Spitfire Short Film - ATA Story

by Emma Pierce in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd March 2018 we successfully raised £112 with 8 supporters in 56 days

We are raising funds to make our short film - Spitfire. To pay location, involving a reconditioned 2 seater Spitfire, crew and actresses.

by Emma Pierce in London, England, United Kingdom

This is the official crowdfunder page for our short film Spitfire. Betty, a retired ATA pilot in WW2,  takes her granddaughter Kate into a Spitfire for their last ever flight. This short film follows a woman's last wish to fly in an aircraft she flew in

If you have been following our progress you may have noticed we raised £700 previously, but unfortunately this was not enough needed to cover costs for our location and insurance, hiring transport and travel and to pay crew for their time as well to feed them. Filming with a Spitfire is a very expensive task! Please Please help us make this a reality!

Short summary

Hi, we are the team behind Spitfire Short Film. We are an all female crew at the moment, with Director, Emma Pierce, Producer, Lucy Miles, and Writer Claire Yeowart. 

What is our project all about?

Betty, a retired ATA pilot in WW2,  takes her granddaughter Kate into a Spitfire for their last ever flight. This short film follows a woman's last wish to fly in an aircraft she flew in WW2.

This short film not only shows a heart clenching story, but a voice for the silenced women who fought for our country.

Our film is in association with IMPACT50, a competition of 50 short films that will be compiled into a feature film. Each film ends in the same way. Individually, the 50 films will be awarded in different areas: music, cinematography, production design, best film and script etc. To find out more look at the link here: https://www.impact50film.com

This will be their second feature film produced through the Create50 process. The first, '50 Kisses', was premiered in February 2014, netting the second biggest box office of a UK film in the week of release. It's now online and you can watch at www.50KissesFilm.com.


We have just currently made our second crowdfunding video. Below is an unedited behind the scene picture of us filming an Indiegogo video. Our director, Emma Pierce also took photos on 120 black and white film, on an old coronet box camera, as a prop in the film. 



Our Director Emma Pierce http://www.imdb.me/emmapierce - In 2016 she was a finalist at the Kent Creative Awards for her animated music video 'Tongue Tied' for the band EmCave She has been working on True Valour - A British WW2 Drama, a WW2 feature film as producer and designer, directing short film 'Hythe' and about to direct this short, Spitfire.


Our Producer Lucy Miles http://www.imdb.com/name/nm9080939/?ref_=ttfc_f... - is known for Desk Job (2017), Metaverse (2017) and soon to be Spitfire. She currently works as a line-producer and is constantly producing music videos and short films. 


Our writer Claire Yeowart is a screenwriter with a passion for creating complex, engaging female characters, unique high-concept ideas and stories dealing with themes of humanity and what makes us human. Claire won the One in Ten contest and has been shortlisted for BAFTA Rocliffe and the Red Planet Prize.


We also have the talented Kelly Long, as Kate, who previously stared in Game of Thrones! 

Kelly is a Northern Irish actress based in Belfast and London. She is 25 years old and works in TV, Film and Theatre. Kelly’s previous credits include Game of Thrones(Seasons 1 and 3) as Walder Frey’s young wife, Joyeuse; the short film Forever Freedom, written and directed by Jonny Morgan, which played at Waterford Film Festival; 55 Days by Howard Brenton at the Lyric Theatre Belfast; and the innovative, site-specific and commemorative A Night to Remember at the Titanic Museum, Belfast.


Diane Crush 

Diane has featured in many corporate films and tv commercials, also in films such as Rise of the Foot Soldier II and up and coming The Hippopotamus. 


Not only are we promoting a wonderful film we are also aiding female filmmakers in the industry. We vow to have our film equal in gender! 

Our editors!

Erin Alesbrook is currently studying Editing and Post Production at Ravensbourne. Her past work includes Surrender (2016) and Tom and His Pal (2017). Alongside this she has created video content for charity organisations and educational institutions.


Ellis Evans studying editing and post production at Ravensbourne, his past work includes "decision" (2015) and "our loved ones" (2017). 


Our reason for making this film and why YOU should back it too!

Our campaign is for the women who fought for our country. This is why we are motivated to make this film:

During WWII in the U.K. there were over 7 million women in war work.

1,050,000 Women's Volunteer Service (WVS)

212, 500 Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)

180,300 Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF)

80,000 Women's Land Army (WLA)

3,200 Special Operations Executives (SOEs)

1,930,000 Metal and chemical industries

74,000 Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS)

One of these women who served our country was Maureen Dunlop de Popp


First Officer Maureen Dunlop de Popp joined the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in 1942 and became one of a small group of female pilots who were trained to fly 38 types of aircraft, her favorite being the De Havilland Mosquito. While wanting to train as a combat pilot, women were forbidden to do so. The ATA inspired the Women's Airforce Service Pilots program in the U.S.
“I thought it was the only fair thing,” she remarked. “Why should only men be killed?” - Maureen Dunlop.

The Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) was a civilian organization set up to help ferry new, repaired and damaged military aircraft between factories, assembly plants, and transatlantic delivery points. It also flew service personnel on urgent duty from one place to another and performed air ambulance work.

Many of the ATA pilots were women, and from 1943 they received equal pay to their male co-workers, a first for the British government. Despite this, women could not fly a commercial plane until the 70s.

The efforts of these ATA pilots, alongside many other women war workers, were largely forgotten. The Women's Land Army were not recognized until 2007 for their contribution.

We hope through Spitfire more people can discover how women were central to the war effort.


Where will the money go?

With your money we could afford all the elements of our film production. Here is just a snippet of our costs:

Crew -  We are young filmmakers who need to make a living. We vow to pay all our crew and cast BECTU rates, and ensure more creative jobs are given to those under 25. 

Cast  - We want to support young artists and creatives. Your money will help pay our cast union rates. 

Location  - We are filming inside a real spitfire! These costs include rental and staff to be on site while we film.

Craft  - We need to feed and hydrate our crew!!! Everyone needs a pizza and a beer on fridays. 

Transport  - Transporting a whole crew and all the equipment we are going to use is a tricky and expensive job!

Art Direction - Make up, authentic costumes and props are all part of at direction that makes our film come to life. 

Equipment - We need equipment to shoot our film! Camera, sound gear, computers. lenses etc. 

Rewards for backers


£5 = digital download of film

£7 = Exclusive  BTS

£10 = Limited and signed poster

£10 = IMDB Special thanks credit

£15 = Spitfire Bundle

£100 - Associate Producer Credit on IMDB

£500 = Executive producer credit on IMDB

Not only are we going to be giving you a short film, we are going to show you stories of women who were in the ATA. Watch these stories and videos on our social media. 


Instagram - @spitfireshortfilm

Twitter - @SpitfireShort

Facebook -@spitfireshort


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Digital Download of film

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Exclusive Behind the Scenes

A video of exclusive behind the scenes. Each backer gets a different pack addressed to them. Showing the pre-production, production and post.

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Limited Signed Poster

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Spitfire Bundle!

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2 x Tickets to the premiere screening

A Ticket to the premiere at a location to be confirmed around the London or Kent area. (You will have to arrange your own travel.) Food and drink will be available!

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Associate Producer Credit

Associate Producer Credit An IMDb credit and an associate​ producer credit for our film 'Spitfire'.

£500 or more

Executive producer credit

Executive producer credit An executive producer credit on IMDB.

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