Subterranean Travellers - The Spotter's Guide

by Elliot Moss & Timothy Wood in London, England, United Kingdom

Subterranean Travellers - The Spotter's Guide
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by Elliot Moss & Timothy Wood in London, England, United Kingdom

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The Concept

The London Underground is a peculiar place. Every line has its own unique sights and smells, like miniature ecosystems sprawling out into the darkness of the earth. Just as unique are the curious creatures who dwell within its tiled corridors and dusty metal carriages. Every day we see the same sorts of people, exhibiting the same distinct behaviours - those who make a last minute dash through closing doors, others who huddle up to you in an empty carriage, or the person who's decided that 8am is the perfect time for a phone-speaker-based rave.

The Book

If only there was a simple guide that named these creatures and noted their behaviours so that they could be scientifically observed, or just plain avoided. Well now there is. Discover all about the secrets of The Man Spreader, The Wind Sock, The Horticulturist and 47 other individual classifications of Subterranean Traveller, in this amusing, pocket-sized (presuming your pockets are at least 16x11cm) compendium: Subterranean Travellers - The Spotter's Guide to Life Underground.


Unfortunately, books cost money to produce. Fortunately however, through the magic of Crowdfunding, we are able to raise enough money through a sort of pre-order system. If you pledge £12, we'll send you a copy of the book when the project is fully supported. That way Tim & Elliot don't have to learn how to play the tuba and go busking from carriage to carriage down the Circle line.

Here's a flavour of what you can expect if you support us and buy a copy...

Delivered in time for Crossrail!

Although this would make the perfect present, we wont be able to get it printed in time for Christmas 2019, but it should at least be ready before Crossrail's finished! Basically the sooner we get it fully funded, the sooner we get it printed. So why not treat yourself to a surprise gift that will appear in the future!

About the Creators

Elliot Moss and Timothy Wood are London-based Graphic Designers, brought together by an unhealthy obsession with the Underground.

If you spot a man puzzling over a ‘Do I? Don’t I?’ on the Piccadilly line, or a sleepy-eyed ‘Napper’ on the Northern Line, there’s a good chance it might be them.


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