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by Zed Phoenix in Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom


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We are creating an independent search engine, without relying on existing big tech!

by Zed Phoenix in Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom

I have, over the years created several internet platforms, from the first online film school, to watching movies online to more recently building a sophisticated direct democracy voting platform.

The internet was a free domain when it stated, where if you had an idea for a website you could put your ideas online for the internet community to find and enjoy. It was a wonderful time of alternative view's and opinions where it really felt that we were communicating across the world with each other.

Now years later, unfortunately the internet is now being controlled by a small group of companies which we call Big Tech. They are shrinking the internet down in order to make it easier to control the masses through their online experience.

The recent Facebook shut down showed just how many websites are no longer online due to the fact that people moved their businesses over to the Facebook platform. Of course if Facebook shuts down, so does your business. So now it is so important to come off Big Tech platforms and be independent with your own website. 

So how do you limit the internet?

The way Big Tech do this is through search engines, the gateway to the internet. They limit your view by only bring you back a limited search result. They support their friends and other corporations in "their club" and censor any alternative views and opinions or simply don't link to those sites which they deem to be alternative. 

What's shocking is that as a journalist, I discovered that there are no independent search engines, which means there is no gateway to the internet that isn't being controlled by Big Tech. When did this happen? 

All search engines, use either Google, Microsoft or Amazon's search data. So whilst you think you are on an independent search engine, you are in fact still on big tech and those websites earn money by directing you through to paid advertisements as affiliates. 

The  solution is simple, using our "off -shore" development team based in India, we will create our own tools for accessing the internet and it all begins with the humble search engine. 

Creating a search engine is easy, the difficulty is getting everyone to register with the new search engine in order to build the search index. That's why we have come up with a unique way of attracting users and customers to use our search engine. (more details to follow at a later date) For the first few years we will be simply building the index and encouraging and inspiring people to register and use the search. 

Our search engine will be an honest search, it won't favor corporations over small businesses and it will grow slowly over time. Our aim is to get 30+million registered businesses within the next five years.

The search will be based on your keywords, your location and your intent, giving you an unbiased search result. Our search engine will be looking at all of the internet to bring customers high quality meaningful results and not just a small section which is what Big Tech our doing, limiting your view point without anyone really noticing.

Our search engine won't censor opinion in anyway, our search engine won't conduct surveillance and secretly collect data in the back ground and most of all your searches will be completely private as privacy is now a massive issue in the world today, especially online. Our servers will be encrypted to give you an extra layer of security.  

I am not against big tech in anyway, I just believe in freedom of choice, having an alternative gateway to the internet helps to make us a heathier society where everyone has a fundamental right to be found online. 

Once we have raised the money our development team will create the search engine in about 8 weeks and then we will be live! 

So we need as many people as possible sharing and talking about our new search engine, we need volunteers to work for the search engine helping with the administration helping to build our search index. We are also planning on moving to our own encrypted servers so that the data is completely secure.

We have recently seen how Big Tech censor opinion as Parlor (a social media platform) was de-platformed from using Amazon Web Services, effectively ending their business. So having our own servers is really the key to creating a new independent search engine.

So if you believe in a censorship free internet and the absolute right to privacy online, then please support this project. After all big things start small...


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