Crowdfunder and the impact on healthcare

by Crowdfunder | Aug 27, 2019 | Stories

Crowdfunder and the impact on healthcare

Here at Crowdfunder, we are constantly amazed by the inspirational projects that go live on our platform.

The breadth of projects is vast – from raising funds to support a farm based mental health charity that inspires people to improve their mental health by growing organic produce, through to crowdfunding for the creation of a zero waste plastic free shop in Bethnal Green. 

A common thread that runs through projects on the platform is the shared aim to make a significant improvement to the world we live in, be it through environmental and sustainability ventures, working with the homeless, decreasing inequality, addressing loneliness, strengthening communities, improving mental health, wellbeing and employability, or furthering medical research. All these areas are incredibly important, but for the purposes of this blog we’d like to draw your attention to the success achieved by three specific crowdfunding projects working within healthcare.

Relief from Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a chronic autoimmune condition in which a person’s immune system attacks healthy cells in the body by mistake. It’s estimated that there are around 400,000 people living with IBD in the UK. 

In 2015, a Crowdfunder campaign run by Seb Tucknott, an IBD sufferer, successfully raised over £50k through 209 supporters in 28 days. Funds raised went towards the development of the IBD website which connects, supports and guides those affected by IBD to enable them to have an improved quality of life. The platform has brought sufferers together to share information on things that have helped them live with the condition, in addition to supporting those who live with an IBD sufferer. 

The crowdfunded IBD website which connects, supports and guides those affected by IBD

Early detection of prostate cancer

In 2016 Cambridge Oncometrix ran a Crowdfunder campaign which successfully raised over £17k from 466 supporters over 104 days. The funds raised were spent on continuing the development of a non-invasive and affordable diagnostic test for the early detection of prostate cancer – the CAMONX test. The aim of the CAMONX-Home test is to provide peace of mind for men and their families who have concerns about the condition of their prostate and gives an accurate indication on whether they need to book an appointment with their doctor for further testing. 

The campaign was spearheaded by a prostate cancer sufferer called Kevin who is featured in the campaign video. In the time Kevin had left he wanted to help future generations to live a prostate cancer free future. 

St.James's Palace March 9, 2016. From right to Left: D.Soloviev & M.Rossmann from Cambridge Oncometrix, other award winners and HRH The Duke Of York announcing the awards.

Photo from St.James’s Palace March 9, 2016. From right to Left: D.Soloviev & M.Rossmann from Cambridge Oncometrix, other award winners and HRH The Duke Of York announcing the awards.

Vital research into heart muscle diseases

This year, The Heart Hive community which is coordinated by Imperial College London and Cardiomyopathy UK, launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help save lives and empower people suffering with heart muscle diseases Cardiomyopathy and Myocarditis.

Over 300,000 people live with these conditions in the UK alone and many want to proactively help to improve the treatments for it and to ultimately help to save lives. The Heart Hive has therefore been set up to enable all sufferers to participate in advancing knowledge and treatment. 

To date Heart Hive have raised over £40k with the support of 217 supporters. Supporters, sufferers and their friends and family are not only donating directly to this worthy cause but they are also setting up their own fundraising pages. With funds raised, the Heart Hive are building an online community of participants willing to partake in research to help treat the disease they are living with. 

It’s our hope that more charities will follow the Heart Hive’s innovative approach to fundraising and in doing so will further build and empower their crowd of supporters. To discover more about creating a charity Crowdfunder page using the new Crowdfunder Multiplier platform, please provide your details here. 

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