Help Backwell Swimming Club back in the pool

by Martin.S.Lee in Backwell, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th December 2020 we successfully raised £12,794 with 189 supporters in 45 days

Covid-19 locked down the country. Maintenance issues have now shut our pool. Please help support our swimmers until we can return home.

by Martin.S.Lee in Backwell, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


We have now reached the end of our Crowdfunder journey.

We are delighted with the result and will ensure that all funds raised are used to support the club.

For those that are interested in the Raffle Results, see updates page.


We have now achieved our initial objective.  Amazing as that result is, we cannot be complacent as Spring opening is a long way away.

Our stretch target is £12,500 and our objectives are as follows:

1.  Building up our club's reserves to prepare for the likely demands of 2021 arising from our pool remaining closed until Spring 2021 at the earliest and to ensure the long term viability of #TeamBackwell

2.  Pay it forward by donating a third of the extra £2500 stretch goal funds to Portishead Lido (registered charity) to help ensure they can safely open for us to train there in 2021 helping our wider swimming community.

We might not be able to swim but we can still be an active supporter of our community in preparation for better times.

Who are we?

Backwell Swimming Club is a not for profit club which has been developing swimmers since 1974. We take great pride in being 100% volunteer based.   We also take great pride in our members past, present and future – they start with us from the age of 5, and we see them come up through the ranks to senior level. We compete right up to national level, and we see some swimmers progress to triathlon, open water events and even cross-channel swimming. We love being part of their journey.

We feel very strongly that we don’t just develop athletes, we develop people.

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So how did the Covid-19 pandemic affect us?

Lockdown forced us to shut our home pool and now maintenance issues have prevented it re-opening until at least 2021. As a result, we are currently a swimming club without a swimming pool. That means that our coaches and swimmers are permanently on the road, as we battle to secure pool-time elsewhere. 

So unlike other clubs, we’ve been hit with a real ‘triple whammy’ – increased hire costs, having to train at more distant pools and reduced swimmer numbers per session as a result of social distancing.   Overall this has resulted in increased costs and reduced income for our club.

During the first lockdown we provided online land-conditioning training.  Later we moved to providing group outdoor conditioning sessions. We did that free of charge and at the same time we suspended all monthly fees.  We did that because we recognise the significant financial impact on families, and we know that if we do what is best for our families we also do what is best for our swimmers.


Recovery and Rebuilding

Backwell SC’s focus will always be on what is best for the swimmer. In competition and training we understand that attitude matters, and it’s important to us to role-model the supportive, inclusive attitudes we want to see from our squads. 

We also need to look to the long-term. We understand the vital role that clubs like ours play in developing the swimming teachers, coaches, officials and lifeguards of the future. Our wider community benefits from that and we feel so proud when we see our swimmers go on to work and volunteer at other clubs and pools. We actively provide those development opportunities to our swimmers and their family members, and we support our swimmers in the non-swimming endeavours too. We are proud of what they achieve, whether in the pool or out of it. 

We want to keep doing this, and we remain committed to keeping costs to our swimmers as low as possible. As things stand we haven’t yet passed on any of the additional costs we’ve incurred as a result of Covid-19.

During the second lockdown we also want to keep offering online land-based training.  But as we do that, we also need to focus strongly on how to rebuild our club, in a healthy and safe manner.

Without the financial support of our community we cannot sustain ourselves indefinitely in a world where Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.

Description: 1601242712_img_4184.jpg

What will these funds be used for?

The overall objective is to rebuild the club in a safe manner, without the need for increased costs/demands upon parents.

The funds raised will therefore focus on achieving the following objectives….

1./  Funding equipment that supports keeping our swimmers safe during training, as recommended by Swim England.

2./  Ensuring that the extra costs of training at other Pools are not passed onto our parents.

3./  Funding alternative training means, where Pool time is not available.

So why is helping us important?

If you  recognise the value that volunteer-run grass-roots sports clubs like ours add to communities, the wider leisure sector and to the health, wellbeing and all-round development of the athletes we train, then we hope you’ll support us.

Your donations will help us to change the way we have to work thanks to Covid-19.

With the second lockdown beginning your support will ensure that we can provide online land training sessions for our swimmers.

When we are able to return to the pool your donations will help us rebuild our club, into a place where Swimmers can come to train, develop and be safe.

In a few short years the club will reach a major milestone – it’s 50th birthday. We need your help now to make sure that we are here to celebrate it, and in doing so celebrate the achievements of all our swimmers and volunteers over the years. 

1604532618_44104137_1896535317091435_346928324091576320_o.jpgOur reward to our supporters

We’re not just asking for money for nothing, we’ve come up with pledge rewards so that we can say thank you for your help at what is a difficult time for us all.

Please don’t think that these rewards are only on offer to club members.

Some rewards, like the club branded bobble hat and hoodie will most likely appeal more to club members; however there are plenty of other options that will appeal to everybody.  Given the timing of the second lockdown they might even solve some of your Christmas shopping dilemmas.

