Sustainable clothing supporting global charities

by James Maxfield in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Sustainable clothing supporting global charities


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Fairtrade organic cotton socks donating to different charities combating global environmental issues.

by James Maxfield in Manchester, England, United Kingdom


We are soulful socks. Our mission is to make high quality, organic cotton socks that support fairtrade, certified organic cotton producers and donate profits to different charities combating global environmental issues. 

Socks made for people who buy for design and quality but are evermore conscious of an unethical fashion industry and global issues affecting the environment. 

The first 5 socks will be designed around and support the following charities 

Rainforest Alliance,

Client Earth, 


Marine Conservation Society, 

Save the Elephants

Here's a sneak peek at some of our current designs...

The idea is that you can find a design you love or a charity you most connect with to make your purchase.


We are putting our supporters at the forefront of everything that we do. 

Our vision is to make socks for people who love them and care about our cause. By this, anyone who donates, promotes or purchases our products will have a say on future designs and charities/causes to support.

We believe it is our duty to be more conscious about the products we buy, where they come from, how they are made. We hate fast fashion and it is especially prevalent in sock manufacturing, where bright printed designs that cost little to buy and don't last dominate the market. 

That's why we will be working with a manufacturer investing in our values.

Products will be biodegradable, made from certified organic cotton, supporting sustainable and ethical production of cotton that is fairtrade. 

We want to make quality socks that last.

What will we do with the money raised?

With the target £2500 we are looking to raise, we will take this from an idea to a fully functioning business. By creating an ecommerce website on shopify and an etsy store, sending off our chosen designs to be manufactured and invest in marketing and advertising on instagram, facebook, blogger outreach and SEO.

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