Superhero Series: Make sport possible for all!

by Sophia Warner in Dorney, England, United Kingdom


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Help superpower the UK’s only mass-participation disability sports series!

by Sophia Warner in Dorney, England, United Kingdom

Bringing the superpower of sport to everybody

The Superhero Series is one of a kind amongst the thousands of non-disabled mass-participation events that take place every year. We throw out equipment restrictions and cut-off times to give participants with all kinds of challenges the chance to feel the often life-transforming elation of crossing the finish line at a large-scale event.

We hold two fun, full-throttle events each year where participants (AKA Everyday Superheroes) can fly solo or team up with family and friends to do as much or as little as they wish, with as much or little support as they need. If they want flippers or floats in the water or need to use a powerchair, we say yes and make it happen!

Everyone we talk to loves the ethos of the Superhero Series and they always ask, ‘How can we help or how can we get involved?’ Now through our Crowdfunder project anyone can directly superpower our events and the Everyday Superheroes who want to take part. 

Putting on events of this scale and complexity is extremely costly and we’re super lucky to have the amazing support of our great Super Partners and Charity and Corporate Friends. We’re always striving to make our events even bigger and better and we'd love to raise an additional £84,000 for Superhero Tri to provide the facilities and equipment needed to unleash even more Everyday Superheroes around the nation. Thank you so much for any donation you can give. If you'd like to choose how your donation is spent or would like to partner with us, please do take a look at the rewards on this page.

Our ethos

We aim to combat one of the biggest barriers to disability participation, lack of confidence, by offering a playful, ‘anything goes’ environment where, crucially, people with all kinds of disabilities know they will be in the majority rather than the minority.

Unlike non-disabled events, we welcome all types of equipment (or gadgets and gizmos as we like to call them) on the course, from trikes and adaptive bikes to floats and boats. The emphasis is very much on fun and masks, capes and pants over tights are positively encouraged! Most gratifying of all is that the vast majority of those taking part have never done anything like this before.

Our achievements so far…

Now in our third year, we’ve been lucky enough to welcome more than 3,500 Superheroes and their trusty Sidekicks over the finish line to date. They were cheered on by over 11,000 spectators and a 400-strong force of super Sidekick volunteers.

Clare Balding shone the spotlight on our Everyday Superheroes in a Channel 4 highlights programme of Superhero Tri last summer and will be back again this year to capture the trailblazing action as it unfolds.

The Celebrity Challenge is a regular feature of all our events, where our Everyday Superheroes can win a chance to unite with well-known faces from sport and screen. So far, more than 45 Celebrity Team Captains have taken part, from Jonnie Peacock and Sophie Christiansen to Adam Hills and Billy Monger, to show their support for an event that welcomes everyone.

The challenges are only the beginning. There are refreshments, entertainment and sports tasters laid on for our Superheroes, Sidekicks and spectators big and small in our Superhero Village by our Super Partners, Charity Friends and Super Exhibitors, making it a super-sized fun day out for all.

Our events

We have two epic annual events!

Superhero Tri 

17 Aug 2019, Dorney Lake, Windsor

There are three unique tri challenges to choose from and three very different ways to take part. Participants can fly solo, unite with family and friends for our team relays, or tow their Superhero around the entire course.

Winter Wonderwheels

1 Dec 2019, Dorney Lake, Windsor

Everyday Superheroes are invited to cycle, walk, run, push, or anything in between around Dorney’s spectacular lake at this festive extravaganza. We have 1km, 5km and 10km challenges, so there's something for everyone.

Our founder 

Paralympian Sophia Warner was given access to a whole world of sporting opportunities as an elite athlete. But as any everyday person with a disability looking to do sports events for fun she’s found it a real struggle.

Her own experiences combined with meeting so many sports lovers who are crying out for opportunities are the inspiration for this Series.

“I know first-hand what a hugely positive impact sport can have on a person’s life and I believe everyone should have the chance to work towards and achieve a momentous sporting goal. With your help, we can give even more people the chance to be a Superhero for the day.”

