Save The Hourglass newspaper: a new model of media

by Z Lights in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Save The Hourglass newspaper: a new model of media
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The Hourglass is a monthly print newspaper that was launched in September 2019 and originally funded by Extinction Rebellion UK.Due to Covid...

by Z Lights in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

The Hourglass is a monthly print newspaper that was launched in September 2019 and originally funded by Extinction Rebellion UK.

Due to Covid-19, The Hourglass has now gone digital, as the print newspapers were usually distributed on the ground by volunteers (read more about this at under 'Distribution').

Due to the recent issue of low funds in XR UK, The Hourglass is also now struggling to stay afloat.

The vision of The Hourglass has always been to 'Be the media, lead the media' and to provide 'Rigorous Journalism for Fragile Times'.


- The Hourglass displays a model of climate reporting without having an ‘agenda’ i.e. Party politics. Our aim is to tell the truth. (This poses the question of why media outlets feel the need to be politically-aligned in the first place - a polarising tactic favoured by the government?) We try to imagine what mainstream papers might look like if they reported on the climate and ecological crisis as the emergency it is.

- In the last decade there has been a rise in fake news, propaganda and state-controlled press in the UK. The Hourglass is committed to rigorous fact-checking and helps to break stories that need to be heard.

- In the current standard news reporting model, media moguls decide the angles that journalists can cover, in a typical top-down old-power approach. The Hourglass uses a different model: we champion fair, representative reporting, letting writers set the content and working with diverse voices*. We include words by people who have never been in print before and may come from less privileged backgrounds, even when this can require hours of editing on our end. It's important to us that all voices are heard.

In this way, we believe that we are representing the future of journalism - in the world many of us want to see.

*For example, The Hourglass includes a regular ‘Youth Voice’ page featuring writers as young as 7 years old. We believe this is important as the mainstream press is currently dominated by older voices.

- The Hourglass helps to put crucial issues relating to global justice on the centre-stage. We work with diverse voices, from little-heard groups and individuals outside of the UK, which is critical in a time of increasing fascism. Look at back issues to get a feel for the content - at

Our aims may sound ambitious, but we work hard on The Hourglass because feedback through emails and letters indicates that our model of reporting is working.

We help to lead the media (i.e. by influencing the stories that get covered), to show other journalists what climate reporting can look like, and to bring previously unheard voices to the fore.

We are a dedicated team, who want to continue this work online, but need funds to be able to do so. Costs include hosting content online and supporting writers, photographers and designers who need to be paid for their contributions.

While world 'leaders' and governments build walls and borders, The Hourglass helps to build bridges.....

A donation will enable our hardworking team to keep the newspaper running - for at least two more digital issues. We also hope to see it in print again one day.

Will you help to fund the future of journalism?

Thanks for reading.

- The Hourglass team

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