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Welcome to 'The Cleaner Darkside'. We started 'Tinkture'. Our first product is Rose Gin. It sold out. Now it's time to grow. Get on board.

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £14,358 of £5,000 target with 192 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

This is all new, if the fuse get's lit - we guess this could go pretty wild. We already have several other drinks we would desperately love to make for you ... the faster we get to a decent size the sooner we can create more tantalising delights for you! Let's make it happen!! And thank you for everything!

Welcome to the Cleaner Darkside

We launched our new company 'Tinkture',  at the end of September last year (2017).

Our first product was 'Rose Gin'.  

We were hoping to make the majority of our sales in the run up to Christmas ... 

But we never got that far!

By the start of November we had completely sold out. 

The reaction from our customers was just incredible. Beyond anything we could have dreamt of.

The feedback we kept getting was that there is simply no other Gin like it !

We can't say stuff like this about our own Gin - but we can share what others have to say - 

"Help!! I see you are out of Rose gin, is there any chance it will be back in stock before Xmas?? We are down to our last half bottle and may have to cancel Christmas if we have none left!!
PS it is fab by the way, which is why we have very little left! - "    Jo B.

"... we think your Rose Gin is a wonderful product."    David Austin Roses

"... this delightful fresh flavour lets the complex yet delicate essence of genuine David Austin roses sing out." Wed magazine

"Finished mine in November. I'm desperate for more!" @eddieandbee

"Can't stock enough of your Gin" The Lukin pub, London

"I'm getting a bottle this time... and no-one's gonna get in my way!"  @annafreeman 

"I mean, just stick my name on the first Case... I can't keep rationing myself!" @cigarettesandcalpol

"Book a few cases for us - we know it's going to be an awesome year" @buffalobar

"Our bottle rapidly dissapeared! We need more NOW!!!" @sacredself

Faced with such overwhelming support and demand, we had no alternative - and decided to go 'all in' and commit.


And this is where you come in!

By pre-ordering your bottles now, by engaging with this Crowdfunder campaign,  you are helping us on every level. 

The upfront costs involved in going from a few hundred bottles to scaling up into the thousands are very real.

Tinkture is happening, and with your help we will get there faster, reach further and start work on our other products so much sooner.  

Oh - and you will be right at the front of the queue when our first batch (in our brand new bottles!!) is ready to ship out .... as soon as the Roses are ready and in bloom in June.

World Exclusive

Here is the very first view of our brand new bottles - complete with our 'Grenade Pull'©️ to secure the glass stopper. 

The Modern Classic -  

500ml of the most delightful Rose Gin, made with fresh, Organic,  David Austin Roses - a classic bottle, re-discovered for our times. Buy it, pull the pin, drink it, keep it - and re-use it for life ... thank you!     

RRP. 500ml - £39.95

Big IS beautiful!

This is the 1000ml bottle. You may have noticed that there is no image for the MASSIVE 2000 ml bottle - that's because we have not designed it yet .. it's a thing of expansive beauty, the bottle is a (much) bigger version of this 1000ml one - in fact, there is so much space on there we need to re-adjust the labels - want to make it extra special - you know it will be gorgeous, so, if you want to take a gamble and own something truly special in the world, you had better be quick!                                               

RRP. 1000ml - £100        RRP. 2000ml - £200

The Refill

The 500ml refill pouch is full of the same amazing Gin, it's better for the environment ( you can put it in the plastic recycling), refill your Glass Tinkture bottle - create less waste, save £5 and give the planet just that little extra helping hand.  Everyone wins!    

RRP. 500ml - £34.95

Wedding Bells and special Favours! 

Too cute! 

These little 50ml bottles! 

Of course receiving 5 sugared almonds as a wedding guest gift is really, honestly, great - it totally takes care of the Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long life and Fertility side of things - for everything else ... there is this! ... Meet "the Little Guy"!

50ml - Crowdfunder exclusive offer. £5 per bottle - instead of Normal RRP £10 (individual,  in presentation box) or £7.50 per bottle for our Wedding cases of 20 bottles. 

This is what 20 of the little blighters looks like! Imagine these at your party!

 See our Wedding pledges for details! - UK Shipping included in all wedding packages. 

25 bottles - Save £ 62.50

50 bottles - Save £125!

100 bottles - Save £250!

Normal RRP - 50ml - individual bottle in Gift box - £10.00

Normal RRP - 50ml - case of 20 - Wedding Dreams - £150  (so £7.50 / bottle)

The Family Portrait 

Now that's a good looking family right there ... You can't buy the set ...  but we had to show them all together. Just wait until the REALLY big one jumps in the picture!

Note - for all bottles we currently only ship the the UK.

