Be part of Socotra’s future

by Hilary Bradt in Chesham, England, United Kingdom


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Be part of Socotra’s future: help us publish the first guide book to this threatened World Heritage Site.

by Hilary Bradt in Chesham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This site will stay open for donations. Any funds not need for additional publishing costs and for marketing will be used for activities benefiting Socotra.  THANK YOU EVERYONE. 

A fantasy film set1595774513_cm-socotra-5634-lowres.jpg

With its pink rocks, chubby desert roses and dragon’s blood trees like giant mushrooms, this fantasy-film-set of an island off the coasts of Arabia and Africa is amazing – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that gives even jaded travellers itchy feet.

Publication agreed

This year my long-term travel dream of Socotra became reality. Before going, I talked the team at Bradt Guides -- the travel publisher I founded nearly 50 years ago -- into scheduling a thin photo-based guide, inexpensive to produce, just to showcase the island’s beauty.


It grew and grew

Socotra slapped aside my insult of a small cheap book and launched a full-blown charm offensive: mountains, canyons, lagoons, caves, giant sand-dunes, silver beaches, intriguing history stretching back millennia, rare endemic species, friendly people – and all crammed into an island not much bigger than Cornwall. My co-author Janice and I returned home utterly bewitched, and started to write. Fellow travellers told us their stories and Socotra specialists shared their knowledge, so we could reveal this 'secret island' to the wider world. No longer slim, our book was becoming a unique and useful source of information.


And then...

And then Covid-19 struck, with lockdown imposed less than a month after our return home. We continued writing anyway, kidding ourselves that a travel publisher deprived of its normal income would have no qualms about producing a gorgeous, costly, full-colour guide to a place no one has heard of. But, no way. Publication must wait until 2021, or it would have to be a cut-cost version.

T1595782702_socotra_localisation_map.pnghe urgency increases

On top of the world pandemic, in June Socotra's political position suddenly worsened. Its location makes it strategically valuable, and the powers that covet it are closing in. The wider background is complicated but, in a nutshell, this instability threatens Socotra's natural and cultural heritage, its unique wildlife and its UNESCO status. So much could be lost, for ever. THIS IS WHERE WE – AND YOU – CAN HELP. Our guide can make the island more internationally visible, so that damaging political changes can't slip in unnoticed. It will attract more foreign tourists to the island, who in turn can reinforce public opinion. And increased tourism will mean – it always does – that the natural world which the tourists come to see will receive greater protection. All of this is urgent.

Take us to the next stage! 

Our full-colour, information-packed guide to Socotra is sitting, completed, in our computers now. If we can raise the funds, it can be published by November, not just for travellers and dreamers but also to educate those in power, whose political wrangling risks crushing the heart out of this uniquely precious little island. Please join us in saving Socotra for tomorrow's travellers to enjoy.


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