Sheffield Tree Protectors' Court Costs

by Chris Rust in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Sheffield Tree Protectors' Court Costs

Our original Tree Protectors' Court Costs crowdfunder has ended but we are now accepting ongoing donations of support.

by Chris Rust in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

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New stretch target

£2,000 is a good start and we wanted to start with something achievable, but the defendants will need more than that to meet their costs so we will keep increasing the target as we meet it.

We've reached £3,000 with two weeks to go so the target is going up to £4,000. Thanks everyone for your generosity

During our original crowdfunding campaign, we successfully raised £3,645 (after costs) thanks to 81 wonderful supporters. We are now continuing to accept donations to help with court costs imposed on defendants prosecuted recently for breaching the Sheffield City Council Injunction against Street Tree Protectors and this crowdfunder appeal will remain open until the remaining defendants costs have been paid, Currently (2 Sep 2018) over £20,000 has been raised through this and other appeals and fundraising work, to pay off the greater part of the costs, approx £8,300 remains to be paid. See below for the original appeal.

STAG, Sheffield Tree Action Groups represents local action groups across the city seeking to protect healthy street trees from unnecessary felling.

The STAG Legal Fund exists to support legal actions by campaign supporters and to help with legal costs for campaign supporters who are prosecuted or subject to other legal actions.

This current appeal is to help pay the punitive costs of £29,500 imposed on three defendants, Fran Grace, Simon Crump and Benoit Compin, prosecuted by Sheffield City Council recently for breaching their injunction against street tree protectors. The case was bought despite the recent pause in fellings and claims that SCC are seeking a 'compromise' with tree campaigners.

The legal fund is administered by Chris Rust & Rebecca Hammond, members of STAG Steering Group, who will consult with the STAG Steering Group about any expenditure.

The funds are held by the Nether Edge Tree Fund, a separate organisation set up to manage a bank account and hold funds on behalf of Tree Campaign Groups and ensure that funds are spent according to their aims.

Any surplus funds not needed for legal costs will be used for tree planting, preferably for planting street trees in Sheffield.

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