by Elizabeth Roberts-Earle in Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th November 2018 we successfully raised £7,261 with 156 supporters in 28 days

To complete the restoration of Papageno. To bring back a boat from the dead and involve people in her rising from the ashes.

by Elizabeth Roberts-Earle in Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra money, I will be able to:

-Purchase electronic equipment for Papageno

-Get a mechanic

-Get her Safety Rail fixed

-Complete rewiring

-Provide an overhaul of the inside to prepare her for a crew of six

I'm a country girl who fell in love with the ocean. I went sailing with SV Delos and the sailing itch got under my skin. I returned to Europe and bought a 1969 Amel Euros that had been damaged during Irma with my partner, Edouard.

I wanted to bring her back to life, not just to learn about her, but because I wanted to show that in this world of constant throwaways, something like her could be brought back from the dead. We worked for six months on this boat, putting more and more life into Papageno each day. To prove that anything is possible. We got her out of the graveyard and on the water in 11 days. Soon we were travelling down south to escape hurricane season, restoring her as we went, trying to find a place safe enough to repair her masts and rigging.

I came to a decision to sell Papageno. Edouard and I decided to go our own ways and I was preparing myslf to move back to the UK.

We managed to raise £7000 on Kickstarter where it got taken down. It was too late to protest, to explain that we are making a creative project, a restoration documentary. The move they made was irreversible.

So I am now here, giving it one last shot to fix her, to share her with everyone.

I waant to try and get to the target we previously made on Kickstarter. With £7000 we can do so much to make her wonderful again. Her masts and rigging, her wiring, her safety rail and her engine for a start.

I want to try over the next month to see if this is possible.

If we should try this. Together.

One last try.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Surprise Parcel!

You're going to get something in the post that's a surprise from me! It could be a small painting, a book or a bundke of Papageno swag- whatever it is- it's a surprise!

£5 or more

High Five!

Every little helps, and each penny is going towards trying to make this project WORK TOGETHER.

£10 or more

Papageno Greeting Cards

We'll send you a pack of 6xgreeting cards, designed by Captain Lizbef!

£20 or more

Papageno Necklace

Each necklace is handmade with love! And for you! Welcome to the Papageno Clan!

£100 or more

A painting for you! Small

Each £100 you donate, I'll paint a surprise ocean inspired watercolour. Size small.

£180 or more

A painting for you! Medium!

A medium sized painting- compeltely a surprise and inspired by the ocean!

£250 or more

The BIG Surprise Parcel!

You're not going to know what's in here- but your package is going to be STACKED with goodies from our shop and some very special painted ONE OFF creations by Lizbef. Did we mention hugs and high fives? Heaps of those in there too!

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