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Support young innovatives to create progressive art project in London. Pushing the boundaries of performance, audience, sound, code and VR.

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On 9th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £883 with 31 supporters in 56 days

As part of two group exhibitions Keiken will be exhibiting a new piece of work ‘Silicone_Animism | The Birth of Mother Digital’.

This project involves a young collective of artists, musicians and performers combining virtual reality, generative sound, live performance, code, video and installation. It will first be shown at ‘CLINIC 2//’, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf. An exhibition that forms part of the London Design Festival attracting large numbers of visitors from across the city and beyond. It will also be exhibited at ‘Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled’ a group show of four artists at Lewisham Arthouse organised by the new exciting curatorial team DRIVE-THRU.   

Can you help fund young people to collectively work together and create interactive installations with combined innovative art, music and technology. We need your help to facilitate two large-scale installations that aim to push the boundaries of collective practice, working in an open and diverse way. We advocate, nurturing young creatives in progressive ways of exchange with integration of ideas, knowledge and creativity. You can be part of working with the latest technology in order to understand potential futures. We want to explore how the future can be, in a conscious and caring way. Your funds will contribute to giving young people opportunities to cover costs of travel, labour, materials and tech. Too often young artists are exploited for their contributions in imagining possible futures. It is important that these opportunities offer a wage so that this can continue.

We want to take you into the heart of an experiential environment. You are invited to delve into themes of techno-animism, future artificial intelligence, how technology affects your consciousness/unconscious, gender and societal introjections. At ‘CLINIC 2//’ the piece will be more performative: live coded sound that will always be changing across the five days, performers wearing futuristic cyborg costumes with artificial pregnancy bellies.  It explores post-human relationships with each other and  technology.  In both exhibits a fifteen minute virtual reality film envelopes the audience, as the unconscious mind dreams of the computer. In the exhibition ‘Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled’ the installation transforms to push the boundaries of interactivity, by touching sensory triggered silicone you will be guided on a journey.

This will be our first major showcase in London at two different, progressive and innovative exhibitions. ‘CLINIC 2//’ explores the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality. Whereas ‘Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled’ offers insight into the use of technology to stage, interrogate and celebrate the digital female body. 



We will offer gifts in exchange for your help including surprise Hyaku Yen gifts from Japan, limited edition posters and original drawings! Thank you! 

Information about us: Keiken are an open collective and organisation made up of artists and musicians based in London, Berlin and Falmouth, directed by Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos. Keiken, translating from Japanese as experience, is integral to their collaborative practice and philosophy. Through interactivity and immersivity they dissolve the boundaries between audience and environment through live RPG, merging new technologies, music and contemporary art. They nurture an inclusive environment, researching and creating collectively to primarily create large-scale installations and events. They also work in curation, art direction, design, VR, book works and happenings.

Keiken were commissioned by Inland Art Festival, accompanied with a residency to create @MotherDigital in October 2016. They have since curated House of Questions #hoq at Newlyn Art Gallery for Palace of Culture, performed BCNU* at Tate St Ives U Studio and had their VR film selected for Plymouth Contemporary 2017 at Peninsula Arts.

Since 2016 Keiken have presented their performance and new media installations at several art spaces and festivals in the UK.

They will be performing and exhibiting new work at ‘Clinic 2//’ organised by Vitamin Clinic at Bargehouse (Oxo Tower) as part of London Design Festival in September and ‘Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled’ at Lewisham Arthouse in October. They are also developing a series of podcasts with ‘Know-Wave’ radio.

For this project Keiken is working with:  Tanya Cruz, Nyne Derricott, Haruka Fukao, Hana Omori, Oh Mr James, Zac Pomphrey, Isabel Ramos, Alberta Shearing, George Stone, The Floating Cellist, Nati Cerutti, Joe Wood and 700ok

(@MotherDigital (2017), Virtual Reality for Plymouth Contemporary at Peninsula Arts, Plymouth)

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