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To raise £2000 for bottling and pasteurisation equipment so we can meet the huge demand for our locally produced craft cider.

by spotty-dog-cider in Wadebridge


We are Spotty Dog Cider, and from making cider for ourselves on our small smallholding outside Wadebridge, we started commercial production (albeit very small) in 2014, when we were quickly overwhelmed at the demand for our small stock of bottles and bag in boxed cider.  The name came from our Cocker Spaniel Lily, who is indeed a cider loving spotty dog!  Lorraine is the cider maker and apple grower and John is the technical support.  Together we make a good team, although we don't always agree on which cider is the best - dry or medium, still or bottle conditioned.  You can read more about Spotty Dog Cider here. 

We own or manage over 100 apples trees locally, and offer a Reward Scheme where we take surplus local apples and in return give people some cider.  Everyone likes this - no more apples rotting on the ground, and lovely local cider from unsprayed trees.  The spent pomace is collected on pressing day and used as animal feed - they like it too! We also hope to buy locally produced apples to help the local producers, so if you have a lot of trees - get in touch.


WE HAVE JUST BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR A CORNWALL SUSTAINABILITY AWARD.  Obviously this is brilliant news for us as sustainability is really a big part of what we do.  We'll keep you up to date but the awards ceremony is on December 4th, so fingers crossed.

Lorraine Turnbull with some donated apples and a bottle of cider


This summer we created a bespoke cider production area invested in new fermentation vessels, stainless steel workstations and pumping equipment.  We want to grow a bit bigger so we can supply at least 3 local pubs with our cider (after all, they supported us when we were small), and produce enough bottled cider for locals, holiday makers, and for stocking holiday houses and caravan sites.  We want to maintain our high standards but remain a local producer, so we need more funds to do this.


Over the last year Lorraine has invested all her savings in this project - buying stainless steel prep tables, building storage areas, and new equipment including a pump and aseptic storage.  Now we have a bit of a cash flow situation.  The cider is there - maturing quietly away, but.....

We'd like to raise an initial £2000 to be spent on a crown capping bottling system and pasteurising equipment.  This will ensure that we can bottle to a high and safe standard(we value our customers), and we'd like to invest a bit in packaging too.


Have a look at the great rewards we have up for grabs, AND PLEDGE, and more importantly, be part of something local, delicious and fun! We know money is tight, but we think there are some cool present ideas and something for nearly everyone.  We'd really LOVE it if you can LIKE our facebook page too, and SHARE what we are doing with your friends.  THANKS!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Our eternal thanks for believing in and supporting this project and showing that you want local, quality cider! We will ensure you get our regular newsletter with details of events and special offers, and your name, as a special VIP Supporter will go on our VIP Supporter page on the Spotty Dog Cider website.

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

Get a fabulous Spotty Dog Cider carrier bag with a bottle of Spotty Dog Cider, and our newsletter emailed to you (with details of special offers and discounts), and of course your name on the VIP Supporter page on the Spotty Dog Cider website.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A limited edition Spotty Dog T shirt. This is a white cotton Fruit of the Loom classic T shirt emblazoned on the front with the Spotty Dog Logo. Very cool. THIS PLEDGE IS FOR MEDIUM size. PLEDGE NOW - very limited. Posted for Christmas!

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A limited edition Spotty Dog T shirt. White cotton Fruit of the Loom T emblazoned on the front with the Spotty Dog logo. This pledge is for SMALL sizes. Pledge now - VERY limited

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

Limited edition Spotty Dog T shirt in LARGE. As above - white cotton T shirt - VERY limited in LARGE size. Get yours NOW. Posted for Christmas!

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

Limited edition SPOTTY DOG CIDER cotton T shirt. White with Spotty Dog Cider logo in black emblazoned on front. VERY limited and a super Christmas present. SIZE XL (extra large)

£25 or more

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£25 Reward

Get a one hour tour of our Cider production shed for ONE person. We will show you round, explain and show you the equipment, and you can see up close and personal the environment that you helped support, and how we make our cider. You will also receive our regular newsletter emailed to you with details of events and special offers, and your name on the VIP Supporters page on our website. get to take away a bottle of Spotty Dog Cider too!

