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To raise money for the treatment and relocation of an injured rescued puppy called Indie, found close to death on the streets of India.

by Rebecca Scarlet Davies in Chester, England, United Kingdom

I would love to share with you a story of hope, challenge and survival, about a puppy called Indie. Traveling in the Himalayas of India, a group of English travelers rescued an abandoned tiny two month old injured puppy, yelping in a terrible condition on the side of the road.  Severely dehydrated starving, broken back leg, open wounds on his ears, infested with fleas and mange, he was half dead, we were unsure if he would survive, we scooped him up cleaned and made him comfortable. 

Slowly he began to regain his strength, then we named him Indie. Nursing him back to health, together we all watched as this brave little broken soldier recover. Witnessing his improvement brought us such joy, as each day he grew in strength. 

I decided to adopt Indie with the intention to bring him to safety in England. A huge challenge and life changing decision for me. Together Indie and I set out on a mission to find him a boarding home, until I could raise enough money to relocate him to England.  We travelled hundreds of miles, hidden on night busses, in taxis and on scooters from the Himalayas to Delhi. Carrying this fragile broken little puppy in my arms, we shared our rescue story with the people we met along the way. Experiencing such kindness and gratitude from total strangers, precious beautiful tearful encounters, showered with such love from all we met. At first I was unable to find a suitable place, everything seemed to be going against us, the stress, the heat, was so overwhelming. I made the decision to delay my flight, to ensure I found the right place for Indie. Thankfully all in divine time, the universe guided me to the perfect beings to help us with Indies boarding and relocation services. 

Until enough money is raised to relocate Indie to England, he will remain boarded in India.  Having just returned from traveling the world several years, I am financially unable to pay for all of the costs by myself. Therefore I am calling out for help from you to give this beautiful little soul a new life, filled with love and enjoyment, a world away from where he could have been. In exchange for your pledge, I am offering my services, Sound meditation and Reiki healing treatments and Reiki distance healing. 

Will you please help us?

With love Rebecca & Indie


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Sound & Reiki Healing or distance Reiki Healing

Sound healing session - for those in the local area. Tibetan Sound Meditation Healing, combined with Reiki and Aura cleansing 1 hour session. Singing bowls are played upon the body. Lowering the brain waves to meditation frequency. Inducing a deep level of stillness and peace. Entering into an effortless meditation state. Reiki universal energy is channelled, flowing where it is needed. Powerful, Transcendental, Restorative.

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