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by WE RESTART in London, England, United Kingdom


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Pledge £50 to secure an original artwork and help us improve Young People Well-being!

by WE RESTART in London, England, United Kingdom

Join our Secret Art crowdfunding campaign and help us improve Young People Well-being through our Theatre Program.

We have asked international women artists to donate an original artwork and they have been so generous! From Australia to Oman, Pakistan, Canada, Europe to the United Kingdom, all these incredible women believe in WE RESTART.

Now, YOU have the unique opportunity to be rewarded and secure an artwork worth £ 500 - 1000, with a donation of just £50

WHAAAAAT????? Indeed! and there's more! Have a look at all rewards: original artworks, limited edition prints, theatre tickets. It's all about ART! We are going the extra mile as we are committed to help our Community recover from the past year.  

WE RESTART is strongly based on the principle that art is one of the fundamental tools for personal and social recovery in times of crisis. For this reason, WE RESTART has identified as its mission the production and support of international artistic projects (including visual art, performing and video art, video and editorial projects) which focus on themes of recommencement, or where art functions as an act or tool for resilience, healing, resistance or reconstruction of identity.


Photo Credits: Batool Showghi "Displaced Family" 

The founding principles of WE RESTART have been included in a Manifesto that the public is invited to sign.

The core value of the Manifesto is the identification of women and the realm of femininity, in all its facets, as an example and symbol of resilience, resistance and driving force in times of crisis and recovery processes. Now more than ever, women can be a beacon for new beginnings.

Other values and principles guiding WE RESTART's art projects are the importance of experiencing art in person, recognising art as a democratic agency capable of conveying emotions to anyone regardless of cultural or social background, the power of storytelling and the ability of art to build bridges between cultures and between the “self” and the “other”.


Photo Credits: Graphite "The Salvation of the Awakening"

SECRET ART crowdfunding campaign involves women artists from all over the world who have donated an artwork to raise funds for WE RESTART's future international projects. Donors can secure an original work without choosing it, they discover the “secret artwork” only when delivered.

How can I help?

Any donation, no matter how small, will help us produce more artistic projects for the benefit of the community and in particular for all those people who have been hit by the pandemic. Among upcoming project, is the Theatre Program – improving young people well-being, that will be launched in September. 

WE RESTART will partner with Vanara, the new musical that will make its world premiere on 22 October 2021 at the Hackney Empire Theatre in London. This synergy between WE RESTART and one of the most eagerly awaited shows, will be aimed at involving young people and teens whose paths are made arduous by situations of psychological distress, due to the delicate moments of transition in their lives and/or to the trauma inflicted by the pandemic.

In line with its mission, WE RESTART will create a bridge between the performing arts and these young people, who will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists, but also with the creative team whose work makes the performance possible. Young participants will be able to experience how art can be, and has been for many people, a tool for healing and a precious resource for recovery and restart.

To read more about Vanara, click here.


Please also help spread the word and encourage others to donate. We would love to see a selfie of you and the artwork – and don't forget to tag us @werestart on Instagram! #werestart

How will we use the funds raised?

This money will directly support the production of our future projects across the country and internationally. By donating even a small amount you will help us build stronger communities and include audiences that do not habitually engage with art.

We need your support. By enabling WE RESTART to reach our £ 5,000 crowdfunding target, we can kick start our mission. If we exceed this target we can make a deeper impact!

Thank you for considering your donation to the WE RESTART’s SECRET ART campaign.


Photo Credits: Tracy Falcon "Alone we are strong. Together new possibilities emerge"

A note about SECRET ART 

All artworks are listed on our website and you can browse it here

Rewards are divided into different categories: 

Secret Art means that upon a donation of £50 or more, you will secure an original artwork of the size of an A4, but you will not be able to choose it, you will discover it upon delivery.. that's why it's a secret!

Limited Edition Prints means that upon a donation, you can choose and secure 1 print of the size of A4 or A3 or A2 among a curated selection from the Secret Art series. 

Read the FAQs here


Photo Credtis: Medina Kasimova "New York Central Park"

A glimpse to our Secret Art 

To browse all available artworks and limited edition prints, click here.


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