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by Positive Bunch in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 20th October 2020 we successfully raised £450 with 15 supporters in 28 days

We’re creating a Community to connect people, find friends & focus on the positive! Turn the tide against loneliness; be #PartOfThePositive

by Positive Bunch in London, England, United Kingdom

Social isolation and loneliness is on the increase and COVID-19 has not been kind to any of us…


The way we connect, find friends and form communities that help build a sense of belonging has changed.

Add to this the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office for National Statistics reported that the chronically lonely and lockdown lonely are struggling to find things to help cope with lockdown. 


And let’s not forget about the 1.4m chronically lonely older people (Age UK) in England who were already suffering before this pandemic hit.

Society has changed and we have to tackle this issue as a Community and Positive Bunch (that’s us) are actively taking this issue head-on because NO ONE should have to suffer from loneliness.

So what's our plan? 


Not only are we trying to find new ways to help people connect and find friends in our fast-paced, online world - but we’re also coming up with ideas on how we can all come together as a community to create impactful social-good change!

Our Project will:

  • CREATE a Positive Online Community network where you can connect with like-minded people and find friends with common interests, passions and goals.
  • DESIGN fun and interactive Programs for socially isolated individuals that helps engage them with the online world.
  • SPOTLIGHT the local-heroes, independent projects, causes and initiatives - on our FREE platform - that are producing amazing, social-good change for their community.

We're here to connect the many!


You know that one little fish swimming in the ocean that’s trying to make waves but needs help forging through the water? Well, we’re that little fish. We want to make a positive wave. 

Like us, there are many others out there trying to make waves; trying to create change. So, we figured if others have the same goal as ours then why not join forces with us? Imagine the impact we would make if thousands of like-minded individuals ‘swam’ with us. 

Positive Bunch exists to connect the many, so by joining forces and connecting together - as a Community - we can make a very large and tangible wave that produces a powerful force of change!

Who is this Community for?


This Community is for ANYONE who - like us - wants a more positive, simple and engaging online environment; a place where you can really connect with other people while making a difference in this world together.

So, our Community would be perfect for you, me, your grandparents, parents, relatives, your next-door neighbour, the neighbours over the road, or that jogger you see at 9 am every Sunday -  the point is: our Community is for everyone and anyone!

Especially if you’re someone who:

  • Enjoys sharing the positive things in life.
  • Is finding it hard to connect and meet people with similar interests.
  • Loves to support everyday-local heroes, projects, causes and initiatives.
  • Wants to help make a difference in this world (no matter how big or small).

Our Community is absolutely perfect for you!

About the Funds


Your Funds will directly support Social-Good!


Over half of the funds raised during this Campaign through the Rewards will directly go to (and benefit) our selected social-good projects!

We are all about giving back and paying things forward, and since we are a not-for-profit organisation a majority of the funding that we receive will be given to local projects, communities and causes that need supporting!

Funds will go to:


  • Developing and launching our FREE Community Platform.
  • Nominated Charities and Organisations as detailed in the Rewards.
  • Providing a platform for local-community Causes* to increase awareness and access potential financial support. 

About our Community Platform

Our Community Platform is going to be simple, straight-forward and easy-to-use (because that’s how we like to do things around here)!

But bear with us as we are still in the process of developing our Community Platform, but this should give you an idea on the things you can do on our platform:


To ensure that we can provide a FREE platform for everyone to access - we would need £3,000 to run our platform, totally free for the next 12 months

We believe providing a free Community Platform will be extremely beneficial for those who want a simple & easy-to-use way they can safely make new friends and chat with others!

Not only will your funding help run our Community Platform but your funds will also be supporting social-good causes and all of our other plans for the future!

Funds will also contribute to:


  • DEVELOPING Programs and find new ways to help people connect and help turn the tide against social isolation and loneliness.
  • CREATING Services that reach out to people who may be struggling or are in need of a friend due to life-changes such as isolation, mental-health, changed-life circumstances in the sunset years.
  • PROVIDING Employment opportunities for the Community.

Over 30% of the Campaign funds will be allocated to our Social-Good-Causes Fund that will help smaller projects!

About the Rewards

We exist to support others! You can see this from the Rewards that we have created for this Campaign (because this is what Positive Bunch is all about)!

We have selected some amazing UK based organisations that are doing life-changing work and could do with a helping hand, particularly during these COVID challenging times.


Causes that we are supporting through this Campaign:


Last Chance Animal Rescue


Koala Hospital

National Animal Welfare Trust

Friends of the Elderly 

Trees for Cities

Open Bionics

But wait, there’s more!


We’re including a Positive Bunch Gift Card in some of our rewards which you can redeem at our Online Gift Shop - where you can find good quality, inspiring and social-good products that will definitely brighten someone’s day!  


It gets even better because:

All sales revenue supports the Positive Bunch Community and Social-Good Causes. #ShopHappy #FreeShipping

We are #TeamPositive


Positive Bunch is a registered UK social-enterprise, not-for-profit organisation with an amazing and talented group of volunteers who are hell-bent on building a Community for positive and socially-minded members!

Our skillset ranges from senior business heads, digital creatives through to social-entrepreneurs who are driven by their passion to make a difference!


Together we can do this! 

Be #PartOfThePositive! 


THANK YOU for making it down this far!


Your support means the world to us, even if it is just spreading the word about our project - every little bit helps.

We hope you can join us on our journey for a Positive and Brighter future where we can all support one another! 

