Seeing the meadow/Gweld y ddôl

by Emma E-J in 

Seeing the meadow/Gweld y ddôl
We did it
On 17th September 2018 we successfully raised £1,000 with 19 supporters in 28 days

Seeing the meadow will nurture a patch of grazing land (Cae'r Ddôl) so that it will blossom into a native wildflower meadow.

by Emma E-J in

New stretch target

We would love to run more events for local people; sharing love for and knowledge about the wildlife of Cae'r Ddôl.  From bats, pollinators, medicinal plants, ecology, photography, botanical drawing........there is a lot to talk about!

After many years of grazing, what was once just a field is beginning to show signs of the diverse and beautiful wildflower meadow it could become.  A growing group of local people want to take action so that the flowers can flourish and work their magic on visitors and local people.  We want Cae'r Ddôl to become a place where people can learn, contemplate and relax surrounded by wildflowers.

Cae'r Ddôl is situated in a dramatic lakeside landscape, popular with tourists and local dog walkers.  Many people are 'plant blind' unaware of the wonder of the flowers beneath their feet.  Through careful management and interpretation, we want to gently encourage them to 'see' the meadow for the ecological wonder it is becoming.

Through the money raised we will be able to cut the meadow twice a year to help the more delicate flowers compete with the greedy grasses.  We will also be able to put in some crossing points to help people to walk along the main path without getting muddy feet, thus preventing the spreading muddy patches.  We are not into big infrastructure and visitor centres - we simply want to give the flowers a chance to speak for themselves!

Last year we worked with local children to grow a meadow in and on a phone box on Llanberis High Street, it certainly helped to get people seeing and talking about meadows!

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