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Cambridge Oncometrix

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We did it
On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £17,633 with 466 supporters in 104 days


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Cambridge Oncometrix  

develops a non-invasive, accurate, sensitive and affordable diagnostic test for the early detection of prostate cancer - the CAMONX test.


This highly accurate diagnostic test can be performed by men in the comfort of their homes to check the health of their prostate or by their GP or urologist. The test can be used either on a sample of seminal fluid or prostatic secretion.

The results of the test will show whether the prostate is in a healthy condition or not. Importantly, the test will specifically distinguish between Prostate Cancer and  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is the most common prostatic condition in men over 45 and it mimics the symptoms of prostate cancer. The test will be significantly more precise, convenient and accurate than the PSA blood test, which is currently the gold standard screening test that is used before biopsies are taken.

Every pound raised helps us to make one step forward in our on-going proof-of-concept clinical trial. With your help we can make the difference!

We have received numerous feedback, that it is not very easy to find the way through the tabs and buttons to cast a vote and donate to support our project. At the bottom of this page you can find step by step instructions how to support us and make your pledge

Our vision:


  - The CAMONX-Home test will be a simple colour based dip stick test that will be as simple to use as a pregnancy test. It will provide peace of mind for men and their families who have concerns about the condition of their prostate. When used at home, the CAMONX test will provide men with a very accurate indication of whether they need to visit their doctor for further diagnosis.

  - The CAMONX-Pro test will be an important, non-invasive and accurate tool for doctors managing prostate cancer patients who have been offered an active surveillance programme. The instrument is very easy to use and the GP or urologist will receive the results of the test immediately.


   Prof.V.Zaichick in front of the EDXRF bench-top device.

  Such a device can be used for the CAMONX-Pro test at the GP or urologist. 

   - Our test will become a very important non-invasive diagnostic tool to determine whether a patient is at a high-risk for prostate cancer and will prevent unnecessary repeat biopsies.

    - Being easy-to-use and affordable we hope that our test will become available to men all over the world, even in the most remote of locations.

    - Our test has the potential to become a life-saving prostate cancer screening test.

   Current status of development:


   - We have discovered a set of novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

   - We have developed an accurate and robust assay for an instrumental version of the CAMONX test, which will be performed at the point of care.


  - We have set up an international collaboration with urologists and specialised clinics. 

  - We have started the proof-of-concept clinical investigation to complete the characterisation of cancer biomarkers and refine the corresponding assays.


 - We have set up collaboration with an academic partner, where we will measure the samples from the clinical study by precise analytical techniques.


 University of Central Lancashire, March 2016.  Dr.Carole Rolph, Dr.Maxim Rossmann and Joe Mather, B.Sc. 

   What are the Funds needed for?

 To make our test available to every man on the planet we need £4.5 Million. This crowdfunding campaign will speed up the completion of stage 1 and kickstart the project towards stage 2 and beyond.

  1. £150,000 is needed to complete the on going proof of concept clinical investigation of CAMONX biomarkers. 

 2. £350,000 is needed to complete the development of measurement methods and data processing algorithms. 

  3. £1 M is needed to develop test device prototypes. 

  4. £3 M is needed to conduct clinical trials and obtain regulatory approvals for the test device.  

You might be forgiven for thinking that a mere £10 pledge will make little or no inroads into our £4.5 Million fundraising target -  however, you'd be wrong!  Never underestimate people power! With your help we can collect enough data to prove just how useful our CAMONX biomarkers will be to diagnose the prostate cancer early.

Here is our calculation: we have estimated that in order for our clinical study to reach the critical statistical point of proof we need to collect and measure at least 600 samples of prostatic fluid and ejaculate from 300 volunteers (healthy subjects and those suspected of having BPH or cancer). The cost of paying an independent laboratory to measure one set of samples sets us back about £100. 

 So with 10 backers pledging £10 each we will be one step closer to concluding our on-going proof-of-concept clinical trial.



Gratitude: A personal thank you letter from the test developers to the pledger for supporting those hoping to help millions of people.

Inspiration: A download of "My Life" single composed by inspirational prostate cancer fighter and campaigner Kevin Vardy.


  Readiness: A download of Cambridge Oncometrix's guide to prostate health and longevity.

  Awareness: A specially commissioned  CitrusFriends' T-shirt.


  Peace of mind: The opportunity to be among the first men to receive the test.