For as long as we’re able, we will keep adding new reward levels, so please keep checking our page.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

102 of 120 claimed

Pledge £5 to enter the Club Raffle

Raffle Prize entry (open to all) One ticket per £5 donation (£5 = 1 ticket, £10 = 2 tickets) Prize list at launch: 1./ £150 Hamper of goods 2./ Gin Advent Calendar 3./ Pullens Bakery selection box 4./ Crate of Butcombes Beer. 5./ More will be added following launch Note 1: If you'd wish to donate a prize please contact the club email. Note 2: As more tickets are sold we will add more prizes.

£5 or more

24 of 32 claimed

Mini Raffle ticket - ROHAN STRATUS JACKET

£5 buys you a chance to win a top of the range Rohan jacket, boasting high-spec synthetic filling and a water-repellent shell. Our thanks to Ian Palmer of Rohan for donating this reward. A nice example of the big guys helping the grass roots. From the factory to you. Male/Female and size options available. See website. Note: See Update section for Mini Raffle

£5 or more

41 of 45 claimed


£5 buys you a chance to win a Fine Art Landscape print. Adrian Gaynor (International Photographer now resident in Portishead) has kindly offered to donate one of his spectacular prints. Thank-you, Adrian. The prints usually retail at £295, so if you’d like one of his breath-taking loveliness on your walls please buy a ticket. Size 49*19 inch stretch canvas print. Ready to hang. See the Updates section for a link to the available prints.

£5 or more

23 of 30 claimed

Mini Raffle ticket - ‘THE CLUB & SPA’ MEMBERSHIP

£5 buys you a chance to win a Health Club Membership. The ‘Club & Spa’ Health Club at (Cadbury House, Congresbury) has very kindly donated a three month membership for 2. This is a very attractive option and will be the perfect remedy for ‘Post Lockdown’. So if you’re interested in winning this reward please buy a ticket. Huge thanks to Russell Payne at Club&Spa. See website for details.

£5 or more

6 of 30 claimed


This is a KYOSHO rear-wheel drive radio control car, along with supporting transmitter. Powered by AAA batteries. This is an absolutely amazing donation by epicstuff and we are delighted to offer our supporters. Note: See Update section for Mini Raffle details.

£10 or more

10 of 30 claimed

Mini Raffle ticket - LAND ROVER KIDS RIDE-ON CAR

This kids ride on Land Rover model comes fitted with real 4WD, working suspension. Large 2 seater comes with adjustable seats with separate seat belts and a parental remote included. This is an absolutely amazing donation by epicstuff and we are delighted to offer our supporters. Note: See Update section for Mini Raffle details.

£10 or more

15 of 30 claimed


This is a KYOSHO 1:10 scale four-wheel drive radio control car, along with supporting transmitter. This is fuel engine powered car, which offers some real performance, worthy of a track. This is an absolutely amazing donation by epicstuff and we are delighted to offer our supporters. Note: See Update section for Mini Raffle details.

£10 or more

13 of 30 claimed


A Go Kart for children up to 12 years of age. This compact bright Go Kart will be great around town. Pneumatic tyres and easy to adjust seat and great looks. A strong sturdy go kart, packed full of clever features. This is an absolutely amazing donation by epicstuff and we are delighted to offer our supporters. Note: See Update section for Mini Raffle details.

£12 or more

2021 Calendar - North Somerset ‘Little Gems’

One our Swimmers, working with a local photographer, has agreed to offer his work in the form of limited run Photographic Wall Calendar. The photographs contained in this Calendar have been taken in the North Somerset region, where Backwell Swimming Clubs sources its Swimmers.

£12 or more

4 of 9 claimed

Handmade & Natural Soap bundle from Green Elephant

Handmade & Natural Soap bundle from Green Elephant With the help of Green Elephant and Szonja Gottlieb we are able to bring you a chance to buy an early gift in the form of a skin and body care experience. Each bag contains: - One Natural Soap bar - One Lip balm in bamboo tube - One Body butter 60ml If bought individually this would retail at £22.45 See website for more details.

£15 or more

NEW Club Swim Cap

Club Member targeted reward. Custom design Club Swim Cap, to remind our swimmers of what they have achieved. One size only.

£40 or more

1 of 2 claimed

Salt Rock Front Trick Skateboard

We have two of these amazing bits of kit, donated to us by swimmer Lily W’s mum – thanks Lily’s mum! The front trucks swivel, making for a fast, fun and exciting ride. Provided you’ve got the balance for it! Ideal Christmas present for the daredevil in your life. They retail at £50, but if you pledge at this level you’ll get them for a donation of just £40. Bargain! Please contact us if you wish to purchase, but are not local to Backwell area.

£50 or more

NEW Club Bobble Hat

Club Member targeted reward. This will be a Bobble Hat for those cold evenings after training. Design to be based on Club colours. One size only.

