Help fund the first scout team to the South Pole!

A 60-day man-hauling South Pole expedition and kite-ski return. Aiming to inspire and develop young people through a Challenge Badge.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hampshire Scout Expeditions (HSX*) Antarctica expedition will see the first Scout-led team ski to the South Pole and back in November 2018. Two Hampshire Scouts, Ollie and Joe, will ski 566 miles from Antarctica’s coast (the Messner start at 82oS) to the Geographic South Pole in 45 days. During the journey, the team will haul 100 kgs of food & fuel and burn 6000 calories per day in temperatures as low as -45oC and wind speeds of up to 80 mph; all in perpetual daylight. The team will complete the return journey via kite-ski in a much quicker, 20 days where they will utilise the prevailing winds back to Hercules Inlet (700 miles).

The team need your help to fund the purchase of kites for the return leg of the expedition from the South Pole. This is an opportunity to be part of an historic expedition for the World Scouting Movement.

The team are dedicated to inspiring as many Scouts as possible through many different mediums. During the expedition, Scouts can follow progress online through social media and work towards their ‘HSX Antarctica Challenge Badge’ by learning about polar travel and undertaking activities in their local scout hut. This expedition will stand to demonstrate the achievements that can be accomplished through modern Scouting and that with a bit of grit and determination, an idea can become an exciting reality! Before the expedition, we are getting out and meeting as many scouts (and schools) as possible to allow them to get hands on with our kit and ask questions about achieving their own dreams; we aim to continue this long after we return from the Pole.

The team are raising awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Both of Ollie’s grandparents were affected by MND and the family benefitted hugely from the support of MNDA. MND is an incurable and fatal disease which attacks the motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord and results in the loss of speech and movement.

*HSX delivers an annual UK-wide training programme for explorer scouts (age 14-18) designed to hone mountaineering and team building skills. HSX is open to all Hampshire Scouts.

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