Thank you to our Superhero supporters


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

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Superhero medal

Gift a medal to an Everyday Superhero! After completing an epic challenge our Superheroes deserves a medal that reflects their great achievement. With your help we can ensure every Superhero gets to take home the highest-quality medal as a cherished keepsake.

£8 or more

0 of 3500 claimed

Superhero goody bag

No great finish-line moment is complete without a well-deserved goody bag. Your donation will help us hand out Superhero Series canvas bags filled with goodies from our Super Partners to each and every Superhero to make their experience even more memorable.

£15 or more

0 of 350 claimed

Sidekick (volunteer) T-shirts

Our events simply wouldn’t be possible without our awesome Sidekick volunteers who are on hand to give our Superheroes the best day possible. Thank you for donating towards their unique T-shirts to let our Superheroes know who they can turn to.

£40 or more

0 of 500 claimed

Buy a Superhero a place

We know many great disability schools and sports clubs who’d love to make their pupils and members Superheroes for the day, but can’t always find the funds. Your donation will enable a child to take part in this potentially life-transforming event who might otherwise miss out.

£250 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Superhero dinghies

Our super dinghies give Everyday Superheroes who can’t swim the chance to experience all three stages of a Superhero Tri. Your donation will allow friends and family to tow their loved ones in the water for the ride of their life!

£350 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Extra accessible toilets (changing places)

We want to eliminate all barriers our Superheroes may face to taking part and we know from feedback how crucial accessible toilets with hoists and changing areas are. This donation will enable those with the most complex challenges to have a fun day. Thank you.

£400 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Charity Friend

If you work for or support a charity looking for a super-powerful, cost-effective way to raise funds, we’d love to welcome them to our official Charity Friend community. For just £400 the charity will receive 24 fundraising places (6 Sprint Superhero Tri teams of 3; 6 Winter Wonderwheels places) and more super perks. Email for more details.

£550 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Corporate Friend

In true Superhero style, your organisation can do its bit for the greater good by becoming a Corporate Friend. The package includes 13 fundraising places for your colleagues and D&I networks (3 Sprint Superhero Tri teams and 4 Winter Wonderwheels places), logo presence, primary access to the volunteer programme and social media promotion from the Superhero team. Moreover, your fee will fund 14 free places for disability schools and sport clubs.

£550 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Super Exhibitor

Our televised Superhero Tri attracts thousands of Superheroes and spectators every year. If you think you’ve got something great to add, you can secure your 3m x 3m exhibition space in our Superhero Village for only £550. This includes promotional support on social media, 2 Superhero Tri Sprint team places, and your logo in the event programmes and on our website.

£5,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Add accessible attractions

We want to introduce our Superheroes and spectators to exciting, accessible taster sports that everyone can enjoy in our Superhero Village. Last year the climbing wall, paddle-boarding and dual-controlled cars were a knockout. With your help we can keep pushing the boundaries this year.

£15,000 or more

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Silver Partner Package

Become an official sponsor through our Silver Partnership package: 1) Official Super Partner, full use of assets & collaborative marketing. 2) High-profile event course branding at both events (one televised). 3) Event day activation, including exhibition space at both events. 4) Unique colleague & customer engagement, including priority access to Sidekick volunteer programme, plus event places. Email for more detail.

£30,000 or more

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Gold Partner Package

Become an official sponsor through our Gold Partnership package: 1) Category exclusivity: Official Super Partner, full use of assets & collaborative marketing. 2) High-profile event course branding (double Silver volumes) at both events (1 televised). 3) Event day activation, including exhibition space. 4) Unique colleague & customer engagement, including priority access to volunteer programme, plus event places. Email

£45,000 or more

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Platinum Partner Package

Become an official partner through our Platinum Partnership package: 1) Category exclusivity: Official Super Partner, full use of assets & collaborative marketing. 2) Priority Event Course Branding (double Gold volumes) at both events (1 televised). 3) Event day activation, including exhibition space. 4) Unique colleague & customer engagement, including priority access to volunteer programme, plus event places. Email

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