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“A great newspaper [magazine] is a nation talking to itself.”

- Arthur Miller



Calling Sanditon lovers! To celebrate the hit Masterpiece PBS Jane Austen period drama and our love of arts journalism and feature writing, we are offering a limited edition, book style, keepsake edition of AJ’s beautifully executed long-form journalism - The Sanditon Review -  Sex, Sandcastles and Love Undone! + The Simon Beck Art Stunt Story. Printed in an eco-friendly press in Wales. The Sanditon Keepsake Review costs £20 inclusive of postage in the UK and £25 for the US and the rest of the world including postage. Please donate these amounts and send us a message as our rewards have been removed because we ran out of time.1601909239_sanditon_book_cover_blue_(2).png

It is now absolutely critical that we raise money to continue to write, film and produce this independent organic culture magazine for social and environmental impact. We need YOUR help to pay our editorial running costs and our small journalist team a living salary. Otherwise, we won’t survive. Brexit and now COVID-19 has hit us extremely hard and we don't want to see all our hard work go to waste. We have had NO funding apart from a small bank loan and sponsored features & we lost a grant from the European Union for championing sustainable and circular innovation. We have not been able to find alternative funding. 

We are creating a very special, one of a kind club for all our reader's and supporters that take out a magazine subscription. Join our world for exclusive magazine experiences, giveaways, exclusive offers and competitions and a real sense of community. Snap up a subscription now.

Support more of the organic, social impact and circular economy magazine journalism you love today, for a small monthly reader or business subscription. Reader subscriptions start at £5 pcm and business subscriptions from £30 pcm. If you are a micro startup, we may lower the fee to £10/20 pcm. Please ask. Some of our magazine journalism will remain open source from September onwards on our exciting new magazine platform. Certain premium interviews, features and broadcast shows will be for subscribers only.


An exquisite Swarovski necklace, made ethically & sustainability, taken at the Stella McCartney event. You can read our feature on this here!

Welcome to the inspiring world of Ethical Hedonist a different kind of organic arts, entertainment, food, and fashion magazine + community – striving to make a difference with paid internships for journalists of all ages to create much-need diversity in the media.

We are all about beautiful, thoughtful and engaging arts and magazine journalism that encourages a deep appreciation of the arts + organic, responsible, circular consumption that protects nature, and nurtures young journalists as well as older journalists disadvantaged by technology, ageism and diagnosed health conditions, with the focus on mental health. For decades, journalism has been openly allowed to be a very insecure profession. This must change.

We’re different from all the other organic and sustainable magazines you might have come across. We don’t preach and ethical approach – we prefer to inspire it!


Ethical Hedonist is The Organic Culture Magazine - How to Live The Good Life For Social, Responsible and Environmental Impact


A testimonial from Vanessa Wright, the VP of Global Sustainability at Pernod Richard.

We Want to Captivate You with the Organic, Social & Circular Revolution

We exist to entertain, captivate, inform and inspire you with inspirational, well-crafted, thoughtful journalism, innovation and storytelling – from the circular fashion interview you can’t put down, to our live journalism chat show we started during the pandemic to the unmissable long-form review on a hit drama series on Netflix, our sassy and engaging Spy columns and insightful social impact money columns.


Making a Difference to you for the better

Our goal is to show you how to live well and make a difference simply by making better choices on organic and circular economy fashion, organic food, health, money and slow travel whilst soaking up the best entertainment and arts journalism with a focus on how the arts can be a profound source of healing and bring about social change.

Our passion is to make a difference now and for our children, our planet and the next generation of talented ethical journalists by raising money for paid internships and to pay our staff journalists a living salary. There is no limit to our ambitions for this independent organic magazine with style and substance.


A photo taken from our feature on Gillian Anderson with Winser London on raising money for women affected by war.

In this documentary-style fashion interview, journalist and sustainable fashion expert, Alison Jane Reid talks to V&A curator, Edwina Ehrman, about the relationship between fashion, nature, and fashion innovation at the museum’s Fashioned from Nature Exhibition (2018).