£75 or more

0 of 1 claimed


This four-ball round would usually cost in excess of £120, but we can offer it to you for a donation of just £95. The championship course, in Bristol (Coalpit Heath), is one of the finest in the area. The round must be redeemed before 1st April 2021. Thanks to Phaze Electrical for donating this reward.

£100 or more

NEW Club Swimmer Hoodie

Club Member targeted reward This is a new hoodie design for the club. Something that you can wear when representing the club, or when on the high street. Note: Club will contact you to agree size selection from the suppliers size guide.

£100 or more

Corporate Donation

If your a business and would like to support us, please contribute here. If you'd prefer to make a donation of Raffle prize we'd love to hear from you. Please contact the club email. Any business supporting us via this item will be thanked/recognised on our Social Media and Webpage.

£1 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Pledge without reward

If you simply want to back us because you believe in us, please contribute here. It doesn’t matter how much. We will always be grateful.

£10 or more

60 of 60 claimed

Portishead Open Air Pool - Pool Party!!

We’ve so missed training at Portishead Lido this year. So next summer we are hosting a pool party there on Saturday July 10th. A donation of £10 per head secures a ticket! Want to take the whole family? No problem – buy more tickets. There will be nibbles, music and the odd inflatable flamingo laid on for guests. Paid bar and BBQ also planned, subject to confirmation. It’ll be a fantastic evening, and huge thanks to our LIDO for partnering.

£10 or more

2 of 2 claimed

'Ask Me Why I'm Stood Here' -Book signed by Author

Ask Me Why I'm Stood Here: A Bristol Channel Swim Tale...........This is the story of how Alec planned and completed his swim from Penarth to Clevedon and recounts tales of sunrises, seaweed caresses, mermaids and mashed boiled eggs. A first-hand account of what goes into a journey. This is not just a book about swimming; it is a life affirming tale of frailty, endeavour and a man’s struggle to wear Speedos in public. Includes 1x Raffle Ticket.

£10 or more

1 of 1 claimed


At the end of the workshop you’ll have made your own beautiful wreath from natural greenery. All materials supplied and delivered to your door; workshop run via zoom on 30th November at 7.30pm. The evening begins with a tutorial from the talented Joanne Lawson-Chilcott. These workshops are hugely popular, and tickets usually cost £15. Limited to residents of Nailsea, Backwell, Clevedon, Portishead and areas in between for delivery purposes.

£10 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Breakfast for 2 at Heaven On The Hill (Portishead)

Heaven on the Hill have kindly donated the offer of Breakfast for Two. This would be a medium breakfast from their menu. Normally retails at £6.50 per person. Many thanks to Heaven on the Hill for this kind donation. Yes... they remain open to customers during lockdown II. See website/SM for details.

£15 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Handmade & Natural Soap bundle from Green Elephant

With the help of Green Elephant and Szonja Gottlieb we are able to bring you a chance to buy an early gift in the form of a skin and body care experience. Each bag contains: - One Natural Soap bar - One Lip balm in bamboo tube - One Body butter 60ml If bought individually this would retail at £22.45 See website for more details.

£15 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Handmade needle felted ‘STOKLA Doll’

A perfect decoration for your home, your children's room or can be a unique gift to your friends, family. Good for children`s room decoration but it`s not a toy. A wool spirit doll is there to help guide you and watch over you. Dimensions: dolls sitting size 9cm/4.5", wood swing 12 cm/5" Material. RRP £25.00 each. See website for more details

£20 or more

1 of 1 claimed


This luxurious cream tea, served in the beautiful Marco Pierre White restaurant at Cadbury House, is usually priced at £14.95pp, so why not grab a bargain. The burning question is, who will choose to take with you for this sumptuous treat? Our thanks to the Club&Spa (Cadbury House, Congresbury) and Bardolinos for donating this reward.

£25 or more

2 of 2 claimed

The LIDO Guide (Signed by the Author) + goodies

The Lido Guide is a user guide to all the remaining publicly accessible lidos in the UK and Channel Islands. Packed full of original, colour photography it gives the reader all the information they need to find and visit these vitally important facilities - many of which are now run by volunteers. It’s the ideal winter read for swimmers landlocked by the pandemic. Also includes - 1xRaffle Ticket and 1xLIDO Tick List Tshirt.

£40 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Portishead Open Air Pool Multi-Swim Ticket

The pool trustees have donated an adult multi-swim ticket to our campaign. Ordinarily this would cost you £50, representing twelve swims for the price of ten. Donate at this level and you’ll get it for just £40. That’s twelve swims for the price of eight! Amazing value for anybody who likes a lido dip in the summer. These tickets can also be useful if you’re a season ticket holder; keep it in your swim bag and you can treat a guest to a swim.

£45 or more

1 of 1 claimed


The iconic, restored pier is one of the undisputed gems of North Somerset. You and your family could enjoy it any time, with a pass that offers unlimited access for a year. Usually retailing at £60 this price is a steal. The pass could also be gifted to someone else. Our thanks to the Pier for donating this reward.

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