A bittersweet/drama comedy which follows the complexities and quirks of family life all within the competitive sphere of a board game.

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Hi and welcome to the Crowdfunder page for our short film 'Stale Mate'. First of all we would like to thankyou for your time in visiting our page. Please watch and enjoy our tongue and cheek 80s/90s board game commercial inspired crowdfunder video, its cheesy, silly and it will  get you in the mood for our project.


As Christmas comes to an end, Liz the head of a small distant family attempts to recover what has been a cheerless holiday with a good old board game. However what was meant to be a night of family fun soon turns into all out war. 


The concept was derived from a classic fun family night around a traditional board game and the petty squabbles that usually followed. However we want to achieve this on a grand scale, like all great fiction, an exaggerated re-telling of reality. There are many themes that intertwine throughout this piece, the main ones being dysfunctional families and the complexities of family life, quirks and all. However there are also underlying themes of loneliness and neglect. This is not just another comedy film, but one that can make you laugh and smile but is heartfelt as well. It's a relatable  bittersweet comedy drama.


Our core team is made up of six talented, enthusiastic third year Film and Graphic design  Students at Falmouth University.

Writer/Director: Kieran Stringfellow


Hey! I'm Kieran and I'm the Writer and Director of Stalemate. I have been infatuated with cinema from a young age when I dreamt of acting, however my imagination and joy for storytelling moved me behind the camera, where I believe I have found my natural habitat. That said my acting experience has not gone to waste as it has given me an invaluable understanding of an actors' needs and how to work collaborately with them in order to get their best performances.  I have written screenplays and directed a variety of short narrative films, documentaries and corporate videos over the last few years and I can see my self developing  my own directorial stye with a heavy focus on ushering the bizzare out of the banality of everyday life. My favourite film makers are Sergio Leone, Paul Thomas Anderson, Roman Polanski, Spike Lee and Terrence Malick.

I believe with this concept we have something we can make a brilliant short film that will connect with audiences and create a memorable viewing experience. With such a talented crew by my side I cant wait to roll the dice and start making this film.  

Favourite films: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Chinatown, Boogie Nights and  Do The Right Thing.

Producer: Chloe McMahon


Hello there! I'm Chloe McMahon and I am the Producer of Stalemate. My surname roughly translates from irish as "Son of Bear". I do not possess the qualities of either however I am proficient at using chopsticks.

I chose to produce this project as the themes and characters within the narrative hold a strong tether to my experiences of a family board game. In addition, the extremity of the narrative within a singular setting and the variety of characters/props offers up an exciting challenge. Suturing together the administrative and creative aspects of production is an important passion of mine and I believe whatever the role, a complete immersion within the story will result in high quality filmmaking.

My main influence for this project comes from producer/writer Robert Popper, best known for Friday Night Dinner and The Inbetweeners. Other influences include Alex Ross Perry, Joshua Blum, The Weinstien Brothers and Ted Hope.

Favourite Films: A Seperation, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Bronson, Dr Strangelove

Cinematographer: Peter Doyle-Davidson


I'm Peter Doyle-Davidson and I am the Cinematographer for Stalemate. I have been a lover of cinema ever since I saw A Knight's Tale at a very early age, and now find my vision in the industry within the camera department. I've shot and assisted on numerous short films and documentaries the past couple of years, which have developed my skills and knowledge in creating dynamic visual storytelling. A challenge that will be interesting to work with for Stalemate is the story taking place in mostly one location, which will be exciting to shoot in an engaging way that motivates the story along while holding the audiences attention.

My influences hail from cinematographers such as Roger Deakins, Janusz Kaminski and Robert Yeoman.

Fabourite Films - No Country For Old Men, Saving Private Ryan, Moonrise Kingdom.

Editor: Louis Cowan


Hi I'm Louis, I'm the Editor for Stalemate. I'm excited to start editing the short and have already had lots of fun editing the Crowdfunder video . I have really immersed myself in the craft of editing over the last year and I'm ready to put that in practice with this production.

I think that editing is imperative to the film making process; an editor can change the way a film looks or feels and ultimately pulls everything together. With the help of all our wonderful crew I'm sure we'll be able to create a fun and moving film. I take inspiration from editors Walter Murch, Thelma Schoonmaker and Chris Dickens.

Favourite Films - Goodfellas, The Godfather, Leon, Vertigo

Sound Designer: Tom Snelling


Hello! I'm Tom Snelling and I am the Sound designer for Stalemate. I have worked on various films as a sound designer and have always felt passionately for the role sound plays in film. For me sound has the ability to bring a piece of cinema to life, without sound there are only pictures.

The thing that excites me most about this project is the filmmaking process. That special thrill of involvment, being surrounded by creative people who each are all working hard to create something worthwhile. Lynch summed it up best. 'When it works, it's a thrill, it's a magical thing and it takes you to, you know, a higher place'.

Favourite Films - Mean Streets, The Conversation, Love & Mercy, Groundhog Day.

Designer/Art Director: Tasha Williams


Hello, I'm Tasha and I'm the designer and art director for Stalemate. I study Graphic Design and have been working on the board game design and teaser posters for the last few months. I've always had an interest in cinema and I believe the designer has a huge impact on creating the fictional world within the film aswell as the promotional and marketing side. I was really drawn to working on this film as I immediately fell in love with the story and the characters, and loved the sincerity of the concept. It's already been a joy working with the amazing team, and I'm really excited to see this project grow. 

Favourite Films - Leon, Inglorious Bastards, Princess Diaries ;)


We are still very early on in pre-production. However that said we are well on our way, we have numerous drafts of the script with the final one almost complete. We have designed a fully functioning board game for the film. We have secured half of our cast with the other two roles not far from complete. We have outlined potential locations and are in the process of scouting them further. We have a teaser poster to build anticipation. We have composers lined up to score the film. We are all working tirelessly to make this film happen.

Stalemate board game design by  Tasha Williams


Playing board games is a quintessential family activity and everyone at some point in their lives has fallen out over one. So this is a very relatable piece, one which we can all feel a part of and one which we can all understand. We believe this story is worth telling, so much so that we are investing alot of our own money, £500 to be exact. However that won't cover the costs we have outlined to maximise the potential of this film. All the funding we recieve from the campaign will be going strictly back into the production. Allowing us to hire professional actors, secure an aesthetically appropriate location, purchase authentic props and music liscensing. There are also other expenses such as transport fees, catering for cast and crew and Festival entries. All the pledges we recieve will be bringing this film to life so we can therefore share it with you all. And dont forget we have a collection of exclusive perks.

Here is a little breakdown of where the funding will be going.


The simplistic concept does not come without its risks and challenges. We chose this approach as we felt it gave us more of a creative licence to be ambitious with what we want to achieve with the narrative. Therefore our biggest risk is not being able to afford the expenses we have outlined. We have a very precise idea of what we need, the type of location, the props, music and the actors so without our proposed budget this may not be possible. We have an ambitious set piece within the script which will take meticulous planning and a highly professional approach if we are going to pull it of.  These are risks and challenges we know we can overcome with dedication and hardwork.

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