Sheffield Street Trees Legal Fund 2018

by Chris Rust in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Sheffield Street Trees Legal Fund 2018
We did it
On 26th January 2018 we successfully raised £3,941 with 116 supporters in 14 days

Legal funds for the Sheffield Street Tree campaign, including defending campaigners in court

by Chris Rust in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We reached our initial target of £2000 in the first week so we hope to achieve more. Thanks to everyone who has donated, especially Gandalf (The indefatigable Peter Giles)  for his amazing 24 hour bike ride along the classic avenue on Rivelin Valley Rd. Gandalf's efforts added around £2000 in a couple of days so we've bumped it up again.

We hit the initial £2,000 target very quickly so we are extending it with a stretch target.

We are appealing for legal funds to support the brave people who are campaigning to save healthy street trees in Sheffield, England. This campaign has been running for more than two years and we have faced many legal challenges with kind support from donors but it's still going on.

This week a campaigner was arrested and charged with obstructing the highway, there have been numerous instances of very aggressivec and sometimes violent actions by the people who are trying to chop down trees.

There's no reasonable explanation for all this, the contractor, Amey, is paying huge amounts to chop these trees, way more than is economical, and it appears to be a battle between them and the City Council about who pays compensation to bankers for failure to complete the highway repair contract. The trees and their supporters are just caught between them and being crushed.

The fund will be administered by Chris Rust, as Treasurer of Sheffield Tree Action Groups. Banking and accounting services to look after the fund will be provided by the Nether Edge Tree Fund who also look after our current legal funds. The Nether Edge Tree Fund is a legally constituted group separate from other campaign groups in the city, set up to manage moneys collected to help protect and develop our street trees across the city.

All money contributed will be used to meet legal costs and/or court charges incurred by Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) or individuals who are opposing the tree fellings, if they are not eligible for legal aid. Decisions on how to spend the money will be made by the administrators who will seek advice from the STAG steering group. Any money left when there is no further forseeable need for legal funding will be donated to a tree planting project, preferably for street trees in Sheffield.

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