So Sweet Couture Chocolate - Help Us Grow

So Sweet Couture Chocolate - Help Us Grow

Help So Sweet Couture Chocolate build their Dairy Free , Vegan, Gluten Free Chocolate Factory! #sosweetcouturechocolate

We did it!

On 11th May 2018 we successfully raised £320 with 13 supporters in 35 days

Who We Are

We are So Sweet Couture Chocolate.

All of our chocolate is handcrafted on our family farm in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. We use only the finest organic & fairtrade ingredients, natural oils and flavours. 

So delicious you would'nt know all our chocolate is Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan Certified.

Our Dairy Free alternative to Milk Chocolate is 47% cocoa, low in sugar and has a 'creamy milky smooth texture' and tastes as good as it looks, see what some of our customers have to say...

'I had the milk chocolate Honeycomb bar & the milk chocolate Raspberry bar - both absolutly delicious - will definitely be ordering more!'

Free From Heaven Magazine said 'you don't need to look any further than So Sweet Couture to fufil all of you milk & white chocolate needs' 

Where We Are Now

We want to ditch the bankers and take a new approach to completing our chocolate factory & with your help we believe we can make this happen.

We believe in the power of people! We have boot strapped (scrimpted and saved) our way so far but now we need your help in finishing our chocolate barn and creating our new on site shop so we can continue to make our delicious chocolate bars and exquisite gifts that are Dairy Free, Vegan and Gluten Free.

Workmen Wanted!

Help Us Build Our Chocolate Factory without having to Lift A Finger...

  • We need New Doors - (our old ones leak)
  • Stainless Steel Tables
  • New Commercial Equipment - (we even need the kitchen sink)
  • New Materials to furnish our on site shop
  • New Packaging and Chocolate Moulds

So we have created an exclusive chocolate tool kit that won't require any effort on your part,

you won't even have to pick up a paint brush!! (p.s actual tools not included, as we need these!)

All our raw chocolate is ethically sourced - Organic and Fairtrade. 


Where We Want To Be

We want to distribute our chocolate products to a wider audience around the U.K by growing our sales and retail stockists so that So Sweet Couture chocolate is much more readily available across Great Britain (and the rest of the world eventually!).

This will enable us to offer employment in our rural area, focusing on offering work and experience opportunities to young people.

We firmly believe in equal opportunities and that the people making our chocolate will be at the heart of our business.


To find out more about us and see all the wonderful chocolate we produce please follow our social media and check out our website for more information about our company.

Email; Chloe -

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram - @sosweetcouture



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