So, if you or anyone you know are in need of a Community like ours - then we welcome you with open arms and we’re honestly honoured to have you here!


Spread The Word! #SharePositive


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Part of Positive ECO Tote Bag!

Get rid of the plastic and pack your goodies in this spacious organic cotton tote bag. Fill it up with —there’s room for everything! Plus included is a £10.00 Card to Shop Online at the Positive Bunch Gift Store, where all revenue goes back to support Social-Good! #ShopPositive

£5 or more

Positive Bunch Wall of Fame!

Yes - you are our Angel!! Everyone who supports Positive Bunch will have their Photo added to our "Wall of Fame" Supporters Group on the Community with a special Star to show a Founding Angel Supporter #SupportPositive #TogetherForGood

£12 or more

A Tree for Life!

Hug the Forest and the Trees! Tree dedications help maintain and support Woodlands and offset up to 1/2 a tonne of carbon dioxide throughout the life of a tree. eCertificate and online Location Map reference to locate your very own Tree! Tree Dedication is with eForests UK. #GreenMatters

£15 or more

Box of Positive Mindfulness!

We have selected this Reward from, who have a great initiative; a Box of Mindfulness. A selection of items from their collection that focus on mindfulness, creativity and relaxation. #MindMatters

£30 or more

Shop Happy!

Gift Card for £35.00 on the Positive Bunch Online Gift Shop, where you can find quality, inspiring and social-good products that will definitely brighten someones day! All revenue goes to supporting the Positive Bunch Community and Social-Good Causes. #ShopPositiveShopHappy

£45 or more

Paying it Forward - Last Chance Rescue UK!

You are a Positive Buncher already and love #PayingItForward! Positive Bunch will donate £25.00 to Last Chance Rescue UK (UK Charity that rescues and rehomes distressed animals) and send you a £20.00 Positive Bunch Gift Card to #ShopPositive and #SharePositive

£52 or more

A Bunch of Goodness!

Goodies include: Tree Dedication Registration, Positive Bunch Eco Tote Bag and online eStore Gift Card for £30.00 to find some more positive goodies!

£59 or more

Positively Shine! Named Star Registration!

A Star will be Named after you through the official Star Registry! Registration includes official eCertificate (PDF file), Star Map, Fact Sheet and Photo Book. Brightly shining for all to enjoy!

£89 or more

Livability #InItTogether

Positive Bunch will donate £50 to Livability UK, a Charity that assists people living with disabilities. This helps buy an Amazon Alexa, enabling residents to virtually connect to their family and friends. Plus you will also receive a Positive Bunch Online Shop Gift Card for £50.00!

£99 or more

Adopt a pair of Aussies!

It's the furry ones that need our help after the devastating bushfires! This Reward adopts two Koala's for a year through an Australian registered Charity Koala Hospital. You will receive an 'eAdopt’ adoption certificate by email for two wild koala's, a photo, the name of the koala's and date of adoption. Plus Positive Bunch will donate £35.00 to Trees for Cities, a UK social enterprise dedicated to greening UK urban cities. #greenlife

£125 or more

Food for little Paws!

Food, warmth and care for a little furry one! This Reward is for a £60 donation to Sponsor an animal with National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT UK) to feed an animal in rescue for a whole year. You will receive an eCertificate that confirms your Sponsorship. Also a Positive Bunch eStore Gift Card for £50.00 to Shop and send a gift that makes someone Smile or a little something to help brighten your day! #ShopPositive

£150 or more

Sharing Positive!

Positive Bunch will donate £100 to Friends of the Elderly, a UK Charity that does amazing work for our treasured Seniors Communities. Plus includes a £50 Positive Bunch online Shop Gift Voucher for you to do some happy shopping! #ShopHappy

£250 or more

The All-In!

This Reward includes: Named Star Registration, Tree Dedication Registration, Box of Mindfulness, Positive Bunch Eco Tote Bag and £50.00 eStore Gift Card, Donation to Last Chance Rescue UK and Urban Trees UK.

£500 or more

Give A Hand & Change A Life!

This Reward provides a Child with a Hero Arm from Open Bionics UK; a Bristol based Company that is providing smart, 3D printed Arms for those who may be without a limb due to different life circumstances. We love to supporting this life changing work! Plus we also include a £100.00 Gift Card to Shop Online at the Positive Bunch Gift Store, where all revenue goes back to support Social-Good! #ShopPositive

£1,000 or more

One With The Lot Please!

This is the one that has everything! Love our Project and also want to help all our Reward recipients. All Rewards are included, plus you will receive £100 Positive Bunch online Gift Card, so you Shop Happy! - Tree Dedication & Urban Trees Donation - Eco Tote Bag - Last Chance Rescue Donation - Livability Donation & Mindfulness Box - Named Star Registration - NAWT Food for a Year, Rescue Animal - Open Bionics UK Hero Arm

£2,500 or more

For Positive Partners

Join the Cause for driving Positive-Social-Change! Our Partners will benefit from having their Profile, purpose, social-good standing and contributions highlighted by working with Positive Bunch. We will be able to showcase your profile and the impact you have on local communities through articles on our Positivity Spotlight News Blog and Social Media Channels~ become a Rewards Partner for our Supporters! #GoodBusiness #BrandsForGood #CSR

£10 or more

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PartOfThePositive Notebook

The first 50 early-bird Supporters of our Project will receive a Positive Bunch Team Notebook #PartOfThePositive as a special thank you from us!

Got an idea like this?

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