  Hope: An original painting by Mr. Shaun George, a double cancer survivor.


 We realize, that most of you want to help us selflessly. You can also choose to pledge anonimously not asking for any material rewards.

Just choose £1 pledge at the bottom right and add any amount to your pledge. Your support is very important to us!

To our backers:

Huge thank you to all of you, who has managed to cast your vote and make your pledge!

We really appreciate your support. With 373 (and ever growing!) people crowd we are more than ensured, that we are working not in vain for a worthy cause!

We have received over ten thousand pounds. This is enough to pay for the measurements of the samples from our on-going proof-of-concept clinical trial. If we manage to raise more, we will finance the development of the dip-stick chemistry and technology, to convert our vision into reality.  

Huge thank you to everybody who has supported us!

#VOOM 2016: Crowdfunder Pick of the Week

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Jess Ratty ( 


This week’s business that takes home an additional pledge of £1000 on their project is Cambridge Oncometrix – a home test for the early detection of prostate cancer who have already raised £11,990 from 371 backers.

Scott Wilkinson, Head of VOOM, shares his positivity around the project, ‘Cambridge Oncometrix is an incredibly exciting proposition. Developing an accurate, early test for prostrate cancer could be a real game changer for the sector – and hundreds of millions of men across the world. The potential scale and impact is staggering.

‘The team have clearly got the bit between their teeth and are continuing to crowdfund vigorously, so we were delighted to make their project the recipient of the first £1,000 award. We’re sure it’s going to a great home.’

We have already raised enough funds to support MSc fellowship at University of Central Lancashire for a very gifted student Joe Mather featured at the photo below 4th left. Joe will be learning sophisticated analytical methods and will be measuring CAMONX biomarkers in the samples from the on-going clinical trial. 


From left to right: Mr. Kevin Vardy, prostate cancer fighter and campaigner, Dmitry Soloviev, PhD, Cambridge Oncometrix Chief Scientist, Cambridge Oncometrix CEO Maxim Rossmann, PhD,  UCLan biomedical master's student Joe Mather and Dr. Carole Rolph, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Central Lancashire.

  About our Citrus Friends supporters on the T-shirt:


Did you know, that healthy prostate is the size of a wallnut and produces loads of citiric acid? This is the same acid, that makes the taste of lemon. If you range the concentrations of citric acid in the increasing order you will obtain the following row:

Orange (5mM)< Healthy Prostate (75mM)< Lemon (300mM).

When the cancer resides inside the prostate, this picture changes dramatically - as you can see it on the banner above. Our Citrus Friends are campaigning against the Prostate cancer and for early testing. 

  The bad grey guy represents the cancerous prostate. If detected early it could be treated!

   By the way, the bad grey guy on the banner was designed by our main supporter, prostate cancer fighter and Prostate cancer test campaigner Mr.Kevin Vardy. Please visit his page and say hello to him! ( He is fighting this terrible disease, and needs our prays and moral support.

Our supporters on the world map:


People watch our campaign video all over the world: French Polinesia, Caribbean , South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Unites States and the whole of Europe, of course!

With your help we already start making difference - prostate cancer awareness across the globe! Please share this project with your friends. To win big we need to keep momentum!

  Read the comments from our backers:

  Paul Newton 20:05 08/May/2016

 Kevin , thanks for bringing this to our attention , your good work is much appreciated.Good luck to the project , hope the target is reachedPaul and Bern Newton

   Brian Gray 13:13 03/May/2016

   I am pleased to be able to support such a good cause - well done Kevin & Sue

   Helen 10:07 03/May/2016

   Good luck guys. Have been following Kevin's story. Hope government will assist and what about working with Men United to promote also. Our family has been affected so we wish you all the best.

   dancing beetle 16:59 02/May/2016

   Best of luck with the continued development of this test. This is a truly worthy cause.

   Harry Petrie 11:59 02/May/2016

   A worthy project. I've lost friends through this disease, where a test such as this might have made all the difference. As someone else pointed out, I think you should press for some State funding and get the popular media on board.

   Natalie Williams 00:00 02/May/2016

   This is fantastic to read!! Fighting this disease is reward enough, I'd prefer to forego any gifts so you can keep as much of the funds as possible.

   Ken Freer 20:35 01/May/2016

   Thanks for doing this, maybe it will shame the government into chipping in the rest?

   elajai 15:15 01/May/2016

   Good luck with receiving funding ,my family needs your test , two generations hit so far, two still to come...

