Save Benjy The Gay Bull

Save Benjy The Gay Bull

TheGayUK is looking to raise enough funds to buy Benjy the gay bull and offer him sanctuary from a slaughter house because of his sexuality.

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2014 we successfully raised £5,000 of £5,000 target with 321 supporters in 28 days



Hi folks. You may have read the recent news about Sam Simon donating £5,000 and that Benjy has already been saved. Whilst this is great news for Benjy, it has left a few of you questioning what's happening to your donations?

First off, Mr Simon's donation was made to a different organisation who have emailed us to say they are going to go ahead and buy Benjy with Mr Simon's money. It has always been our intention that should we have raised more than the £5,000 in the Crowdfunder pot, then we would donate the extra money to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary to look after Benjy.

With your permission, we would now like to use all the money raised so far to donate directly to Hillside. We will still follow the transporting of Benjy and of course keep you update as soon as we hear he's safe at Hillside.

Should you not wish your donation to go to Hillside then you can claim a refund from Crowdfunder who have been made aware of the situation. However we would urge that you allow us to reach our £5,000 target to make these donations on your behalf. If we do not reach the £5,000 target then everyone will have their pledges refunded automatically anyway and we'll have nothing to give for Benjy's upkeep. This is why it is so important to still spread the word about the #SaveBenjy Project and let people know that we are still raising money for him. 

We understand if this may be disappointing news, however when another organisation decides to act on their own self promoting steam, there's little we can do except be pleased that Benjy will be saved and that we may have a nice donation to offer Hillside at the end. 

At the rate you wonderful folk had started pledging we were on target to raise over £40,000 - Which would have made a huge difference to Hillside. Sadly with the news that Benjy had already been saved this has killed the Crowdfunder pledges coming in. Which ultimately will only hurt Benjy's new care team at Hillside. 

In short, we are still going strong to raise our £5,000 target (and fingers crossed for more) and hope that you and friends can continue to support us and the #SaveBenjy Campaign. 

Best wishes,

Graham & Jake



Help Save Benjy The Gay Bull From The Slaughterhouse.


TheGayUK, along with Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) from Ireland and Hillside Animal Sanctuary have forged a plan to save Benjy the gay Bull, who is facing certain death after he failed to show interest in mating with the females in the herd. Benjy made headlines this week after reports that he faces certain death because he is gay.

The farmer and owner of Benjy had originally bought him and hoped that he would mate with the females on his farm, however Benjy has shown more interest in the other males of the herd and failed to impregnate any of the cows. We hope to raise £5,000 to buy Benjy and have him re-homed within the Hillside Animal Sanctuary where he’ll be looked after till the natural end of his life.

Homosexuality in nature is widely observed. In fact same-sex attraction is noted in over 1,500 species. Most recently two male penguins became the talk of the town after the zoo in which they are housed called them the ‘best parents they had ever seen’.

Your money will help us to buy Benjy from his owner, have him vetted and transported to the Hillside Sanctuary where they've been looking after suffering farm animals since 1995. 

Although we are offering some rewards for your donations, please remember the real cause here is to have Benjy saved from slaughter before Christmas.

From all at TheGayUK, Hillside Animal Sanctuary and ARAN we send you a HUGE THANK YOU.


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