Save The Lion & Lamb

by The Lion & Lamb in London, England, United Kingdom

Save The Lion & Lamb


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The Lion & Lamb is fighting for survival and we need your support.

by The Lion & Lamb in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Cary out improvements and renovations throughout the entire building.
Add another beer garden and finalise The Lion & Lamb Cafe and
Record Store on our 1st floor.

This period of lockdown, while restorative for many, has proven a real issue for businesses and communities, especially within the arts and hospitality. Unfortunately, our landlords have not been able to offer us any relief on rent, and due to this and closure during lockdown, we are now in a position where we may quickly be facing closure. Therefore, we’re reaching out to you, our faithful family for some help during these trying times.


Due to a neighbour complaint, which we take very seriously, a full review of our license has been ordered. We fully respect our neighbours, and we will be working with them on this. On top of what was already in place, we are in the process of upgrading our soundproofing, and this is a top priority for us, but doesn’t come cheap. We are also seeking legal advice, and hiring a lawyer is another large expense on our heads at a time when cashflow is at a minimum.



We have been applying for all the government grants that we are able to, but as yet, none of them have come through, and we have not seen a penny. It is not lightly that we are having to reach out to you all. Even though we have been open for the past two weeks, and we are really happy with how the new menu and the whole pub is looking, due to restrictions, we are currently not taking anywhere near enough money to cover expenses. 


As part of our Crowdfunding campaign, we wanted to set out the changes, modifications and maintenance that are necessary to the pub for compliance with Covid guidelines, but also for us to continue providing you with the same quality experience you are used to. All of these things cost money, and although some of these have already been done, others are yet to be worked on.

  • New Kitchen - we are happy to announce our new kitchen is opening, with in-house chefs cooking delicious Italian-inspired dishes
  • Roof Leak - as an ongoing issue, the ceiling outside the loos needs some real attention. We need to remove the existing roof completely, applying new soundproofing and then laying a new roof on top
  • Damp - due to leakage, we need to solve the damp in the loos, involving removing tiles, treating the damp, removing plaster boards, applying soundproofing and then re-tiling 
  • Fixing the Dance Floor - sanding and applying resin on the concrete areas, and then sanding and varnishing wooden areas
  • Servicing Our Beloved Sound System - along with this, we have a new mixer and have rebuilt the DJ booth 
  • New Fridge Freezer
  • New Cooker
  • Overall Maintenance - there are also issues in other parts of the building that are currently being looked at

In return for your help, we have some great options to offer you:

A limited edition T-shirt design by Craig Richards:


Jack Keyring designed by Insa Design:


Jack Necklace designed by Insa Design:

A Tote Bag with The Lion & Lamb Logo:


Record a 1:30h podcast on our infamous DJ Booth


A Dinner for groups up to 6 People:


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