Tackling Waste & Sharing Skills: The Woodshop of Recycled Delights

by Tom Wood | Nov 29, 2023 | Community & citizenship, Environment & sustainability, Stories

Tackling Waste & Sharing Skills: The Woodshop of Recycled Delights

In the heart of North and East London, a remarkable initiative is taking root, transforming waste timber into community treasures and empowering individuals with carpentry skills. The Woodshop of Recycled Delights, a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), has evolved into a thriving hub that not only teaches carpentry but also rescues thousands of kilograms of waste timber while enhancing community gardens.

Harry Morgan, Co-Founder and Director of the Woodshop of Recycled Delights, shared his insights into the project’s significance to the local community: “These spaces in London are really important, and they’ve got so much potential. We see ourselves as being able to support community gardens in being able to flourish.”

The Woodshop’s goals are clearly defined. According to Harry, “The mission of the Woodshop of Recycled Delights is to tackle timber waste, to share skills and confidence in carpentry, and to develop community gardens across London.”

Receiving +Extra Funding

Match funding from Aviva Community Fund and Save our Wild Isles Community Fund has played a pivotal role in the Woodshop’s journey. Harry expressed his gratitude, saying, “We heard about the Save our Wild Isles and Aviva match funding through word-of-mouth and realized it would be a really great opportunity for us … I’d say the match funding that we got is completely invaluable … we’d be nowhere near where we are without it, and it’s a really big motivator for people to donate as well.”

Rewarding Donations

Harry shed light on their thoughtful selection of rewards for supporters: “For a long time, we’ve offered free workshops, but we wondered whether people would pay a bit for them, so what if we can offer a workshop with a bit of added value where people can build something and take it away with them… It felt like these were luxury options that people might be willing to contribute a bit of cash for.”

On running his project on Crowdfunder, Harry added, “I found it really, really good… There are some really great resources on there and setting it up was really straightforward.”

He went on to say, “It was generally just an overwhelmingly positive experience”.

The Woodshop of Recycled Delights is not just about carpentry; it’s about building a sustainable future, one reclaimed piece of timber at a time. As they continue to grow and inspire, the support garnered from the crowdfunding campaign becomes even more crucial. By contributing, you not only help them reach their financial goals but also become a part of a community-driven movement that aims to make a lasting impact on London’s landscape.

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