Support Caroline Lucas to get a People’s Vote

by Green Party of England and Wales in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 14th December 2018 we successfully raised £86,385 with 2979 supporters in 28 days

Whatever happens next in the Brexit omnishambles, we need passionate and principled Green voices, reaching for a bigger future.

by Green Party of England and Wales in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With extra support you can ensure that Caroline and the Green Party are well resourced and supported for even longer – helping Green voices make an even more positive impact during these uncertain times.

Never in my lifetime has our future felt more uncertain. Climate change. Our public services in crisis. And Brexit.

Since the EU referendum I’ve been telling the Government that democracy didn’t end on 23rd June 2016. That we demand a People’s Vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

This isn’t about turning the clock back and pretending the last 2 years haven't happened. People who voted Leave because they believe the status quo is unacceptable were right - it is.

We are a country of huge inequalities. That's why we urgently have to find new ways to transform our economy, and new ways to restore our planet’s health.

This is crunch time. The future is being decided now. And you can help transform it.

Brexit is not inevitable and it is not a done deal.

The Prime Minister knows the maths – her deal is dead and no deal would be a disaster.

We face chaos: job losses, families divided and environmental protections torn up.

But there is an alternative and with your help we can fix this mess before it’s too late.

Whatever happens next in the Brexit omnishambles, we need passionate and principled Green voices, reaching for a bigger future.

When people come together, we’ve shown we can change the course of history.

Please make history with me and donate now.

My whole office is (sadly) dominated by Brexit! We lost half our opposition party funding after the last election because we promoted political alliances and grown up politics - which meant we stood in fewer seats and won fewer votes nationally.  Since funding for opposition parties is linked to the number of votes won at the last election, this has had a big impact on my office.

My overwhelming priority is raising enough money to keep my 2 staff members working on Brexit and the People’s Vote. They will continue to support my campaigning if we get a People’s Vote and as we navigate whatever else happens next, including work on associated Brexit bills, the transition period and so on.  The Green party is working for a People’s Vote up and down the country too and I rely massively on their infrastructure to help enable and amplify all I am doing in Parliament, so some of the funds raised will support their efforts too.


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