Scotland & the EU: Disruption, Continuity & Change

by Scottish Centre on EU Relations in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Scotland & the EU: Disruption, Continuity & Change
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To fund SCER in a major, new strategic report on, and review of, Scotland’s European interests and strategy

by Scottish Centre on EU Relations in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Major Independent, Strategic Review of Scotland’s European Interests and Strategy

This campaign is to support our new major strategic review of Scotland’s European interests and strategy.

The Scottish Centre on European Relations – Scotland’s independent EU think tank – plans a major report and series of events on the theme of Scotland and Europe: Disruption, Continuity and Change. SCER will establish a high-level Strategic Advisory Group to oversee the review.

The major report will assess Scotland’s European interests at a time of disruption, continuity and change in the EU itself. Scotland also faces damaging disruption from Brexit. And globally, there are major challenges with new, potentially dangerous divisions and divergences emerging. This programme will draw on a range of expert analysis and inputs, from a diversity of viewpoints.

We will undertake an in-depth investigation of where the EU is heading and what sort of future path it should aim for. Our challenging report and event series will then ask what Scotland’s interests and contribution could and should be to that European future.

SCER – Scotland’s EU think tank

The Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER) is Scotland’s EU think tank. Launched in March 2017, we are independent and unaligned, not-for-profit and based in Edinburgh. Our mission is to provide high-quality research and analysis on Scotland’s relations with Europe and on the big European questions of the day. We aim to promote informed debate on European issues in Scotland and to bring a Scottish perspective to the major debates in the EU.

Purpose of this campaign

We are seeking support from the community to fund a programme of work and major report on Scotland’s European interests and strategy – in whichever direction Brexit goes and however Scotland’s constitutional debate develops. This programme will debate and consult widely through public events and smaller, expert roundtables. We will produce one major report and we will also publish shorter expert analyses and blogs, inviting contributions from a range of experts and viewpoints.

Key issues and questions

We will focus on the Future of the EU and on Scotland’s European Interests in that context:

1. The Future of the EU: Major Disruptors, Changes and Challenges:
•    Solidarity and Democracy in the EU
•    EU Integration
•    Migration and Demographics
•    Inequality
•    Economic Futures
•    The EU in the World
•    Climate Change
•    Justice and Home Affairs
•    Culture and Communication

2. Scotland’s European Interests and Challenges:
•    Scotland’s EU Interests and Contribution: Given the key issues confronting the EU, what are Scotland’s particular main interests and likely main routes to contribute to European debates and political and policy development above i.e. economic, democratic, social, cultural, international?
•    Possible European Futures and Strategy for Scotland: Depending how Brexit unfolds and on Scotland’s constitutional debate, Scotland may face a European future inside or outside the EU, and within the UK or as an independent country. In these different and quite likely disruptive scenarios, what are the main challenges Scotland faces, what are its main European interests and what should its overarching European strategy be?
•    Influence: What sort of influence can Scotland as a small country have and what lessons can be learned from other small European countries?
•    European Networks:  Depending on the different scenarios, what are Scotland’s most important networks – across politics, society, and the economy (including youth, culture, civil society, education and more)?

Why this work matters

At a time of major change and challenge in Europe and globally, Brexit has added to the major uncertainties facing Scotland. Whether Brexit goes ahead or not, whether Scotland moves towards independence or not, the future of Europe is a major strategic question for Scotland. Unpicking Scotland’s main interests and potential strategies, in the face of considerable uncertainty and political challenges, needs informed and impartial analysis from a Scottish perspective. SCER has the independence and expertise to provide that vital contribution to the discussion. These are big, and often confusing, issues but they will affect every person in Scotland in some way. This programme of activities will enhance public debate, promote a new set of strategic ideas and challenge decision-makers to articulate clear and considered policies on these key issues.

More about us

We have been very active since our launch almost two years ago, publishing over 150 analysis pieces and policy papers and organising over 35 events so far (and more on the way). We have also been in the media and spoken at external events over 160 times. We ask for your support to help us continue this important work.

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