Source of Evil: Trumpsploitation Horror Short Film

by Adrian Țofei in Suceava, , Romania

Source of Evil: Trumpsploitation Horror Short Film


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By/starring Adrian Țofei (Be My Cat). The unthinkable happens when a YouTuber shoots with an iPhone used by Trump to order a missile strike.

by Adrian Țofei in Suceava, , Romania

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us reach the minimum £1000 needed to make the film and submit it to festivals! Now we're moving towards the minimum £2500 needed to attend festivals once selected. A completed film is nothing without festivals, and also a successful festival run increases the chances of this becoming a feature film later, so the stakes are high! Contribute if you haven't already, keep sharing, tell your friends, and let's do it big!

My name is Adrian Țofei and I'm an indie filmmaker & actor from Romania, you might know me from "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne", a found footage horror movie I directed, produced, wrote & starred in, now considered a cult film, and I'm super excited to bring my new film project forward for your support! 

It's a found footage psychological & supernatural horror short film, but also a metaphysical mockumentary & political satire! And yes, I came up with the "trumpsploitation" term, ha ha, you won't find it on Wikipedia! I'll be directing, writing, producing & starring.

Storyline (no spoilers): The unthinkable happens when a YouTuber records a new episode of his show about rare collectibles with the same iPhone that US president Donald Trump used to green-light a missile strike.

The idea came to me while thinking of a project to submit to the World Monologue Film Festival. I've already started pre-production and I need your support to complete the film by the end of January 2021 and send it to numerous important genre festivals worldwide (I'll be using my own list of Top 100 Genre Film Festivals), including Sitges, Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, BIFFF, and also found footage festivals like Unknown Footage Fest & On Vous Ment!

Check out the rewards you get for your support! I kept them really affordable so that all of you can get official producer or special thanks credits onscreen, on IMDb, Letterboxd & TMDb, signed posters & private links to watch the film in advance before the world premiere! Also, if you have any suggestions of any other perks you might want, let me know and I'll find a way to introduce them! 

The first goal is to reach £500 for covering my basic expenses during the next month of production. The second goal is £1000, and any amount above £500 will be used for post-production, festival submission fees, promotion and attending festivals. A successful festival run increases the chances of this becoming a feature film later, so the stakes are high!

You can contribute in any currency from anywhere in the world and your donation will be converted to British Pounds at the current rate (£1 ≈ $1.3 ≈ €1.1).

Please share this page and invite your friends to contribute. Even if you cannot contribute yourself, I highly appreciate any support you can offer!

P.S. The short might be also included in my upcoming apocalyptic feature film "We Put the World to Sleep". If that happens, for any donation above £25 you'll get thanks credits in the feature as well!

Later edits: 

The film now has IMDb, TMDb & Letterboxd pages. Your reward credits will be added on all 3 platforms right after contributing! And later onscreen, of course.

Thanks a lot for all your contributions so far, I've just finished the official poster:

Official Poster

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