Smart Parcel Box

by LASZLO GERGELY in Witney, England, United Kingdom

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My aim is to succesfully create a product which makes peoples lives easier, to help the community to feel safer ordering online.

by LASZLO GERGELY in Witney, England, United Kingdom

In uncertain times, like this, especially now that the COVID19 is limiting contact between people and Social distancing is everywhere, it's hard to do everyday groceries, buy food, water, pet food or a simple battery for your remote. The general solution is ORDERING ONLINE. This can reduce the danger of getting out of the house and risking to be infected.

although, meeting the courier face to face can represent a risk, known the fact that he allready got in touch with several other people, so here is the solution, the ParcelBox!

A solid metal case, wich is lockable, can be fitted to any wall or ground tile, the parcel once delivered by the courier, can ony b accessed by the owner, with the 2 keys provided, which make the Parcellbox perfectly safe.

    Ever missed a delivery?

    We all know how frustrating can be when or parcel is delivered to the neighbours, or in worst case we only get a note wich sais SORRY,WE MISSED YOU! Often can happen that the delivery company send message that your parcel will be delivered in a few hours, but you need to leave. Well this can be your last time when you have to wait for the courier!


 Together we can make it! I had this idea for a long time and I never had the chance to try it, because of insufficient funds. After I read about CROWDFUNDING I knew that this is my only chance to realise my dream, so all my hopes are in this project.

Thank you all!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

20%/30%/50% discount when purchasing the ParcelBox

Every donation over £20 will be rewarded with 20%/30% or even 50% discount when purchasing the ParcelBox!

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