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We consider ourselves so lucky to be a part of a Bus that brings so much joy to kids and big kids alike. Please help us keep the doors open!

by Earth Tap and Cakes & Ladders in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone who has generously supported both our small businesses! Your kind support is helping to keep the Bus afloat right now, so we really can't thank you enough.

As we enter into more unchartered waters, any further donations will help us get through the long haul. We aim to help other local small businesses (including our Blue House Yard neighbours) and organisations as much as we can along the way too.

We've no idea how long it will be until we can have people back on the Bus, so every little bit will helps.

Thank you so much!

Crazy times. We absolutely feel you. 

We want to help Londoners get through these difficult times, the best way we know how. But we also need your help to keep our big, red bus alive. 

During the day, we’re Cakes & Ladders Board Game Café and in the evenings, we’re Earth Ale Brewery’s taproom, Earth Tap. 

But the Bus is so much more than that.

We're a community space, where we greet our regulars by their first name and know your order before you even have to ask for it. And when we ask, “How are you, Liam?” or, “How are you, Julia?” we genuinely want to know. And if you're new, you'll get a warm welcome every time.

Save Our London Bus

It's so much more than just a bus.

It's a place where you can reconnect with friends outside of your phones, have a laugh over a board game or catch up over cake. It’s a place where you can enjoy the end of a long week with a well-deserved beer. And not just any average beer. You work hard and life's too short for bad beer, so you deserve a beer made from quality ingredients with care and passion.  

Earth AleEarth Ale

COVID-19 is threatening to close our doors

We know the Bus is something different to everyone and we want to ensure we can continue to provide that after the dust has settled on this health crisis. We’re two small, independent businesses just trying to create a community space where you can enjoy good times with good people. But like many small businesses, COVID-19 is threatening to close our doors.

Cakes & Ladders Board Game CaféCakes & Ladders Board Game Café

But we've some awesome rewards on offer to get through this

Instead of letting this crisis beat us, we want to help lift spirits and prove that we can get through this together. We’ve created a list of pledge rewards to help you avoid going stir crazy at home. We’ve got things like a ‘Time-In Survival Pack’, including some of our favourite board games and craft beers, so we can bring the Bus experience to you. 

Earth Ale Brewery's TaproomCakes & Ladders Board Game Café

We’re also offering vouchers for things you can redeem and look forward to after this craziness is over. You can buy something as small as a coffee or a pint for a friend, or even tickets to our Bus Heroes party, so we can thank everyone who has supported.

Save Our London Bus

Any pledge, no matter how big or small, would mean the world to us. So please, if you can, choose a pledge for you or a friend and we’ll make sure we honour that when we get through this together. 

In the meantime, please stay safe, healthy and look out for one another.

From all of us on the Bus  – THANK YOU!

Ruth, Hywel, Frances & Alex

Earth Ale xCakes & Ladders Board Game Café

@earthale / @earth_tap1 / @cakesandladders

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save our london bus

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