#SaveOurVenues - The Brickmakers & B2 Venue

by The Brickmakers & B2 Venue in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


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We’re part of a national initiative launched by the Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of 100s of independent music venues.

by The Brickmakers & B2 Venue in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

The Brickmakers & B2 Venue is part of a national initiative launched by Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of hundreds of independent music venues. 

Our venue faces the threat of closure. As you know we have been trying to keep local music alive during lockdown with the creation of our radio station and the Live ‘NOT LIVE’ performances being posted every weekend, both of these services will continue for the duration of the lockdown and whilst we are loving doing this unfortunately, it doesn’t help us in the financial storm that we are currently weathering. 

Our main focus now needs to be on protecting the future of the venue and doing our best to ensure that at the end of all this, there is a venue to come back to and our staff have jobs to come back to.

Like so many other small, independent businesses, we now face an unpredictable and potentially very grave future and we need your help.

To put it simply: without support and action during these times, The Brickies will NOT survive and its staff will be placed in a vulnerable financial position. We have taking advice from the government re financial help and could apply for a business loan, but are unsure whether we can afford to pay it back. Even with this assistance, all of these measure will still fall short paying our existing outgoings and losses.  Our target of £8000 will keep us afloat for two months after our own funds run out, those two months may mean the difference between us closing our doors for good or coming out of this ready for one hell of a party! 

We totally understand that so many others are facing similarly uncertain times, and priority is your own families and helping those less fortunate in our local area, but even if you can only afford the cost of a pint, we would be forever grateful.

If we hit our target, and we can help to prevent the closure of our venue, everything above the amount we need will be donated to the Music Venue Trust GMV Crisis Fund to protect other venues just like ours, right across the country.

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