£30 or more

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£30 Reward

Sponsor an apple tree for a year! You will have your 'own' apple tree with your name on it, and will receive 4 updates during the year to let you know how its doing. You will be invited to come and have a FREE Cornish cream tea for 2 people in the orchard at blossom time, get a bottle of Spotty Dog Cider to take home, and have your photo put on the website on the VIP Supporters page and receive our newsletter with special offers and events.

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Your group or organisation will receive a customised one hour presentation of how we make cider from the apple through to the finished product. We will come to your location with our equipment, provide handouts and bottles of Spotty Dog Cider to taste!. Group size up to around 20. You must provide a location within Cornwall, and date must be agreed.

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Beekeeping Experience at Spotty Dog Cider. Naturally, we have an apiary here to make sure our apple trees are pollinated as well as they can be. You can come and be a beekeeper for 4 hours and with Lorraine to guide you, can open the hives and see the bees up close and personal. FULL protective suits will be provided, and you will go home with a bottle of Spotty Dog Cider, a jar of honey and be featured on our VIP Supporters page!

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

Exclusive membership of our Wholesale Buyers Club with discounts for Holiday Home owners, pubs and caravan/campsite owners. You will receive 4 newsletters for a year with details of events and special offers AND offering 10% off every case (12 bottles) of Spotty Dog Cider or 10% off a Bag in Box of Spotty Dog Cider.(20L size), and of course a mention on the VIP Supporters page. We'll even post you a bottle of Spotty Dog Cider to let you taste it (if you havnt yet).

£80 or more

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£80 Reward

Your group/organisation or school will get a customised visit with presentation AND hands-on practical juicing session at your venue(within Cornwall). Your group can provide apples for juicing and can take home juice afterwards, but we will bring sufficient. This event will take approximately 4 hours and will be delivered by a fully qualified PGCE teacher. Full details on booking event. Must take place within September or October.

£120 or more

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£120 Reward

A whole day's learning how to make cider with us. You, and ONE friend will learn about the apples needed to make cider, and using our equipment will learn how to make cider the Spotty Dog Cider way! You will enjoy a light lunch with us, and at the end of the day, we'll take a photo of you, to be uploaded to the VIP Supporters page on the website, give you both a Spotty Dog carrier bag with T shirt and 2 bottles of Spotty Dog Cider and ensure you receive our regular newsletter,.... and provide some juice for you to take away to make your own cider if you wish! VISITS WILL NEED TO BE DURING SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER 2015.

£175 or more

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£175 Reward

Name a special edition of Spotty Dog Cider! This EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED offer will allow you to name a batch of cider. It may or may not become part of our permanent range and will feature on our VIP Supporters page, at trade events and on general sale! (Please note - for brand protection, regulation and public offence reasons there are some names we would be unable to use, so we will need to AGREE the name with you. - sorry, and the name would need to be roughly in keeping with our product range). You will receive an invitation to our exclusive tasting and blending day, meet some of our helpers and special friends, and enjoy a light buffet alongside some cider. This date will be arranged to suit, but will be during August 2015. You will also receive a Spotty Dog Carrier bag with some goodies (yes, including a 3 pack presentation cider box) in it to take home.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward

You, and up to 3 friends are going to be our VERY special guests at an exclusive Blossom Day event! You will get a tour of the orchards, tour of the cider production shed, and an overview of the whole process of making Spotty Dog Cider, a Cornish Cream tea for four in the orchard, followed by a tasting session of our cider. You will take away with you a souvineer pack including a Spotty Dog T shirt, a Spotty Dog glass, and a special 3 pack Spotty Dog presentation box. Your photo will be put on the VIP Supporters page, you will receive regular newsletters with details of further events and special offers

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

Team Building Day. Get your staff out of the office for a day juicing & pressing the cider that they will enjoy at the office Christmas party! Your team can learn how to make cider with Lorraine and in the process learn more about themselves and each other. This true teambuilding fun day means hands-on fun - wear old clothes and bring a spare dry set because you will be washing, pulping and pressing like REAL cider makers! And of course, you'll get your Bag in Box 20L of Spotty Dog Cider, and 6 Spotty Dog glasses just in time for the Christmas party! (Delivery within UK only). This event is suitable for up to 6 people only due to health and safety considerations.

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