Seed funding: art project celebrating trans bodies

by Mister.Samo in Southsea, England, United Kingdom

Seed funding: art project celebrating trans bodies


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Trans bodies are beautiful. This project will generate funding to enable a unique and positive exploration of the trans community.

by Mister.Samo in Southsea, England, United Kingdom

1592941993_t-shirt.jpgI run a studio and gallery in Portsmouth which has, of course, closed it’s doors in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m a trans rights activist and professional artist and all too aware of the potential plight of my community during this time. Ordered to Shelter in Place within potentially unsafe environments & the trauma of being isolated away from support networks, my community needs a voice and I’m speaking up.

I intend to deliver a unique world class, global arts project, celebrating trans bodies, making visible the often vilified or misunderstood. This is a huge responsibility. I didn’t necessarily choose to become an activist, but society demanded I become one.

I began my transition almost 4 years ago and channelled my experience into creating artworks as a form of non-verbal communication: Emotive and powerful documentation of my own changing body and mental health. As a queer artist, my focus is on interpreting the human condition and expressing perspective to connect in a powerfully revealing manner. My message is clear and consistent: Embrace your true self, create positive awareness and feed the cycle of gratitude and giving back, to ultimately strengthen and build the networks of community.

As a proud visible activist I’ve worked on a Vice documentary to campaign for the laws to be changed around the Gender Recognition Act and liaise regularly with Local government representatives to drive policy change in favour of LGBTQ equality. I founded the Portsmouth Safe Space movement to drive trans awareness, education and a united community.

I’ve sacrificed my own privacy, and often safety, by publicly documenting my transition through social media and regularly interviewing in key publications across various platforms including radio and TV. My dedicated mission of visibility and education is key in uniting society across the globe and engendering allies to align the social consciousness for acceptance and equality.

As a key figure in the street art and paint jam scene, I had the honour of being a sponsored artist at World Pride in New York. My future is dedicated to spreading the gospel of acceptance through powerful visual communication and acts of love and kindness.

I've put together an amazing team who have worked with some of the biggest names in art (Martin Parr, Luke Jerram, Banksy) who will unite to realise this essential project. 

The money raised by this crowdfunder will pay the upfront costs of project, team and promotion. We’re looking at £20k for full delivery and it is essential that this project has the prestige and tone for broad appeal, not limited to the trans community.

The project will be delivered in spring 2021, please follow Samo.arts on instagram to keep up to date with the project progress.



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