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Following the success of our Seal of Approval crowdfunder, we are now accepting ongoing donations of support.

by Laura Precious (Jones) in Whitstable, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

What is better than a Seal of Approval?  TWO Seals of Approval.  I'd love to get costumes made to further spread kindness and niceness, and to make sure that our first seal doesn't get lonely.

During our original crowdfunding campaign, we successfully raised £3,705 thanks to 106 wonderful supporters. We are now continuing to accept donations to keep spreading kindness and make people feel better about themselves (via a large cuddly seal). Find out more about our original plans below.

Welcome to my crowdfunding page - thank you for being here.  Let's get stuck straight in, shall we...

What's the idea?  I would like to design and create a large, cuddly seal whose purpose is to spread joy, promote kindness and make people feel better about life.  I want to make a Seal of Approval.  

Once created, the Seal of Approval will be available for public and private hire.  Schools, festivals, events, parties - the Seal of Approval will get out and about, meeting and greeting people, to give out cuddles, high fives, 'Approved' stickers and kind words.  Personally, I've never been cuddled by a sea mammal, but I'm imagining that it would be pretty special.  

This photo of me and a seal was taken when I flew to Canada for seal research purposes.       (Actually I was in Toronto on holiday, took my children to a museum and just happened to see a seal.  But research all the same. ) 

Why? Why? Why??  Aside from it being an excellent pun (which counts for a lot in this life, if you ask me), a Seal of Approval will represent silliness, kindness and joy.  You just need to have a little look at the news headlines to see that those qualities can often get lost and I believe that the world would be a slightly better place if they were all cranked up - for individuals, for communities and for society.  A Seal of Approval will be there to do just that.  It is a ridiculous idea with a very important mission - to make people feel good, happy and accepted.  All people.  A Seal of Approval will be for all ages, for people from all backgrounds, at all different stages of life.  Who doesn't feel a little bit better once they've had a cuddle?  And been given a sticker.  Especially when it's done by a whacking great, big seal.

What will this funding pay for? With your support, I'll work with a UK-based mascot costume agency to design and create a Seal of Approval. 

I am in talks with a few agencies and each of them are keen to bring this idea to life and ensure that the Seal of Approval is something pretty special.  (It is possible to get much cheaper costumes from eBay and such like, but I am reliably informed that they are poor quality, can't be washed and the person in them is likely to wilt and pass out within minutes!) 

(These are not seals but IMAGINE IF THEY WERE)

This funding will pay for:

  • Idea development and creation of a to-scale proportional 3D visual
  • Fabric samples
  • Branding and graphic design
  • Full body Seal suit - including handmade, oversized shoes (a.k.a big seal feet)
  • Storage bag and shipping
  • Creation of postcards, stickers, pin badges and t-shirts
  • Project management and travel expenses

Rewards:  It goes without saying that everybody who donates and shares will get an ENORMOUS chunk of gratitude.  There will also be actual real rewards for each donation level.  Please feel free to send me an e-mail about any of these if you want some more info:  Thank you so much.

Full disclosure: This idea forms part of a wider project of mine - One Million Maybe - as I try and make One Million Pounds by 31st July 2019.  You can read all about it here: - which also includes one of those cringey 'About me' pages, if you want to know a bit more about me.  Also this.

I've advised on a couple of crowdfunding campaigns but this is my first one.  I'm currently sat in a field with two children climbing on my head and there's no doubt that I've forgotten to tell you something!  Feel free to get in touch with any questions or for clarification on anything.  

Huge, massive FOREVER THANKS to everyone who supports this in any way.  You're great.

You get one enormous Seal of Approval x 

Let's make 'Seal of Approval' happen

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