The Print

Just feast your eyes...   Exquisitely drawn by Heiner Hoffmann. Beautifully, hand screen-printed by the multi award winning John Howard from Falmouth University,  and individually numbered. Utterly Gorgeous. There will only ever be 20 of these prints in the world. Will you make one of them yours?

Price -  £100


The Story of Rose Gin and the Cleaner Darkside

 The Cleaner Darkside - as explained by Hannah Lamiroy      

"For a long time I've been really conscious of the food I eat, the ingredients I cook with and the best way to keep my body healthy - however I never really paid much attention to the provenance of my drinks on a night out. Until a couple of years ago. Once I really started looking for answers I just could not find what I was looking for, so my experiments began.

Tinkture is the result, a personal journey into the drinks that should always have been. The finest alcohol, Organic ingredients, nothing nasty, amazing Flavours and, well, just a bit of Fun!

Our very first product is the beautiful Rose Gin, a delicious accident. It even changes colour, from Golden Amber to delightful Pink when you mix it with Tonic. Made using Fresh Organic, David Austin Roses, distilled by hand in Copper pot stills at our distillery in Penzance on the Cornish coast, a Gin you simply have to try!"

The Rose Gin

"I wasn't actually planning on creating a Rose Gin - I was really working on a rather different concoction (something we are still working on and very excited about, but you will have to wait a moment until it's ready).  So, I was playing with flavours and fresh ingredients including English Roses from our garden - trying all sorts of different combinations, processes and distilling methods.

One of these recipes was quite simply beautiful. The taste was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the subtlety of the fresh Roses and the lingering warm caress of the gin - and then, when I mixed this strange Golden Amber elixir with tonic it revealed it's true colour - a delightful, exuberant Pink!

It was just too good to ignore or put in the corner. So here it is - you've discovered my accidental classic."

Tasting notes

 First up - and this is important! The True nature of a Rose is delicate and complex. Not the concentrated, dried out, hyper bright, Sickly sweet, perfumed caricature we are subjected to by commercial onslaught.

Our Gin is a sensuous walk through a Garden in bloom - not a Brutal, floral punch to the senses.

Light, delicate, a hint of Citrus. The Juniper and Coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a Golden amber that Changes to beautiful Pink when mixed with tonic. A classic ‘London Dry’ style Gin, with one key purpose...“to let the Rose sing!”

Our Roses

"We use a secret blend of Fresh, hand picked, English roses, all created by David Austin, grown with love, by a force of nature called Jan, on a small, Certified Organic farm, in the South west of England. Her knowledge and enthusiasm about genuine Organic farming is inspiring and infectious - as long as we follow her advice and guidance I think we'll be alright!"

A bit about our Bottles and Headspace

We wanted to really push what is possible with our packaging... we want to make a difference - even if it's just little bits at a time... so we have changed the way we approach our bottles. 

We don't want them to be throwaway  items - recycling is great and it's a testament to our times that recycling is such a ubiquitous mindset of our generation... but we can all do even better - simply by making products and packaging that is meant to actually be kept, cherished and re-used... not just look pretty on the shelf or online to lure you into a quick buy, only to be  cast out once the brief fling is over. 

It's been a challenge and we have had to entirely revise how a liquid is bottled and how our bottles are used - we have had to invent completely new components, like our 'Grenade Pull' to make this possible ... but we are there! 

Rose Gin 2.0 is happening, Tinkture is alive - and with your help we can make it explode! 

We could not be more proud of the product we have made ... the awesome Gin, but also the journey we have embarked on, the group of amazing people who make this possible - and we are so excited you are coming along with us! 

Welcome to the Cleaner Darkside... hang on to your hats... buckle up ... here we go! 

The Team -

L to R  - Sam, Hannah and Shaun 

Hannah Lamiroy 

Hannah - founder, creator, inspiration and passion  - this is the Cleaner Darkside in person.

Shaun Bebbington 

Shaun - master distiller, genius behind Pocketful of Stones and Caspyn - true Bon Vivant!

Sam Lamiroy 

Sam - serious(ly) though!

Tink - ( Hannah's Gran)

Tink is a force, my inspiration.

 A childhood spent in gardens watching, listening to strong women, elegant women, real women.

Tink is my gran, she is well into her 90's now and still lives by the mantra she instilled in me when I was a little girl -

"I can and I will!"

The idea that anything is possible -

So Tinkture was born...

We still often work in the Garden together  - followed by a Gin and tonic on the swing seat. My Gin ... Her Gin!



Immediately following this Crowdfunder campaign we are going to embark on a nationwide search for suitable trade partners. If you are a Bar, Restaurant, Off Licence or similar awesome establishment - and you think we could be friends - then please do get in touch and let's take this further.

All the best -

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