Save Us! Scientists Warning into Action for COP26

by ED GEMMELL in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Time has run out! Help the World's Scientists clearly tell leaders and officials at COP26 what is needed to save us from Climate Catastrophe

by ED GEMMELL in London, Greater London, United Kingdom



Time is running out. Scientists know what needs to be done. We need YOUR help to make it happen to avert climate disaster.

Ahead of the crucial COP26 UN Climate summit in November, the word’s scientists have one message to humanity and it's never been more urgent: we’re running out of time!

This message needs to cut through loud and clear and we at Scientists Warning Europe have a plan.

We are organising a world record-breaking scientific paper "Scientists' Warning into Action" with the most signatories - a collective message from the world’s scientific community to the world’s leaders, setting out the urgency of the crisis and the need for immediate action - and we’re going to accompany this with a short powerful new film to spread the message far and wide.

We need your help to raise the funds needed to create and promote this new paper and film which will inspire our world leaders at COP 26 to take the bold science-led action needed to avert the crisis.

Our aim is for the "Scientists’ Warning into Action" paper to be signed by over 20,000 scientists from every country of the world, breaking all records. This will be a warning from the science community itself about the multiple perils which now face us. A universal record-breaking statement issued by the world's scientists unfettered by politics or governments will provide the ultimate framework for climate action.  


We, as the children of our World, all of us, need the world's scientists to tell it like it is. We need them to tell the world's leaders what they need to do to save us from the intensifying climate and biodiversity crisis.

Scientists Warning Europe represents these scientists and specifically many of the tens of thousands of scientists who signed the three big warnings issued in 1992, 2017 and 2019.

Another vital "Scientists’ Warning into Action" will be issued, with your help, in early November targeting the leaders, officials and countries at COP26.

This will be accompanied by a hard-hitting film from celebrated director Jonathan Clay, director of the recent David Attenborough and Johan Rockström film Breaking Boundaries

Our vision is every COP26 official seeing the short punchy "Scientists’ Warning into Action" film on their mobile phone as they travel to the venue or wait in the auditorium. These officials, having been told by world scientists how it is, will be required to vastly up their game and agree the essential high-level categories of actions needed to save our planet.

Humanity needs massive determined vital action now and the leaders attending COP26 need to take their hands off their ears, remove their blindfolds and pull their fingers out. Time has completely run out! 1628505083_earth-hour-map_alarm_clock_pixabay_9_8_21_(1).jpg

The Climate Crisis is here! It is already ravaging our planet and communities, with heatwaves, forest fires, hurricanes, storms, floods, desertification, pandemics, resultant migration, human misery and devastation of biodiversity.

The nightmare has started, but COP26 gives the World’s leaders a final opportunity to take action and avoid the worst. Our new warning paper and film will be the World's alarm clock bringing us to action.

JOIN US on this quest, join us in the fight to save the planet and preserve stability in the World, join us to demand massive decisive action at COP26.


What Will We Use Your Money For?

The first £35,000 will be used to fund the basic costs of production of the film and the marketing team needed to reach scientists in every county of the world to alert them to sign and support the "Scientists’ Warning into Action" paper and help us to beat our 20,000-signature target.

The short but powerful film will be uncompromising, leaving COP26 officials and countries in no doubt of what is expected of them. 

Additional funds raised, beyond the basic target, will be used by Scientists Warning Europe to drive further science-led action to prevent the Climate Crisis including:

  • organising for the film and paper to be translated into as many languages as possible in order to spread the information to all leaders and peoples of the World
  • creating an expanded marketing and communications programme around this vital warning and film;
  • ramping up the social media campaign; and 
  • potentially to create a "making of" film to follow the COP26 action and remind leaders of their obligation to protect us with vital action.

We Need Your Support for The Scientists

Already many top scientists have agreed to work on or contribute to the "Scientists Warning into Action" paper and film.

The co-ordinating authors who were both co-authors of the World Scientists Warning of a Climate Emergency in 2019 are Prof. Phoebe Barnard and Prof. Bill Moomaw.

Already offers of cooperation have been received from Prof. Bill Ripple, Dr. Chris Wolf, Prof. Bill Laurance, Dr Mahmoud Mahmoud (all co-authors of the 2017 and/or 2019 papers), Prof. Johan Rockström, Sir David King, Prof. Pier Vellinga, Prof. Dave Goulson, Prof. Chris Rapley OBE, Prof. Chris Rhodes, and Prof. Peter Wadhams.

Who is Scientists Warning Europe? 1628695559_sw_logo.png 

Scientists Warning Europe amplifies the voices of the scientists of the world in driving essential urgent action on the climate crisis, and specifically raises awareness of the  three major warnings to humanity in 1992, 2017 and 2019 issued and co-signed by tens of thousands of scientists.

SWE is a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers led by managing director Ed Gemmell and is a registered charity in the UK (reg. 1194090).


SWE has been active in climate education, interviewing top scientists and running several major educational and action briefing events recently including:

SWE is run by volunteers and has a board of top scientist advisers. 


Be a part of this vital record-breaking moment!

Join us on our mission, join us in the fight to save the planet and preserve stability in the World, join us to demand massive decisive action at COP26. We are running out of time.

Donate - pledge your support, select your reward and join the movement.

- Share the campaign with people who might be interested to support through your own networks off and online.

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