   Gareth Evans 12:25 01/May/2016

   This is such an important problem crying out for a practical test. Keep up the hard work, there will be challenges ahead but scientific progress is only achieved by persistence.

   Bob Adams 12:14 01/May/2016

   As someone who has undergone a series of very unpleasant biopsies only to be told that my PSA tests had been unreliable and further treatment was not required (thank goodness!), the idea of a much more reliable non-invasive test certainly appeals! Keep up the good work.

   Karl Walsh 11:47 01/May/2016

   Keep it up guys! Kevin is a dear friend of mine and my own Father suffered from this cursed disease. So fight-able, if only we could galvanize everyone to realize it!!

   Philip Edwards 10:26 01/May/2016

   Kevin, as a fellow sufferer, whose GP does not believe in the PSA test I am full of admiration for what you are doing. Every man in this country and beyond ought to be backing this project. I wish you the very best of luck.

   Jeff A 10:21 01/May/2016

   I have pledged but I don't wish to receive a reward. I want my contribution to go to the research. Could you add a 'No reward' option to the site?

   Graham Busby 09:32 01/May/2016

   What you are doing is to be commended. My grandfather died from prostate cancer back in the early 1960s, hence my interest...

 Ed Gawluck 12:11 21/May/2016

It appears to be incredibly difficult to make a pledge on the Crowdfunder website but I will continue trying. I was surprised so little had been pledged to such a worthy cause but now understand why! Clicking on the 'pledge' link should take you directly to a registration page and means of payment. Instead I'm going round in circles. Maybe I'm just stupid but even idiots might wish to pledge. My next action is to try and contact Crowdfunder Support which will probably waste more time. Don't think too many people who would otherwise be pleased to contribute will be taking this much trouble. So if like me, you're disappointed in how little is being raised, this could very well be the reason. All the best. Ed.

People's Choice Award at Pitch@Palace biotechnology startup competition shows, how such a test is awaited. 


 Photo from St.James's Palace March 9, 2016. From right to Left: D.Soloviev & M.Rossmann from Cambridge Oncometrix, other award winners and HRH The Duke Of York announcing the awards.

Visit our webpage if you want to know more. Our main page speaks English, German, Italian, French, Russian and Spanish :


Here are the instructions how to pledge :

1. Go to the Crowdfunder site

2. Choose the amount you want to pledge on the right-hand side of the screen and click an appropriate “Pledge £…” button.

3. The window will open requesting to use Credit card or PayPal account. Enter your details and press “Pay with card” button at the right bottom corner of the screen.

                               – It’s done!


- One can tick “Pledge anonymously” box, if one doesn’t want his name to appear on the list of backers.

- One can Pledge any amount by following the link “Pledge more” which can be found on the right-hand side of the screen under “ Review and pay” title -->   click on   "Your reward Edit / Pledge more "

                          – “additional gift” window will pop-up, where one can add any amount to his pledge.

- One can choose “Pledge £1” and follow “pledge more” link (as above) if he does not want to receive any rewards for his pledge.

We hope this is clear enough and the technical difficulties will not deter you and your friends from pledging your support.

To cast your vote at VOOM:

- Go to

- Press the "Vote for Project" button

- the platform will ask you either to "Sign Up" or to "Log In"

       -      If you are visiting VOOM for the first time you need to

  1.     Sign Up first, using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. unfortunately there are no other options.
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      -  If you have already registered at VOOM before you need to 

  1. LOG IN, using your Facebook or LinkedIn account
  2. Press the "Vote for Project" button
  3. It's done!

Thank you very much for your trust!

Cambridge Oncometrix team


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

We realize that you support our project not for material rewards. Thank you so much for your trust! You can pledge anonymously any amount here.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Gratitude: a personal thank you letter from the test developers to the pledger for supporting those hoping to help millions of people.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Inspiration: all the above plus a download of "My Life" single composed by inspirational prostate cancer fighter and campaigner Kevin Vardy.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Readiness: all of the above plus a download of Cambridge Oncometrix's guide to prostate health and longevity.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Awareness: all of the above plus a specially commissioned CitrusFriends' T-shirt.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Peace of mind: all of the above plus an opportunity to be among the first men to receive the test.

£1,000 or more

2 of 10 claimed

£1,000 Reward

Hope: all of the above plus an original painting by Mr. Shaun George, a double cancer survivor.

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