Spotters - Independent Graduation Film

by Oliver Willcox in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Spotters - Independent Graduation Film
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I have created this campaign to secure that extra bit of funding I'm going to need to allow me to fully realise the film I want to make.

by Oliver Willcox in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


My film centres around an 80 year old train spotter, named Tim, who, in the very final chapter of his life, has become jaded, disconnected and alienated from the community he has surrounded himself with for 60 years. In one final burst of spontaneity, he has been persuaded and engaged to join a local naturist group, a group he feels will bring him the final thrill he needs from life, but joining them means leaving his life long friendships behind. 

This film seeks to explore the finite nature of living and how, when faced with the prospect of dying, our values and wants can be momentarily shifted away from what has always been truly meaningful to us. The film will take on the shape of a drama that contains moments of sadness, reflection, joy, passion and humour. 

Why Are Donations Needed? 

This is the final film I will be making whilst studying at Norwich University of the Arts and I just want it to be the best film I could possibly make at this stage. To make that happen, I need a certain amount of funding that I personally am not able to provide. 

If you are able to spare anything towards the cost of this film, the money donated will enable myself and my crew to have the best possible resources available for us to make this film. These will include: employing the best possible actors for extended periods of time, covering their travel and food expenses, allowing us to buy the most accurate and suitable costumes, hiring out a pub, two houses, a hall and a train station to shoot in and to allow us to cover the costs when submitting this film to film festivals after its completion. 

This film will be a calling card or a signature piece that, in the immediate years after graduation, I will be using to demonstrate what it is that I can do. Having the highest budget that I could possibly raise will allow me to over come the pit falls of low budget, independent filmmaking that often make films look and feel totally un-cinematic.

The flexible goal of £1000 will allow myself and my crew to fully realise the vision that we all share for 'Spotters'. 

Even if you are not able to donate, just showing interest in the project is amazing. Raising awareness for the film is just as important as raising funding. We want this film to be watched and enjoyed by as many people as possible!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

The Indie Supporter

For your valid contribution you will receive a special thanks credit in the credits! Your chance to see your name on the big screen!

£10 or more

Early Access

You will receive a link before the film is made available on platforms like Vimeo and YouTube to watch it early! Also, you will receive a special thanks credit.

£20 or more

3 of 10 claimed

Signed Spotters Poster

A beautifully designed and fully signed poster to adorn your bedroom wall! Includes all previous rewards.

£30 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Signed Spotters Script and Original Short Story

For this donation you will receive signed copies of the film's script and the original short story that it is based upon! Fine reading material for after viewing.

£75 or more

1 of 5 claimed

The Exec!

For this incredibly generous amount you will be given the most prestigious credit possible, the Executive Producer credit! All previous rewards included with this one!

£100 or more

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The Big Daddy

For this mammoth sized donation you shall receive an extra special credit as well as all previous rewards and a one off, hand made model train (assembled masterfully by the crew) and a printed, full colour photo album of behind the scenes photography that will be a wonderful insight into the process of how an independent film is made! You will also have a special place in our hearts for your supreme generosity.

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