A promotional poster reading '#organic4theplanet' with a line pointing to 'ethical' above an icon of planet earth. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.#organic4theplanet, the Ethical Hedonist way. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

A testimonial from Afzaal Mauthoor, the founder of The Philanthropy Club London.

Editor-in-Chief, Alison Jane Reid, interviews Michelin Star Chef, Andy McFadden, at the Borough Market, London in February 2015.

Our Valuable Contribution to Society

At Ethical Hedonist Magazine, we passionately believe that the exciting world of organic and circular economy Living + the Arts, Entertainment, Food, Fashion, and Natural Health needs to be reported, championed, and celebrated. But we can’t do this without proper funding and a living salary for our journalists. Journalism is a profession that needs to be protected and nurtured. We must be paid for our valuable work and our contribution to society so we can bring you the stories that matter for a new organic, circular and ethical age.

1595513835_screen_shot_2020-07-23_at_15.12.49.png.A box of Riverford Organic vegetables.

My Dream is to Be the Best Organic Magazine on the Planet

Ethical Hedonist Mission Statement from Founder and Editor, Alison Jane Reid

My dream as the founder and editor of this organic arts and entertainment magazine is to continue to create and develop Ethical Hedonist Magazine in a way that’s fit for a new golden circular, organic and responsible age. 

Think of us as a green Vanity Fair meets the Ecologist with a bold dash of organic and circular futurism! Our goal is to be the best organic magazine with exciting, well-crafted and aspirational journalism that matters on – Arts + entertainment with an ethical and social impact edge plus – sustainable fashion, organic +biodynamic food, health+ wellbeing, functional medicine, slow travel and impact money and investing.

Alison Jane, Editor of Ethical Hedonist goes for a bike ride along the Thames towpath.


A testimonial from Alexandra Dowling, actress and star of the BBC hit drama series, ‘The Musketeers’.

Alison Jane interviews British fashion legend – Zandra Rhodes – Princess of Punk Couture as she celebrates the launch of her Happy Women iconic sixties prints collection in organic cotton for People Tree.

Journalism and Organic Food and Farming

I am passionate about two things - organic food and farming and quality magazine journalism with ethics that inspire social and environmental impact. It's why I started Ethical Hedonist. I felt there was a gap in the market for a colour supplement style organic magazine - one that is aspirational, intelligent and positive and doesn't preach sustainable ideas. 

We think it is far more important to inspire change with well-crafted features, live broadcast shows and podcasts on organic farming to mental health, the arts and the pioneers of circular and sustainable fashion. I believe that creating a cool sustainable magazine is the most important job on the planet!


 Better Journalism + Good Working Conditions

After twenty years working as an editor and feature writer on national newspapers, I felt very frustrated and stressed by poor working conditions, plummeting fees and working conditions, being put under pressure to ask celebrities personal questions and the lack of positive, inspiring articles on organic, circular and social impact living that don't preach a diet of misery. Why can't it be cool, aspirational and fun to care for humanity and our blue planet?  I discovered the benefits of organic food at university through an incredible Hogwarts bakery. 


A testimonial from Claire Milner, artist and client.

A Cooking from Scratch Revolution

Delicious bread and cakes changed my life forever. I want to inspire a cooking from scratch organic food revolution and show the stories behind our organic and circular heroes from farmers to small producers and functional doctors with our new live and recorded chat show.  I want to travel around the country to interview our organic. and circular changemakers and get their stories out into the world to inspire a shift in society towards real food and regenerative agriculture to fix our broken food systems, our health and mental health. Journalism and storytelling can do that. As the editor, I think like Scheherazade - I live to tell a thousand one powerful and important stories and then keep going forever. Just imagine what I can do with your support.



Features worth your time

Here we have reccomended two articles we think you will love if you read this far!

Swarovski and a Sparkling Night of Sustainable Luxury with Stella McCartney

Colin Morgan Interview – The Year of The Thoughtful, Intelligent Geek By Alison Jane Reid

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