Save Northamptonshire Cheese

by Hamm Tun Fine Foods in Royal Oak Industrial Estate, England, United Kingdom

Save Northamptonshire Cheese


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Save the Creamery by donating to our cause or buying one of our fantastic rewards and sharing our message far & wide to spread the word.

by Hamm Tun Fine Foods in Royal Oak Industrial Estate, England, United Kingdom

Hamm Tun Fine Foods have been making handmade award-winning cheese in the Northamptonshire since 2013. 

Due to COVID-19, times are tough and the future is uncertain and like many we have seen our business disappear overnight. You can help to keep us bringing our award-winning cheese to you by joining our supporting our campaign.


Hamm Tun Fine Foods was founded in 2013 by Gary Bradshaw  (me ) with a passion for making cheese. Putting Northamptonshire on the map by creating the first and only Northamptonshire cheeses and winning awards along the way. I, with the support of my family have invested everything into the business and it is now very much part of the family. I cannot imagine a week not making cheese….


We are looking to try and secure funds that will keep the business afloat until Spring 2021. We have worked really hard to pull our resources to keep bills paid and most importantly keep cheesemaking alive ( no stock in the maturing room no business in the future ) We now need help to survive – we will only use donations & reward purchases to fund the business – no personal wage will be taken from the business!  

Help to keep Northamptonshire on the British cheese map.



If you want to keep us making cheese and SAVE THE CREAMERY, then you can donate easily here and every penny donated is so much more than appreciated. 

You can also purchase one of our fantastic rewards, which include:


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Cobblers Nibble T-Shirt

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