by The Lord in Macclesfield, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd August 2021 we successfully raised £19,967 ( + est. £2483.00 Gift Aid ) with 351 supporters in 28 days

Repair the damage caused by COVID. Open more sites and expand business into wholesale and secure staff & family jobs, whilst I am ill.

by The Lord in Macclesfield, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


If we are fortunate to overfund we will be able to kickstart plans to open a Deliveroo and Uber kitchen in both Stockport and Manchester City centre. 

We are have huge presence on Deliveroo, if we can open 2 sites in Stockport and Manchester we can offer our lunch time menu and evening menu to a customer base into the millions. It would take turnover from day one and we have a proven track record on it. It's profitable and it's easy. It's the easiest system to manage in terms of staff stock and output.  

Please continue to share our campaign! You're all amazing! Thank you. 

The Situation

My story is one of tragedy, determination strength and grit. Over the years of building this business we have achieved great highs and great lows. My wife and I suffered 6 miscarriages and a critical illness. It has taken us right to the edge financially, mentally and physically, but we didn’t give up. We kept getting knocked down and we kept on getting up we kept on fighting. 

Lord of the Pies survived such hard tragedies and we continue to grow and fight. The good people of this country need and want our good British pies. Through those bad times we now stand proud parents of 2 daughters and owners of Lord of the Pies.

Once again my family and business are faced with tragedy.

I have been diagnosed with more tumours, at this point I have multiple sites in my body, spine and lymph nodes. I am under the care of Christie’s. I have no doubt a smaller life expectancy than before. But I am strong and I will fight until my last day. I will fix this business so it provides for my family and staff, so there is less stress for my wife whom currently looks after me, 2 children and runs the entire business. 

I have been diagnosed with a very rare genetic illness and have been told that I have metastatic pheochromocytoma paraganglioma. I have tumours in my sacrum, spine, t5, original nephrectomy site and  lymph node. I am in a lot of pain, but I still stand strong and fit, ready to fight.

Lord of the Pies will still stand with or without me.1627994440_screenshot_2021-08-03_at_13.40.18.png

Why are we crowdfunding?

COVID has destroyed the retail side of the business, we have lost all our work office catering and the high street is struggling to repair until offices fully come back and restrictions are lifted. Town centres are dead and everyone is struggling. Through this time we have progressed and built strong ties in home deliveries, we have launched our online shop and now have customers all over the UK. It is now time to expand our Deliveroo sites and wholesale.

My plan is to leave this legacy behind me very strong. I want every person in this country to have the option to buy one of my pies from a major supermarket. I want Lord of the Pies to be a name everyone has heard of. I want my wife and staff to be able to have a job for life and my daughters to be able to decide to join should they wish.

The plan is simple...

We need to repair the damage of COVID, buy more equipment and hire more staff to produce, its basic business. For years we have tirelessly worked to build the brand and make the best products we can.

We have the name, we have the products, we now need to produce and sell.

We need to make essential repairs to the shop and kitchen, we need to bolster up equipment get ready to expand. You want to make a lot of pies you need a big old oven. Big old ovens arn't cheap! 

We need to create some new roles for people  to join our team to execute the plan:

  • Sales Team
  • Shop Manager 
  • Chefs 

We hope to open a delivery site in Manchester as we need to be selling our products there. We are not ready to open a shop in Manchester yet as it would take all mine and Lins’ energy and effort. It's something we want and will do but first we need every person in Manchester able to sit at home or work and get pie mash and gravy delivered to them. 

We need a Deliveroo site for the good people of Stockport. I am upset we had to shut the shop because of COVID but the reality is you cannot social distance that shop it would have been 1 in 1 out. I need to be able to offer all our loyal amazing Stockport customers a hot food service day and night, they need and deserve it as without them we would be nothing. It pains me to not be in Stockport. 


For those of you unable to donate, please share this campaign far and wide with friends and family.

This is an 'All or Nothing' campaign meaning if we don't raise the full £19,000 before the deadline all the money will be refunded. 




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Highest donar

Your name knighted as a Lord will be on Macclesfield shop front outside & inside. You will have a pie named after you where we will make a new pie flavour. This will be sold everywere and will be named after you as an honorary Lord.

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Just donate to cause

You are just giving to support the future of Lord of the pies.

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Just donate to cause

You are just giving to support the future of Lord of the pies.

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Coffee at Macc shop

Help us do this quick and easy: £15 coffee £2.50 coffee £2.50 straight to Christie’s Rest to support

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Pie, mash and donate to Christie’s

Pie, mash & gravy from our Macclesfield shop: £2.50 goes straight to Christie’s £7.50 pays for food £10 goes to support

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£20 Reward

Just giving to Christie’s and the business £5.00 straight to Christie’s £15 to support

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Just donate to cause

You are just giving to support the future of Lord of the pies.

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1 day chef lesson in pie making

We will teach you the art and fundamentals of slow cooking, pastry and pie making. This will also include a beer taster session with Bollington Brewing Co. 20 people per session. To be held on a Saturday.

£100 or more

£100 pizza master course

Neopolatana pizzaola course. We will teach you how to make pizza from scratch at our HQ. Dough shaping, selecting ingredients and making pizzas on our pizza oven, eat them & drink some carefully selected wines. Groups of 20. This can be done evenings and weekends.

£500 or more

Executive invester

Fellow business man woman whom believe in our business. We can do this guys.

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