Students Together

by CADFA in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help us bring Palestinian students to the UK to visit universities, exchange experiences with students here and tell us about their lives.

by CADFA in London, England, United Kingdom

Students Together follows other great exchanges that CADFA has organised over the past 15 years that give a great opportunity to individuals and help us build a campaign for human rights in Palestine.  This time we aim to give a group of Palestinian students the opportunity to come to Britain in early 2020, meet students from the UK and tell each other about their lives.

For many years, we were able to get EU funding for these projects but this isn't available to us now - we do need your help please to make this happen.

As you can see in the video, the Palestinian students are struggling to study in an unacceptable context.  Most of the students coming on the visit study at Al Quds University in Abu Dis, a small town which was part of the Jerusalem suburb until it was cut off from the city by the huge Israeli Separation Wall on the west of the town. On the south, Abu Dis is divided from Bethlehem by a major military checkpoint. The village lands to the east have been taken by a series of Israeli settlements (no-go areas for Palestinians) and the way to to the north and Ramallah is by complicated and dangerous roads through military areas, past checkpoints, walls and settlements. 

The Al Quds University students describe their lives as 'on the front line' because of Israeli military activity near and in the University itself. As the video shows, clashes, checkpoints and imprisoned friends are as normal for them as libraries, essays and exams. 

Help a group of students come from Palestine to tell their stories to young people  in Britain and together to build the campaign for human rights.

CADFA used to get European funding for our youth exchanges but we can’t count on that this time – We are going to raise the money in a combination of ways. We are setting out to raise £10,000 from this crowd funder plus sponsorship, events, and appeals. This will us to bring a small group of students.  But we want to bring a bigger group a by having PARTNER groups who will sponsor individual students - would your university society (or other) like to be a partner?  

Please do help as much as you can, and share this Crowdfunder wherever you think you can find interest!


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Students Together tee-shirt

Enjoy wearing our unique Students Together project tee-shirt in Palestinian colours with English and Arabic combined - design is currently being finalised

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A feast

A feast at Cafe Palestina with the students when they arrive.

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A feast, a tee-shirt and greetings cards!

We'll invite you to a special feast with the students when they are here and present you with the tee-shirt and greetings cards described above.

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A feast for two and tee-shirt and greetings cards.

We'll invite you and a friend to a special feast with the students when they are here and present you with the tee-shirt and greetings cards described above

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