Solar Decker needs saving!

by Jes Bailey in Denham, England, United Kingdom

Solar Decker needs saving!
We did it
On 19th June 2019 we successfully raised £3,538 with 153 supporters in 28 days

Remember our Solar Double Decker bus which powered Camp Quirky? We had a car accident on the way home and urgently need help with repairs

by Jes Bailey in Denham, England, United Kingdom

Who came to Camp Quirky 2019?

Who remembers our Solar Double Decker?

We are Buzz and Holly and we own the Solar Double Decker Bus. Our double decker bus powers festivals and events like Camp Quirky, Folkeast Festival even peoples weddings! We believe that people should be able to have fun and not negatively impact the environment.

Along with the bus we also have our solar panel trailer. We have fixed solar panels on the outside plus it can be filled with solar panels too.

This is us. Holly and Buzz, founders of Solar Decker.

It was our first time at Camp Quirky. We had such a fun time powering the bar, stage, music areas, toilets, lighting and beer chillers with our solar power bus.

Can you spot us in the Camp Quirky 2019 field?

So what happened and why do we need your help?

On the Monday after finishing up at Camp Quirky. We went to leave and started our journey home on the A14. Unfortunately though, we didn't make it home in one piece.  

I (Buzz) was driving the double decker when I got a call from Holly who was driving our Xtrail with the trailer attached. She said they had had an accident and she sounded really shaken up. I immediately turned  round to go to them. I also called the Camp Quirky guys as I didn't know what state anything would be in and was aware Holly had been driving with our 18 month Ivy and I was worried for them both.

Here is our bus, Nissan Xtrail and trailer (pre-crash)

Then the car and trailer started swerving violently. Suddenly the trailer overturned and got its left side stuck on a crash barrier. One of the barrier posts burst into the trailer damaging two of the solar panels. All the solar panels fixed to the trailer were completely damaged as was the trailer itself and the Nissan Xtrail boot and drivers side windows.

Holly was driving with our little one, Ivy, in the back. I am o glad that neither was injured. Holly is, still a week later, really shaken up about the crash, as you can imagine. Quite rightly she never wants to pull a trailer again.

Here I am with Ivy, our gorgeous daughter and solar apprentice.

We had two breakdown vehicles sent out to us, one had a large crane attached to lift our trailer off the crash railings because it was impaled and had crushed the support railings. We didn't take many photos of the damage because, as you can imagine, we were quite shaken up and I had my wife and small child to look after. Here is one of the photos of the smashed solar panels though.


We recently got our documents back from the insurance company and were shocked to see we are only being given £220! Obviously we have calculated the cost of repairs and it is much higher than that. This crowdfunder is really our own main option to get back in business fast. So thank you for taking an interest. 

What next?

We have lost a lot of our solar panels and equipment and now need to urgently replace it. Until then we can't work and we are already heavily booked up for festivals over the summer. We don't want to let anyone down!

We are now urgently looking to raise £8300 to help us buy a 3.5ton van, maybe a Luton, with a tail lift and replace our broken solar panels. This would mean Holly never has to pull a trailer again and I will feel much happier knowing she will be safer driving a van rather than pulling a trailer.

We are asking for the crowds support because we know what an amazing community this is and because we need as fast a response as possible. We had an amazing time at our first ever Camp Quirky and loved meeting and interacting with everyone we met there and chatting about solar power and van conversions. We had such positive feedback and never thought we would need to ask for your help until now it has become a huge issue for us.

Here is just some of the feedback about our work:

If you can help us we will be eternally grateful. Any donation amount will help, as will sharing our crowdfunding campaign page on facebook, instagram, twitter or via email to your friends who are also into festivals or solar powering the future. We often find that not many people are even aware you can power a whole festival off solar power (especially in England where it usually isn't the sunniest!) so we want to be able to prove that it is possible!

Even when the clouds are out we are working hard.

Although we can't offer you anything in return other than our eternal thanks, we do aim to be at Camp Quirky 2020 and would love to thank you in person. if you can't wait that long you can also come find us at 

Strumpshaw tree fair in Norfolk - July 20/21st 2019

Harlequin festival, Norfolk - August 1st-4th

Folkeast festival Suffolk - August 16th-18th

Maui Waui festival Suffolk - August 23rd-25th

Unity festival Norfolk - August 30th - September 1st

Than you again for all your support and help

Buzz, Holly and Ivy

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