Deliciously flavoured tea to improve wellbeing

by Gabrielle in Penarth, Wales, United Kingdom

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Rose and Dragon aims to create sustainably sourced, plastic free, mouth-watering tea which helps to create a peaceful moment of calm

by Gabrielle in Penarth, Wales, United Kingdom

New stretch target

A stretch target would allow us to apply for Soil Association certification to be able to create and sell an organic rage, and to be able to provide a customisable range for people with allergies or sensitivity to caffeine.

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What is Rose & Dragon:

Rose & Dragon is a new tea company that is creating a range of deliciously flavoured loose leaf tea.  

All Rose & Dragon teas are going to have a beautifully distinctive flavour, that smell delicious and also look incredible, in order to create a full sensory experience.  

The company aims to focus on creating a moment of calm in our daily lives, by helping us to take a moment to ourselves, to breathe and unwind.  


Each customer will receive a subscription box of three unique blends released every month. Each customer will receive 3 x 20g packets of tea per month. 

What Rose & Dragon aims to achieve: 

The aim of Rose & Dragon is to help reduce every day feelings of stress and anxiety to people across the U.K.  

People often find it hard to create time to unwind during the day. So what if we took a moment to ourselves while doing an everyday activity, such as drinking a cup of tea?

Rose & Dragon tea can be used as a way to make a daily habit of mindfulness. Research states that pairing mindfulness with an every day activity doubles the chance of remaining consistent with our daily healthy habit. 


The Product: 

Rose & Dragon will consist of a box that includes three different delicious loose leaf teas, accompanied by a quote card which will contain a quote, tip or hint about mindfulness, or a philosophical idea, including some space for you to write any thoughts down.  

People who order through our Crowdfunder will also receive a free pack of compostable, plastic free, fillable tea bags made from wood pulp. This means you can enjoy the tea without extra fuss or mess.  



See below for a sneak peek into the next three months of Rose & Dragon tea: 

Month 1 

Millionaire's Shortbread - The deliciously round flavour of the cocoa balances out the beautiful sweetness of the caramel in this captivating black tea blend. This tea is perfect for an after-lunch treat. Like all Rose & Dragon teas, this blend is 100% vegan. 


The Study Zinger - Maté with citrus and ginger. Yerba Maté is a supercharged caffinator and antioxidant powerhouse. Traditionally found in the Amazon and across South America, maté is perfect for long study sessions or work. This particular blend is zinged up with the natural flavours of citrus and ginger. 


Moonbeam Explorer -  A naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea infused with lavender and lime to send you off into the dreamy night skies. 


Month 2  

Rose Grey - An exquisite take on the classic earl grey, black tea infused with light notes of vanilla and rose. A light kick of caffeine makes this a perfect mid-morning treat. 


Citrus Paradise - A refreshing fruit blend of citrus fruits that will make your tastebuds sing.  


Mint Choc Chip - Enjoy a naturally caffeine free Rooibos blend with chocolate and mint, all whilst being completely guilt free! 



Month 3 

Senbon Sakura - Meaning one thousand cherry blossoms in Japanese, Senbon Sakura is a deliciously refreshing cherry green tea, brimming with antioxidants. A unique taste of Japan, inspired by founder Gabrielle’s time living in Tokyo. 


Ruby Red Berry - A red berry blend of real raspberries and strawberries that come together in this extraordinary fruity treat

The Sleeping Dragon -  A classic sleepytime tea with a delicious fruity floral twist. A beautifully delicate chamomile tea blend featuring hints of pear and rose that has calming and sleep inducing effects. 


How mindfulness can help in our everyday lives: 

Studies show that practicing mindfulness every day reduces stress and anxiety, the NHS and the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence recommends mindfulness as a way of reducing anxiety and depression. 

If we can just find a small moment during our day to be mindful, we can help become less stressed and feel less overwhelmed in our everyday lives.  

It can sometimes be a challenge to remember to be mindful every day, which is why experts often suggest that people use ‘pairing’ to attach their mindfulness to an everyday activity, such as drinking a cup of tea. Research states that 'pairing' makes people twice as likely to stay consistent with their mindfulness meditation. 

Mindfulness can be described as the act of: 

Paying attention; On purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.

We all need more of this in our everyday lives. Research says that the average person is on autopilot 47% of the time, a dreamlike state because in that mode we’re simply not fully ‘there’ in that moment. 

This is why Rose & Dragon is pairing each tea with a card that can help us to be mindful and enjoy each moment in our day just a little bit more. 


Sustainability & Ethical Guarantees: 

Rose & Dragon is going to be a completely plastic free company where all of the packaging is either compostable or biodegradable.  

“Making the product as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible was one of the most important things to me when I started this company.” - Gabrielle, Founder  

Below are the ways we aim to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible: 

  • The material for the tea packaging is a cellulose based material which imitates plastic, but is actually plant based and completely compostable 
  • All of the stickers used for the labelling and packaging will be completely compostable and printed using acid-free, soy-based inks 
  • The outer letterbox sized packaging will be biodegradable and made from recycled materials 
  • The tissue paper is biodegradable and printed on with acid-free inks 
  • Rose & Dragon is joining the Sustainability Alliance which plants trees in areas of need to offset our paper and cardboard use 
  • The tote bags have been sustainably and ethically made, screen printed here in the U.K 
  • All teas are completely plant based and have not used any ingredients that derive from animal products 
  • No artificial flavourings have been used in any of the products 


Next Steps for Rose & Dragon: 

After raising pre-orders through our Crowdfunder, Rose & Dragon will be able to: 

  • Create an organic range 
  • Be able to cater for people with allergies or conditions such as hypertension 
  • Provide specific subscriptions for people with sensitivities to caffeine

Thank you for reading:

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Three Months of Tea Subscription With Free Tote

Pre-order our first 3 months subscription boxes with an exclusive discount! Across the 3 months you will receive: Millionaire's Shortbread Tea, The Study Zinger, Moonbeam Explorer, Rose Grey, Citrus Paradise, Mint Choc Chip, Senbon Sakura, Ruby Red Berry and The Sleeping Dragon. All 3 boxes will include free tea filters & 3 quote cards to help you with your mindful journey. Plus one limited edition tote bag with a 'Founding Contributor' Design

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An ethically made, environmentally sustainable tote bag with an exclusive 'Rose & Dragon Founding Contributor' design.

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Choose this reward to pre-order our first months subscription box. Included inside are: Millionaire's Shortbread Tea,The Study Zinger, Moonbeam Explorer, free tea filters, plus three quote cards to help you with your mindful journey.

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Two Months Tea Subscription With Free Tote

Choose this reward to pre-order our first two months subscription boxes. Included inside the first months box are: Millionaire's Shortbread Tea,The Study Zinger, Moonbeam Explorer. The second box will have Rose Grey, Citrus Paradise and Mint Choc Chip. Both boxes will include free tea filters, plus three quote cards to help you with your mindful journey. You will also receive a limited edition tote bag with a 'Founding Contributor' Design.

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6 Month Tea Subscription & Free Tote -22% Discount

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The 12 month tea subscription, free tote, plus your own bespoke tea blend, created to taste however you'd like!

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12 Months Tea, Bespoke Blend & Name A Tea

The 12 month tea subscription, free tote, plus your own bespoke tea blend, created to taste however you'd like, plus name a blend that will go into the Rose & Dragon range within the next twelve months. An exclusive, one off feature only available during the Crowdfunding period!

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