Basketball scholarship opportunity in America

by Suhayb choaibi in London, England, United Kingdom


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The aim is to reach as much money as I can to pay for my scholarship opportunity and pay for a dream I’ve worked hard for.

by Suhayb choaibi in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi my name is Suhayb Choaibi soon to be an 18 year old aspiring basketball player from west London. I’ve worked hard all my life for everything I’ve got I am never the person to ask for hand outs. I never took a short cut and I always had trust in the process my coaches had given to me. I’ve worked hard to accomplish a dream of mine which is to get an offer to attend a school in America however my financial situation is holding my back which I believe this should not hold back anyone who’s talented and who deserves it, no matter their situation, you can not put a price on hard work and talent however the world we live in is cold an unfair. My financial situation is hard because my father is disabled and my mothers cares for him meaning the only income we get is a small amount from the government. I have received an  offer from a school called Trinity Pawling school in New York. Any contribution would be very appreciated as this will go towards paying for my scholarship. Basketball has not only been a sport to me but a medication from the reality of the world we live in, for that hour or two during the training  sessions I’m at my happiest point in life and nothing around me matters. I would love to continue playing and your contribution will help.
thank you for taking the time to read my struggle.

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