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To raise £5000 so we can continue to to promote job sharing and flexibility for freelancers to allow them to keep hold of their careers

by Share My Telly Job in London, England, United Kingdom

Share My Telly Job was set up to open up the conversation about the difficulties freelancers face when it comes to managing their home life  and caring commitments alongside the demands of a stressful full-time TV contract. We wanted people to be able to speak honestly and freely about how difficult things can be when it comes to maintaining a work life balance, in the hope that employers would recognise the reasons why so much of the talent leaves the industry when their lives change. 


We provide a practical solution for freelancers looking to work part-time and more flexibly through job sharing - and we shout about it - loudly! In an industry that has very few part-time opportunities due to it's fast turnaround nature, allowing freelancers to share these full on contracts not only allows them to create an acceptable work-life balance, but it also gives the industry a way to hang on to all of its finest talent too. 

Thousands of women (and some men - although there's no getting away from the fact  that women are the ones whose careers are impacted most often) leave the industry when the pressure of life, family and caring commitments mean that they cannot continue to do the job they love full-time. 

Raising Films run a similar campaign which addresses the caring needs of those people working in the film industry. Their report, Making It Possible, stated that 79% of people said caring had a negative impact on their career in the UK film and television industry. 14% of women working in the TV industry are parents compared to 75% across the UK in other industries. Between 2006 - 2009 almost 5000 women left the industry compared to 750 men. These were the statistics that really kicked everything off for SMTJ! - It's just NOT OK that we are loosing all these talented and experienced people due to a lack of work place flexibility!! 

Over the past 3.5 years we've worked hard to establish Share My Telly Job as a community space, promoting and encouraging conversations around the need for greater flexibility for freelancers in the TV and Film Industry so we don't have to carry on waving goodbye to our most talented people - simply because the hours don't work for them anymore.  

We have hosted events, made short films and networked our way right across the industry. Until now however, this has all been entirely self-funded - pulled together largely by begging and borrowing favours!... but now we need your help to step things up a gear! 


Flexible work isn’t just a ‘Mum’ issue - although parents (and women especially) are often the ones most acutely affected.  Flexible work is needed for many of us and for all sorts of reasons. These might include responsibilities to care for an ageing parent or relative, a freelancers own physical or mental health issues, disabilities - or even just a desire for a happier work-life balance. 

With 95% of contracts being offered full-time, the TV & Film Industries simply do not have the flexible working structures in place to allow people with other life commitments to progress in their careers or return from a career break.  Although some schemes exist for permanent staff,  there is very little on offer  for the very many freelancers. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way.  It is possible for busy and demanding full-time roles to be managed in a way that allows them to be seamlessly shared.  In an industry where there are no part-time jobs, we believe that job-sharing is a practical solution to retaining talent.  

For employers, there often still exists a misplaced fear surrounding flexible work. But by not embracing job sharing, production companies are missing out on an easy way to retain the most experienced and talented freelancers. Our personal experience of job-sharing and those of the many case studies we have compiled, prove that these fears can be overcome and that job-sharing can become a creative force which brings with it huge benefits to a production. 

We're passionate about the work we've done so far and committed to continuing it - but to do all we hope to, we really need your help! 


£2000 - Will go towards a brand new website. We'll still run the meeting service where freelancers can get in contact with each other through the site but in addition to this we'll have podcasts, forums and a new JOBS BOARD which will be a feed via The Talent Manager showing all jobs/companies who will consider a more flexible approach to the way they employ freelancers. We'll also use some of this budget to help with hosting/security costs.

£1000 - Will pay for training courses for SMTJ volunteers. We're in the process of collaborating with broadcasters and production companies and hoping to roll out fully accredited training programmes for both employers and freelancers.  Your donation will help make this happen.

£1500 - Will pay for our next event - our intention is to broadcast all of our future events live so no-one needs to miss out - we know how hard it is to get out of the house when you've got kids/childcare to tend to!

£500 - Will pay for equipment which helps us set up our podcast channel. We've got some great names lined up to come and chat to us about their ups and downs of freelancing life. this cash will go in to the production of the podcasts some expense to cover getting talent to and from our podcast pod and for some assistance with producing these! We feel that money is better spent on podcasts - much better value for money when compared with the costs of filming and editing!


We are now a registered CIC - a Community Interest Company - which means any money raised must always be put back in to the company and be used for the good of the community we serve. We feel strongly that our community should not have to pay to find flexible work or to have access to information that helps them continue in their careers - we want everyone to have this information at their fingertips and donations, however small, from freelancers, production companies and broadcasters will allow us to be a hub of help, support and HR information.


 A couple of pounds from just a fraction of people in our online community would go so far and help us become a hub for flexible telly jobs - for EVERYONE. We work everyday (Louise, Michelle & Nat) on SMTJ - we're establishing solid industry relationships with broadcasters, bodies and productions companies. We're meeting with industry leaders from commercials, drama, post & VFX to talk and advise on how they can encourage more flexibility in their productions and most importantly - retain their exceptional talent. We're connecting with lots people from outside the industry who wish to champion our cause - we're setting up an advisory board and we're constantly gathering new informations and finding new ways for freelancers to not only to stay in their careers but also continue to progress in it.

Every penny will help, so please dig deep and help us catapult our campaign. Donations are anonymous but do feel free to leave a comment!

Thank-You for all of your support so far - without you we'd be nowhere

Share My Telly Job x


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£5 or more

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£150 or more

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