Save Solfest

Save Solfest

We want to Save Solfest, the magical August Bank Holiday festival hosted in the wilds of Cumbria, and to make sure Solfest 2019 happens.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:36pm 5th November 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:36pm 5th November 2018


Solfest is a magical family friendly festival that springs up annually like a wild flower in the Cumbrian meadows.

Solfest 2018 was without doubt one of the best festivals we have put on to date; we have had a quite staggering amount of praise and feedback coming back to us backing this up. Just one look at our Facebook page will show you the amazing reviews and the beautiful photographs. 

And we are delighted it went so well.

But alongside the joy of the festival, comes a sadness at the challenges Solfest faces. 

Solfest has been struggling for a few years with a rolling debt, and declining ticket sales, and the dedicated volunteers who bring the phenomenal Solfest family together year on year to make the magic happen need your help.  Devastatingly for us, this year for the first time Solfest has really struggled to pay its way, and we have so far not been able to pay some artists and festival contributors.  This breaks our hearts.

We know there are rumours that Solfest is folding, that we will liquidate. We don’t want it to. If we liquidate no one would get paid, and that's not something that anyone who loves Solfest would be ok with. Our main priority is paying anybody that worked on the festival who has not yet been paid, and getting funds together to kickstart Solfest 2019.

Like any wildflower, sometimes the soil needs nutrition, and we’re asking you to help us save our Cumbrian wildflower. Solfest needs taking care of, and we’re hoping after all the hours of music, fun and dance that Solfest has given the world, that the #SolfestFamily will step up to the challenge and help us keep our musical meadow vibrant!

We know £95,000 sounds like a lot of money, but it's only a quarter of what it costs each year to make the festival work. And if we could get just £20 from just 5000 Solfest Friends, we'd SMASH IT!

1536587145_love.jpgLET'S MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN...

If you are an old hand at Solfest weekends, then you know the magic we can create in our beautiful fields in Tarns, with their stunning views out over the Solway Firth. You know the incredible acts that perform, the stunning site art we create, the amazing vibe that winds it way from stage to stage and tent to tent as Solfesters come together for a weekend of fun, family and fabulousness in our spectacular location.

If you're a Solfest alum, you know that the festival is founded on the idea that what truly makes a festival great is the crowd… That’s right, YOU. You are our driving force and over the years we’ve been proud to see that the spirit of inclusion we strive for has not been lost to the Solfest community. Punks and ravers, grannies and toddlers, whoever you are or wherever you’re from, Solfest has something for you. We want you to know that you drive Solfest, whether you’re a musician looking to play, a performer looking to show off your skills, an artist keen to help make the space come alive or you’re simply looking for somewhere to dance or spend time with your family, your collaboration defines the festival and we love you for it.

If you've been to any year of Solfest, you also know that we’re all about eclecticism and although nothing shouts that louder than our handpicked line-ups, spanning genres and eras of music, that most certainly isn’t where it stops. A broad group of very talented people come together each year at Solfest, to create an immersive environment with everything from a creative kid’s area, to a a fabulous display of interactive site art and even a magical Healing Garden!

We want to keep that flame burning. 

We want you to come back in 2019 and immerse yourself in great music and magical entertainment, surrounded by the most amazing people, your #SolfestFamily

We want you to help us make it the greatest Solfest yet. 

Together. As a community.



As an independent festival we have always aimed to keep our festival locally focussed and free of big brand sponsorship. We could not make that work without the ongoing and much needed support from our SolfestFamily. Whilst 2018's festival was without a doubt a spectacular success, financially we are struggling and the future of our much loved Solfest hangs very much in the balance.

Although Solfest 2018 was wonderful, ticket sales (where festivals cover the cost of build and performers) were worrying low, and bar sales (where festivals try to make up a little profit to kickstart next year) were through the floor.

To make sure we can pay everyone who made the festival magical this year, we need to raise money to pay off those debts AND to fund booking acts for 2019.  

Crowdfunding is simply a way of raising the money needed to do these two things by getting a lots of people each to pledge a small amount. 

1) We need people who will simply donate because they love Solfest and they want to help Solfest and can afford to gift us £10/£20/£30 (or any amount) out of the goodness of their hearts and their passion for the festival, they're willing to help.

2) We ALSO need people who will pledge money to us in exchange for rewards such as cool merchandise, special VIP festival tickets and other super indulgent treats as well as corporate packages for business owners who want to help support this stalwart of Cumbrian culture.

3) With no outside funding, like many festivals we rely extensively on early ticket sales in order to secure our lineup and invest in the continuation of the festival we love. So we also need people to head over to Skiddle and buy their tickets NOW!

We know we're asking a lot. But we also know that there are so many of you out there who would happily forgo a couple of nights out on the town if it meant your precious Solfest stays alive.  And we need you to let your friends know too. 

Spread the word and share the link to this page! 1536587357_banner6.jpg


Solfest 2018 was nothing short of magical! We made some wonderful memories this year, as we have for 15 years, and we really really want to make more next year and for years to come. With your support we can make it happen.

We want to keep on bringing you an eclectic mix of music at a collection of boutique stages, and we want to bring even more sparkle into your weekend. Our team is already looking through the feedback on the bands and scouting out options for next year. 


When: Friday August 23rd to Sunday August 25th
Shenanigans on the Solway

Where: Tarnside Farm, Near Aspatria, Cumbri
Our wondeful home for all these years

What: 100+ acts over lots of unique stages and venues!
Live Music //  DJ's til 4am // Reggae  // Disco  // Kids Area // Open Mics // Workshops // Street Performers // Stalls // Street Food // Alternative Therapies // Sauna // Fancy Dress // Camping // Glamping //  & so much more! 

What else:

We're bringing back the Fancy Dress Theme Day (watch our Facebook page and website for announcements on that front) 

AND we're going to up the ante with the site decor and layout to make it feel like you really have walked into another world.

Here's a reminder of some of the amazing names that have had us dancing and singing over the past few years:





1536587760_banner2.jpgTHANKS SO MUCH SOLFESTERS... 

Everyone who runs Solfest is a volunteer, we do our best and we try to give you the best festival we can. But we couldn't do it without the army of volunteers who help, and the performers and crew who bring their skills for the lowest prices they can manage. 

We all cannot express how thankful we are to every single person who has supported the festival and been a part of it over the years, and we are hopeful for one big push from all Solfest's friends, old and newer, to keep us going.

Thank you for caring, thank you for helping, thank you for Saving Solfest!

*See you in 2019*

So Much Love,
Team Solfest



New to this whole Crowdfunding thing?

How exactly does the crowdfunding work?

If you donate money to us or pledge money to us for a  reward, and if enough of you do the same within our 8 week time limit, we will reach our fundraising target! Yay! When you pledge the money will be debited from your account right away but it will be held in escrow until the project closes successfully.

At the end of our campaign (November 4th) your pledges will then be paid to Solfest, and the performers and crew who are owed money will be paid and Solfest Festival 2019 will be all set to go! Hooray!!

If we hit our intital target early (which we really hope to do), we'll introduce a 'stretch target'. Should we hit our target, this will enable us to do things like book bands earlier and create more epic magic (and we are open to your suggestions, after all this is YOUR Solfest!)

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