings. Get some inspiration of how you'll put that £30 to good use http://www.wylliecat.co.uk/art-prints/

£28 or more

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£30 voucher for East Lothian Flower Farm

We ADORE the East Lothian Flower Farm. This voucher can be used for any of their wonderful blooms or wreaths. Use it towards a session wreath making, including foraging, with the wonderful Debbie, or a ready-made wreath for the front door, or keep it til Spring and fill your boots (well, or your vase) with beautiful blooms. Debbie is a no-dig farmer, with a careful eye for her pollinators and home-made compost. What's not to love??

£28 or more

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£30 RINGO RIDE - FoxLake's inflatable boat ride

FoxLake's Ringo rides are super fun, giving you (or them!) the chance take turns in tearing up and down the lake on our big inflatables, feeling every bump and splash along the way! Ringo rides can be the perfect added extra along with our other activities on site or great fun on their own. Give as a gift, use yourself, use now, use in the summer

£30 or more

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Family ticket to the Scottish Seabird Centre

Our wonderful partners at the Scottish Seabird Centre have donated one family ticket - 2 adults, 2 children, RRP £34 - to their inspirational Discovery Experience. Uncover more about local sea life, share laughs at the games, a fab day out. Under current restrictions visits have to be booked on-line and must be a limit of 6 in the group from 2 households, but best to call before you go to check. Use by end of April 2021.

£30 or more

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100% Seabuckthorn Oil, from East Lothian

This 3ml vial is so new, it's still in its industrial packaging. There are just 88 in the first batch of Seabuckthorn oil from fab Seabuckthorn Scotland CIC, to use as anti-ageing face oil or add to a small amount of moisturiser. These are the very first on sale. Foraged in East Lothian, the oil is cold pressed by carbon dioxide saved from the soft drinks industry. This gives the CO2 a value, away from our atmosphere www.seabuckthornscotland.com

£32 or more

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Spice Pots Luxury Indian Spice Tin

This Cooking Gift Set contains:- A gorgeous gift that is also super practical, with easy to follow recipes that can be on the table in 30 mins! With the Korma Spice Blend; Bhuna Spice Blend; Tandoori Masala Spice Blend; award-winning and Spice Pots' hottest Goan Spice Blend; Mixed Sweet Spice Blend. Plus 150 pages of mouthwatering Indian cuisine cookbook; AND a Cooks Candle that smells divine and neutralises cooking odours. Shipping extra£.

£32 or more

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Beki Dover print, Stonebyres Falls

The waterfall is Stonebyres Falls in the Clyde Valley. Is this ok or The A A beautiful print of Stonebyres Falls in the Clyde Valley, by Beki Dover (www.rebeccadover.com). Fab for you, or a special gift. Beki has done her Lil thing, salvaging the mount and plastic sleeve from photographer Rob Brady's surplus stock. Print mounted in white card. Image size 16cm x 23cm outside mount 30.5 x 40.5cm. RPR £35. Postage will be extra if required.

£36 or more

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Groundswell Scotland Winter Solstice Surf Day

We are STOKED to share with you the opportunity to join the Groundswell Scotland Winter Solstice Surf Celebration. These tickets RRP £40 for Dec 20 are hard to come by, so get in fast! Includes use of a surfboard & warming winter wetsuit. The day will include poetry, music, mulled wine & cake before surfing and celebrating mother ocean. See more about the Solstice Celebration https://linktr.ee/groundswellscotland

£38 or more

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Coast2Coast Surf Voucher: SUP, SURF, COASTEER?

The trickiest bit is deciding what you will do! A RRP £40 voucher for a surf, SUP, or coasteering two hour lesson. Brilliant Christmas gift. Thanks to our friends at Coast 2 Coast. Valid for one year.

£45 or more

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Lockett Bros Tasting Voucher VALUE £50

Lockett Bros is one of the UK's top independent wine shops. Not just in our opinion, but wine mag Decanter says so too. Here's your chance to secure your spot for a sit-in experience when we're allowed to do so again, or a home-delivered tasting. An experience worth £50, or £50 off if you have expensive tastes or if you're taking a few crew (one day! It'll happen!!)

£47 or more

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1 hour Holistic Deep Tissue Massage SKUNABAY £50

An hour massage - feel very good about doing a Lil good. With the lovely Fiona from Skunabay Health & Wellbeing, based at The Barefoot Sanctuary in North Berwick. A lovely gift too. Voucher sent in time for Christmas, valid for a year.

£50 or more

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Stasher Storage Bags RRP £62.96

A set of 4 Stasher silicone storage bags in snack, sandwich, stand up and half gallon sizes in a variety of colours. Store you leftovers and batch cooking, po the kids sandwiches and break snack in. Stash it all!

£62 or more

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Ocean Vertical Voucher RRP £65

There's a lot of Lil love for the team at OV. They love inspiring a love of nature and adventure, and what's not to love about that? This reward gives you or your Secret Santa a lifelong memory, an experience to select from coasteering, paddle boarding, mountaineering or others at www.oceanvertical.com to be used by 10 November 2021.

£62 or more

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FoxLake FOX FALL Family Day Out for 4. RRP £68

A fantastic family day out for 4 (2 adults, 2 children) on the Foxfall ropes course. Wetsuits and gear provided, you can give the voucher or keep it for yourself, brave the wintry weather or wait for the summer sun. A brilliant gift, or a bargain for you. Participants must be aged 6 & older. See more at www.foxlake.co.uk

£150 or more

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GROUP Workshop: Upcycled Gin Bottle Lamp RRP£210

BRILLIANT Christmas night "in" for friends, work team, family... Our fabulous friend and fellow CIC, Wee Red Upcycles is donating a group zoom workshop to upcycle a gin bottle into lamp and lampshade. Everything supplied for six participants and even some fabric saved from landfill (or use your own) for the lampshade. Voucher valid until end of February.

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